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10 Apps That Help You Edit Your Videos Like A Pro!

You might be the blogger from the next block, or a vlogger next door that needs help with editing your videos to go on your social media. Or you simply recorded this really cool video of rippling waves that you wanna show to your homies online — and it may do well with some editing. And to fill in the absence of a professional video editor, we give you ten of these video editing apps that will amaze you!

1.  Pinnacle Studio Pro

It is one of those video editing apps that you can easily use without feeling like you’re stuck in a labyrinth. Brilliant interface and it has tons of effects that can help you take a video in slow motion, or to add some attractive effects or to enhance the already existing effects of the video. Easy to access and you can import videos from other storage areas and edit too! It is available for both Android an iOS.


2. FilmoraGo

Filters, background music, overlays, fonts, themes, visual effects, you name it, FilmoraGo has it. It is quite easy to use and the outcome is very appealing. You can import footage from other places, such as drive and the same with the addition of background music too.


3. Adobe Premiere Clip

This app made its way swiftly into our list of ten best video editing apps with its simplified features of the desktop version. It already has an inbuilt editor, which is automatic with the footage but also gives you an option to customize it to your taste. You can even add background music of your choice and even share the video within the app community! How cool is that?


4. Splice

This is such a no-nonsense app and you’re gonna love it. It is available for both iOS and Android. No ads, no popups, and no watermarks. It also has tons of features and filters and effects – its documentary style effect being a very popular one. Apart from this, easy editing of the variation of the speed of the video is total eye-candy. Give it a try.


5. FiLMiC Pro

As fancy as its name! This is one of the few video editing apps that let you shoot/edit in a vertical orientation mode. It has pretty much everything that is needed – be it for a beginner or a professional. It is available for both iOS and Android.


6. Cute Cut

Now this one is specifically for the Instagram crowd. It has peppy and adorable drawing options, stickers and minor editing tools. The app is quick, and it is the go-to kind when you need to post a quick story on Instagram or Snapchat for your followers. It is available for both Android and iOS and you can get a pro version at $5.99.


7. Camtasia

This one goes deep into all the technical stuff. So, you can use this app for your youtube tutorial or a review. It has very cool features such as editing both the video and the audio of the video separately. It also has some killer animation features that are simply fantastic.


8. Quik

This is one of those video editing apps like Adobe Premiere clip that has so much automatic help with video so all you have to do is give some pretty finishing touches. A very user-friendly app, and has everything you need for editing on there.


9. MoviePro

This one works wonders with the shooting, especially. High precision and professional features are the best parts of this app. Editing, remixing, and sharing are pieces of cake here.


10. Pocket Video

Available for both Android and iOS, Pocket Video is aimed at the creative folk of the internet. You have everything to make a video that’ll garner hundreds of likes and share on the tips of your fingers on this app. Pretty easy to use, has so many filters and stickers for all your moods, editing and sharing is just as easy.

Do you have any more apps you think should be included in the list? If so, please mention them in the comments!


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