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10 Movies You Don’t Want To Miss On Netflix

(*drumroll*) Netflix is here to save the world.
There has been a huge shift for a lot of production houses. And movie releases have gone from releasing in the theatres to releasing on mediums like YouTube and Netflix. The theatres literally are running dry, and home is where the fun is now.
Times change and so do people.
A social experiment way back in 2016 revealed that most women would rather Netflix and Chill than go out on dinner dates or dance nights with friends or loved ones.


Uh-oh right?

Guess it’s high time to amp up your Netflix-ipedia eh? Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.
Here’s a list of all time classics, you could use, to spice up your ‘Netflix and Chill’.

1. Carol

Cate Blanchett in Carol

What happens when extreme attraction towards the same-sex pops up in life? Addressing a usually very hush-hush topic, Carol will leave deep imprints of awe in your mind. With elements such as great direction and Blanchett’s beautiful acting, you will be happily entertained.

2. The Rebound

Catherine Zeta Jones in The Rebound

If you want to have a good laugh and go to bed smiling, this one’s for you.
Jones plays a divorced mom, trying to find new love in life. This one will leave your tummy hurting from laughter.

3. Little Children

Kate Winselt in Little Children

Both single parents with disturbed marriages, the guy and the girl meet, only to be hit by intense attraction. The steamy affair leads to eye-opening insights into why they faced problems in their relationships. It makes for one very raw and realistic expression of relationships. A must watch.

4. Set It Up

Set It Up

Pizza loving, monster boss handling, very much millenilial and sweet, unlikely romance in the city. This is one of those movies that leaves you warm and fuzzy inside after it ends.

5. Newness


The movie revolves around how the internet influences love these days. The couple go through various phases in the relationship. A couple falls in love after a series of trial and errors on dating apps only to find out that the fire goes cold between them over time. Edging on the nature of human sexuality and the tendency of having multiple sexual partners, the movie is worth the watch time.

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6. The Red Thread

A still from the movie

This one will tug at your heart strings. The saying ‘True Love never dies whether you are with them or not’ , gets a voice on-screen. Them tissues and handkerchiefs will come handy during this one. Oh! And some ice cream, too.

7. Three Wives One Husband

Three Wives One Husband

A one of a kind show with real life Polygamy and all its pros and cons. If you and your partner want an informative, raw and uncensored insight into the topic, this is the right choice. Don’t miss this one!

8. The Secret Affair

Secret Affair

A soulful love story that will leave you smiling and sobbing, albeit with a dark twist. A must watch, if you are a fan of intense love stories with super realistic plot lines. This will leave you feeling every emotion in the book, all at once. A beautiful experience.

9. The Reader

The Reader

Set in the times after the Nazis were overthrown, this is a story of passionate love between a young boy and a much older woman. The plot twists and turns in unexpected ways, leaving you applauding Kate’s marvelous acting.

10. Up in the Air

Up In The Air

George is the professional hired by a company, for downsizing. He’s constantly on the go and has a lovely hookup partner in the process; only to be stunned later on by the turn of events. A definite must watch.

So grab that cup of coffee, laze around on your couch, and Netflix and Chill people. ‘Coz it’s the holiday season.


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