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A Beginner’s Guide To The World Of Social Media

Social media is almost the industrial revolution equivalent of the 21st century. Although it was originally designed to bring people together via the internet, social media grew massively over the last decade, that it is now also a business hub! Social media marketing is a thing now, and a successful thing at that too. Gone are the days when you’d write to an organization about their unsatisfactory service. Now you just @them on twitter or DM them on Facebook or Instagram and you have things resolved in a minute.

In such a fast-paced media progression, Social media marketing is only a natural occurrence. And if you’re a beginner to the concept, Welcome! Here are a few tips that will help you get on track.

1. Pick the right platform

What is it that you do? Do you have a blog and you want more traffic to it? Or do you have a restaurant and you want to promote your business? A clothing store? Or DIY art and crafts? Pay attention and choose the right platform that garners the right crowd that needs to see your business. There is no use in having a prim and proper Tumblr blog if you’re are an Instagram fitness blogger. Nearly every social media platform helps you with placing ads and with the promoted content. So, sit back and make a plan about how to raise the business on the right kind of social media.


2. Be consistent with the content

Let’s say you have a clothing store around the block in the city. Even if you have good stuff, like the vintage collection or imported jackets, posting about it once every four months won’t make any major sales changes. Keep consistently (but don’t spam! You’ll end up losing followers) posting about the new things and any changes or new additions you have to your business on social media. This is also one way of interacting with your followers, which is a healthy boost. Bottom line, social media marketing needs you to be present all the time.


3. Schedule your posts

Plan the number of posts that will go on each of your social media each month. Plan what post should go when by taking the current trends and the raves and keeping them in mind. Because ya know, trending things always get you better traction. You can also go and look  at which time of the day your post gets maximum views and interaction, and plan according to that. Or, you can always run a little experiment of your own to see what posts get you most action on the apps and figure a pattern out.



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4. Hashtags and Shoutouts

Hashtags are important, people. Can’t stress enough on that. Using the right hashtag on a post can get you millions of likes and views, along with visibility. So, always stay strong in the game and keep going at the right hashtags. Also, take every opportunity of shoutouts from fellow bloggers or business accounts, and this is basically another way of social media marketing that includes both the blog and the business. (everyone wins here!).


5. Don’t be sloppy!

You can’t afford to be sloppy with social media marketing. You need to be active, engage the audience, ask a question on how you can get better, have online polls, events, giveaways and much more to captivate an audience that will engage in your business. And all of this is not humanly possible to happen in a day. It takes time so you gotta have both faith and patience.


Whatever is that you plan to do, put in some sincere works and take some insights given about and it’ll work out pretty fine. Good luck, you!


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