YouTube has revolutionized the way we get our dose of entertainment. Every day millions of videos are uploaded and shared, entertaining people across the globe. While, these videos belong to different genres, themes and topics, there is something in store for everyone. Though we are all well versed with how YouTube works, there are  many cool  YouTube features which many of us are not aware of. So here’s a short list that you may be aware about, but aren’t using anyway.


1. Sharing videos at a specific playback point

A lot many times we want to share a particular part of the video with our friends. YouTube lets us do that by adding #t= at the end of video URL followed by the exact minutes and seconds from where we want to play the video. For e.g. if you want to play video from 24 minutes and 10 seconds onward, then all you have to type at the end of URL is #t=24m10s.


2. Video transcripts

YouTube converts audio into transcripts which can be accessed by clicking on the ‘More‘ tab and selecting ‘Transcript‘ option. If this option is not available it means that the person who has uploaded the video has hidden it . These transcripts are not perfect but  can be refined and edited for better use especially in case of tutorials.



3. Playing videos in slow motion

While watching tutorials, we often want to slow down the video for better understanding the steps involved. This can be done easily by clicking on  the ‘Settings‘ tab and selecting the ‘Speed‘ option. The video can be slowed by up to 50% . Likewise the speed can be increased for a fast-forward version as well.

4. Safe YouTube for kids

One of the major concerns for parents these days is the content their kids might end up watching on YouTube. In order to ensure a safer version of YouTube, YouTube Kids can be used. It employs algorithms which displays videos for kids only instead of the plethora of content available on the YouTube site. Besides this, the search option can be disabled if parents don’t want their kids to search unwanted content on YouTube.

5. Creating GIFs of YouTube videos

Ever wondered how to create GIFs of YouTube videos? It is pretty simple and can be done by typing GIF in front of the video URL. This will lead you to site for creating your very own GIFs with options to add frames, set duration, etc.

These are some of the real cool YouTube features which can be used to enhance the experience of watching and sharing videos on this awesome platform.

Do you know any other cool YouTube features? Let us know in the comments.

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5 Cool YouTube Features You Aren’t Using


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