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5 Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram That’s Making You Lose Followers

Instagram was once a place that was simply meant for sharing some random pictures of you with your followers. But it expanded to such heights that now there is a now a whole new career option out of it. Instagram blogging is the new coolest career around the corner that pays you well, maybe even better than a real day job.

Now, although the strategies of the app are pretty simple, there are some mistakes you could be making knowingly or unknowingly that is resulting in you losing followers.


1. You’re spamming

A constant online presence is nice. It keeps you from being forgotten, but if you’re spamming — not so much! Keep your posts limited to a single digit number for a week. The stories feature of Instagram is pretty cool, but if you misuse it by posting numerous everyday things, it can get very very boring. Moderation is the key here. Keep it interesting and limited.


2. You’re using too many hashtags

So you know the holy grail that a hashtag is. And now you’re using them excessively to get more visibility. Sorry to burst your bubble, but too many hashtags will make Instagram mark you as spam. This could result in shadowban, which keeps you from getting any engagement from your followers at all. Moral of the story: keep ’em in control.


3. You’re buying your followers

If you want your blog to grow and keep growing, organic is the only way to go. There is no shortcut to success. Therefore, don’t go around buying followers because they would be least interested in what your blog is. Instead, post quality content, follow the tips to be a successful Instagram influencer, and followers will be on their way. Additionally, use other social media to promote your content for better reach.


4. You’re being lazy

You’re posting at off-peak times. You’re not using high-quality imagery.  You’re using sappy captions for your pictures and you’re not interacting with your followers. This will only have adverse effects on the growth of your blog. Be active, keep in touch with your followers. Plan some occasional giveaways. Don’t post things that are irrelevant or vague. Keep it to the point and avoid ambiguity. Be active within the blogging community and keep it going with shout-outs and mentions from other blogs. Look out for other influencers who can be a potential collaborators.


5. You’re ignoring Instagram statistics

Instagram shows you the statistics of your page and how it is running. It gives you some incredibly insightful data so don’t ignore it or take it easy. Use the data to figure out how you can use the given data to improve the likes and the engagement to your page. If your account is on private (that’s another bummer that will cost you followers!), then switch to the business account, which is free on Instagram. You even have an option of promoting your page on the app, which means more followers, yay!


Always be on your toes when it comes to social media – it changes with seasons and trends and so should you!


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