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7 Ways To Increase Your Popularity On Social Media


The rise of social media over the past few years has been meteoric and it’s become an important part of the modern world. A recent survey concluded that 31% of the total global population is at least on one social media platform or the other. Social networking sites are becoming the go to sites for news, applying for jobs ,marketing,brand promotion,buying and selling products and what not.

Often we wonder how some products, celebrities, blog posts and people in general become a rage on social media with millions of likes and followers. Well, here we are listing 7 ways to increase popularity on social media.

1. Time Your Social Media Posts

With zillions of things being shared on social media daily, not all are appreciated, liked or well received. Therefore, it becomes pertinent to share the right kind of stuff with the right people at the right time. No matter how interesting or well written your post is, if it is not shared at the right time it will not be able to garner any popularity. Research has shown that posts shared on weekends are more successful than those on weekdays. Similarly, posts shared during lunch time gets more popularity.

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2. Use The Right Images

We are living in the world of Instagram and Snapchat where images attract followers and pique interest of people. Also, posts that are accompanied with images have been shown to be more engaging than posts with pure text. If you want to share a text post, enhance it with a striking image to catch more eyeballs and increase followers.

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3. Consistency

In order to retain and increase your social media popularity, it is important to be consistent with your posts . Good quality content should be regularly shared. You should however also be careful not to share too much, like tens of posts daily might not be a very good idea and may seem annoying to some followers.

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4. Follow the right kind of people

It is important to follow the right kind of people who inspire you and share similar interests. This way you can learn what are they doing, what kind of posts they  are sharing and follow their footsteps. A mention from people who are social media influencers in your field can instantly get you more followers.

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5. Content

Content is always the king and no matter how cool your profile pic is, if what you are sharing is not of use to anyone, you will not be able to engage users. While sharing stuff, always acknowledge the fact that what you are sharing should not be the usual rant about yourself but something which interests and is useful  to others.

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6. Giveaways and Offers

If you are promoting your product or service on social media,it becomes all the more important to share offers, giveaways and discounts at regular intervals to garner popularity. A recent study has claimed that majority of people follow brands in order to be aware of offers and schemes only.

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7. Paid Ads

Though using paid ads might not be sustainable for a new businesses, it can be used to give an initial thrust to your product. However, in the long run , it is better to have more followers organically only.

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These are some of the ways which can definitely assist increasing social media popularity and reaping benefits. Let us know in the comments below how you can increase your popularity.


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