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An Egg Just Beat Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Record

It’s a bizarre world out there. The world of Instagram in particular has a way of surprising us every now and then. So when the most ordinary egg became an Instagram hero, it was not difficult to digest it at all. Except for Kylie Jenner. Did we tell you? The egg has managed to beat Kylie’s record.

‘Egg’stra shots

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stormi webster 👼🏽

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While we keep posting our pics and shots hoping to wow friends and fellow Instagrammers, this egg has managed to steal hearts, literally and figuratively. It would not be wrong to assume Kylie must have suffered ‘egg’istential crisis of sorts given the fact that it was her post that had enjoyed the highest number of likes ever. The post was basically a picture she posted last February to announce her daughter’s name – Stormi Webster. The picture has about 18.1 million likes until of course the egg emerged on scene.

The egg pic posted from @world_record_egg account managed to set a world record, exactly how the photo was captioned. It said, “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this.”

The picture was published on 4th January and by Sunday morning it had already earned about 9 million likes. The number doubled in less than ten hours, garnering about a million likes per hour after it went mega-viral. Turns out the account is being managed by a chicken from the English countryside by the name of ‘Henrietta’.

World Record

The egg post currently is way ahead of Kelly’s popular pic with more than 24.5 million likes. The post came from ‘Egg Gang’. As reported by BuzzFeed News she said, “Eugene is my egg.” She believed that the egg did exceedingly well because ‘the power of the egg is strong’. So what prompted her to post it? Apparently on a Friday night when she has home she stumbled upon an article that highlighted the top 20 posts on IG, Kylie being on the top of the list with 18m. “I saw this as a challenge to beat it. It was nothing personal,” she said.

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She describes her newfound fame as ‘cracking’ and we sure cannot help but agree that the egg has definitely cracked the code to making it big on Instagram. There have been instances of people repeating same posts and having multiple accounts to get more followers. But achieving so much with just an egg post is incredible.

Half an Onion on Twitter too in its bid to get more followers than @realDonaldTrump managed to get 635000 followers. But the fact remains that the egg post has definitely managed to create history.

Kylie’s Response

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Take that little egg

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Kylie has shared a video on her Instagram account in response to the world record that the egg has managed to set. She is seen smashing an egg on the road. Let’s see if this manages to put her post back into the number one slot yet again.


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