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How To Appear Higher On YouTube’s Search Function

YouTube is a top charted video marketing platform globally and making your presence felt on YouTube is a dream come true for any video content creator. A successful YouTuber persistently and consistently remains active on YouTube.

“Emphasize on content”- is the most popular pro-tip given by successful YouTubers. Good quality content almost always brings in the audiences eventually driving a large number of views and a higher rank. Knowing the content inside out and presenting it in a unique way to rank high in the search results is the daily job of a YouTuber. Easier said than done, a lot of thought goes into making a video that not only garners a large number of views over time but also helps stay atop in YouTube rankings. Hence, we have curated a short list of tips and tweaks for you which would help while creating quality content on YouTube.

1) Predetermine your keywords

Keywords are terms used to search for relevant content on YouTube. Before making a video it is imperative for a YouTuber to know about the keywords he/she will be working with because these keywords define the structure of the content.

Use #PopularOnYouTube to search popular keywords currently trending on YouTube.

Use YouTube autocomplete search to generate keywords.

These are terms that people actually type into YouTube so they are always reliable.

Choose a keyword you want to work with and find the number of video results corresponding to the entered keyword.

Eg:- There are about ‘134,000’ videos relating to the keyword – ‘Tal Memorial’

The number of video results is a strong indicator of competition. A high number of video results mean more people competing for the same keyword. In such circumstances try to alter your keyword or make it more specific and the number of results will significantly reduce.

Eg:- The number of video search results change dramatically after altering the keyword from – ‘Tal Memorial’ to ‘Tal Memorial 2018’.

2) Optimize your videos for specific keywords

Where do keywords go?

YouTube is all about getting found and relevant keywords help audiences find creators. Google heavily relies on relevant keywords to sort and rank videos in search results hence ignoring keywords would be a grave mistake.

Mention keywords in titles, descriptions and tags of your videos.

The first few lines of the title or description should contain the ‘targeted’ keyword. Video titles with no keywords have no credibility and such videos never get high up on the results page.

Create closed captions/subtitles for your videos and mention keywords in your video script and transcript

Keywords won’t matter if you don’t mention them in your video. Keywords should be an integral part of your video’s script. Google indexes video transcripts and captions to rank videos with clashing keywords. If you want your video to rank higher than your competitor – consider creating captions.

3) Engage your audiences

Make viewers an active participant in the video. Always ask your target audiences to like, comment or subscribe. A high number of likes and comments show more appeal and are usually ranked higher than the ones without any comments or likes.

Make a cluster of videos on a particular topic to aggressively cover the entirety of your keywords. Know what your audiences desire and deliver just that and a little more.

4) Video length – Find your sweet spot

Statistically, long videos have been known to outperform short videos. Longer videos keep your audiences hooked on to the video thereby increasing the time they spend on your video. Average actual time spent by a viewer on a video is also something Google considers before giving out rankings. In the end, of course it boils down to the kind of content you are producing, however, a short and crisp video works just fine if it covers the topic extensively.

5) Promote your videos

Provide links to your videos on relevant Quora and Reddit discussions. and share those links on related social media pages as well. If possible write a blog to comprehensively cover the topic and provide links within your blog to your videos to increase views.

We hope this serves as a ready reckoner in your quest to become a successful YouTuber. Do share with us any other hacks that you’re aware about in the comments.


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