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Aquaman Nears Billion Dollar Mark, Jason Momoa Thanks Fans!

Aquaman has broken many records now. The reason this is so special is because, it did so despite everybody saying it wouldn’t. At least the critics weren’t sure it would be a hit. Starring the famed Khal-Drogo actor from Game Of Thrones, Jason Momoa, ‘Aquaman’ has overtaken box office collections of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at the box office.


The Jason Momoa starrrer is currently DC’s highest grossing film. It is about to make a prodigious $900 million at the box office. The film is currently in its third week and doesn’t seem like it would be stopping anytime soon.

Momoa says ‘Aloha!’

Post Aquaman’s success as a blockbuster, Jason Momoa personally thanked his fans all over the world. He took out time to post an adorable video where he greeted everyone saying ‘Aloha!’.
Here’s what he said :

I just want to say aloha, I love you, to all my fans and friends, and to everyone who has supported Aquaman, the number one movie in the world.
I’m very proud of this movie, and it’s better the second time, so enjoy. And if you haven’t seen it two times, please do.

Jason Momoa on Instagram

The actor is obviously jubilant about the success of Aquaman. Honestly who wouldn’t be..right? His post caption read, “Mahalo everyone for making #Aquaman the number one movie in the world. I love you guys. I’m so proud of this movie and everyone that worked on it CHEEEEEHUUUUUUUU”

All about Aquaman

Jason Momoa in Aquaman
Jason Momoa in Aquaman

The film shows the dilemma and mettle of a young boy when he discovers that he’s a prince. Jason, who plays Arthur Curry in the movie is the son of a human and an Atlantean Queen(Nicole Kidman). Packed with ultra realistic CGI and mind blowing action, Aquaman has left the world wanting more.

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Aquaman Trailer

Marvel vs DC?

The talk is that, Aquaman could be as sign of DC’s comeback.Gossip Mills are churning out news of a discord between Marvel and DC post the success of Aquaman.


Well, we don’t know for sure now, because it turns out , Marvel President Kevin Feige disclosed his appreciation for the movie. He even went on to say that he doesn’t see any rivalry. Rather, he foresees ‘cool’ movies being made in future.

The World’s No.1 movie

According to Forbes,the movie will be the highest grossing film at the box office, once it hits the $900 million mark. Films that ‘Aquaman’ is all set to overtake are loved flicks like, Spider-Man 3, The Dark Knight, Iron-Man 3, The Dark Knight rises and even Black Panther. All super-hit solo-hero movies.

People as ususal were not going to just sit silent post seeing Aquaman, Twitterati has taken the world by storm with its new Aquaman memes.

What’s surprising is the fact that, Aquaman received some really sad reviews from ‘critics’. However, if you check how it’s doing now, the accolades that people gave it overpowers the cirtics reviews.

Given Jason Momoa’s undeniable charm and stage presence, it should have been a predictable outcome.DC’s comic Hero, Aquaman was quite an unpopular figure before the film hit the screens.To know what makes Aquaman the ‘Number.1 Film in the World’, guess we just got to watch it.


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