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Bacteria Breakout Scare At Berlin Sex Club

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Kit Kat club in Berlin, is famous for its ‘sex on the dance floor’ policy and rave techno-trance music fests. Owned by Porn Filmmaker, Simon Thaur and his life partner, Kit Kat club hit the streets in the year 1994.

Kit Kat Club , Berlin

Guests have the liberty to wear anything they like, as long as it is something featuring a fetish, latex, leather, high style or, kinky and glamorous.
The customers are allowed to engage in public sexual acts, right on the dance floor. This, in fact, attracts a great many number of people from all over the world.

What people are saying about it

Reviews on tripadvisor, an online travel and review website, regarding the club swing on both extremes, while quite a few thoroughly enjoy the freedom.

Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Some have differing opinions about the experience though.

Courtesy : TripAdvisor

The Infection Scare

Recently, Kit Kat Club was under a medical scare as reportedly, one of its male guests on a certain Saturday, was found to be carrying a very contagious infection, namely Meningitis. The guest was immediately rushed to the hospital according to The Mirror.

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Kit Kat Club, Berlin

Corrective measures taken

Kit Kat Club owners took immediate corrective measures regarding the mishap. Through the press and their Facebook page, they alerted the entire city about this, while also assuring readers, that the situation was had been taken care of and that no one needed to panic. They quoted on their facebook page saying:

A guest who visited the club last Saturday (29.09.2018) is suffering from a bacterial meningitis.
This infection may be fatal, so there is also a reporting obligation of the treating doctor, he must immediately inform the health department. This happened today during the day.
Unfortunately, the sick guest is very bad, so it was not possible to ask who he had closer contact with us at the club. That is why the health department has decided to release a press release.
The idea was to inform as many people as possible who visited the club last Saturday. It worked too – radio & press reports about it. Unfortunately, it is now a panic that is not justified.

Kit Kat Club Owners
Members at the Kit Kat club – Berlin

They also added that, “First of all, no one has to worry about who wasn’t at the club last Saturday. All employees are now asymptomatic and also have the possibility to start a aecb on a precautionary basis – so a transfer to new guests is excluded. Who was there on Saturday and has the following symptoms should go to a doctor as soon as possible or go to the ER. The disease often begins as a nose-throat infection with sudden fever, headache, chills, dizziness and severe feeling. In addition, one could also experience vomiting, neck stiffness, dizziness, consciousness opacity, cramps and skin bleeding.”

People waiting in Queue at Kit Kat Club, Courtesy : Trip Advisor

Way to go

While it was incredibly responsible of them to inform the city of the medical peril, we guess, it would only take a proper quarantine from the government for visitors, to feel safe to go to the club. Assuring the masses, the club owners also said that, doctors regard spreading of this infection as a very unlikely event.

Kit Kat club was found to be sterile of the bacteria hence, it will remain functional and will not be shut down by the authorities.

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