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Bird Box Challenge? Teen Crashes Car While Driving

Internet challenges cease to surprise us these days. If only, we look forward to this on social media. If internet challenges like #whatthefluff and #kikichallenge shook the internet, this was no different. In what appears to be an inevitable outcome of stunts tried at home (or we’d say on the road, actually), a teenager from Layton, Utah, crashed her car while driving blindfolded. She was apparently trying out the Bird Box Challenge that’s been raging on the internet these days.

The Bird box challenge

The Bird Box challenge became popular after Netflix’s hit film Bird Box. The psychological thriller stars A-lister Sandra Bullock as the lead actor. Bullock plays the role of Malorie, a mother who is desperately trying to get her children to safety, all while she and both her kids are blindfolded.

The Bird Box challenge, is basically people blindfolding themselves and carrying out their daily duties. Be it driving, cooking, bathing or jogging, the person has to navigate blindfolded.

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The plot is a sort of post-apocalyptic scenario, where the world is overtaken by invisible alien entities. Yes, the aliens are malevolent towards humans. People are seen committing mass suicide, jumping to their death upon laying eyes on the monsters. The creatures apparently transmute into the persons deepest and darkest fears upon eye-contact.

The madness that followed

Bird box made headlines within just 7 days of its release with a whopping 45 million views on Netflix. The streaming giant couldn’t be any prouder of its creation. Well that was up until Bird Box Challenge started doing its rounds.

People went about blindfolded everywhere. Twitter was literally spammed with Bird Box Challenge tweets. Up until now, the clips had been quite the comedy of the year. Besides these, it also contributed to several memes. Someone even blindfolded their toddler, only to whack them against a wall while running. Ouch!

Netflix begged people to stop

While acknowledging the love people have shown for the movie, Netflix posted a tweet begging people to stop the challenge citing injuries.

Well, one teenager from Utah decided it was time to up the game. The Layton Police department reported that the child was only a mere 17 years of age. She voluntarily blindfolded herself on the driveway, while taking directions from her 16 year old passenger. The teen soon lost control of her vehicle and crashed into another car. The victim of the car crash was a 56 year old man. Luckily, none were injured or hurt.

Twitterati strikes back

Police say that the teenager didn’t admit the reason which caused the accident. However, upon probing the matter further, the girl admitted to taking up the Bird Box Challenge and blindfolding herself. We’re not sure though if Netflix somewhere benefitted from the free publicity it got.

Twitterati has obviously not laid low post the incident.

Looks like the world is finally beginning to understand the dangers of this challenge. Quite a few twitter bugs replied to the police, asking them to revoke the teen’s license. As a matter of state and world security, their concerns do seem fair.


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