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Bird Box Gets 45 million Views On Netflix Within A Week!

Finishing off 2018 in epic awesomeness, Netflix just released the worldwide sensation, Bird Box. Breaking Netflix’s own record, Bird Box has garnered 45 million and more views within just seven days of its release!

Picture Credits: Netflix

The Psychological thriller showcases the journey of a woman, Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock) and her two children aged 5, from danger to a hidden safe haven. Featuring nerve wracking scenes of people committing mass suicide, the criminally insane left on the loose, a bumpy boat ride amid facing ominous creatures; the movie grips users till the very end.

Watch the trailer here:

What The World Thinks

That took a dark turn really quickly!

This Twitter user sums up our feelings.

With touches of post-apocalyptic themes in the plot, the movie revolves around monsters/invisible creatures that make people kill themselves. The creatures take on the shape and form of your worst fears. Leaving the actual picturization of the ‘creature’ to the viewer, only makes it scarier

While it is definitely fun to watch alone in the dark, having people beside you is better we guess, you know, in case you pass out. *Just kidding*

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box

Remember the time the Final Destination series left you sleepless in your bed for many nights in a row? Yeah. Bird Box will do that to you too! You have to watch it to understand why the world is calling Bird Box, the ‘Scariest Film Ever’.


Many people have taken to YouTube to decipher the meaning of the movie. While most tried to explain what the monsters are, a few even related the movie to be an adaptation of peoples’ struggle with depression and loneliness.

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The Star Of The Show

Sandra Bulllock is one of those actresses that can make you cry like a baby and laugh like a maniac. The talented artist was earlier seen in hit movies like, ‘Gravity’, ‘Miss Congeniality’, ‘Two Weeks Notice’, and ‘The Proposal’ among others.
Unless you’ve been stranded on a deserted island for more than two decades, you’d know her.

Sandra Bullock

If you’ve never seen any of Sandra Bullock’s earlier movies, now is the time. Bird Box re-establishes why she is one of the finest Hollywood actors of all time.

The Brain Behind The Hit

The movie is a Netflix Original based on the 2014 novel, ‘Bird Box’ by Josh Malerman. The story revolves around a pregnant woman named Malorie, and her fight for survival. We don’t want to spoil the suspense anymore for you, so go ahead and tune in to Netflix’s Bird Box.

Picture Credits: Netflix

It is worth the watch, and the scare. The ending is as beautiful as the start is scary. You better keep your phones and pagers ready because you’ll want to call every single person you love after this.


If you’re wondering why the movie is called Bird Box though, well, you’ve got to watch it to find out.


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