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Brit Who Snorted Coke Over Escobar’s Grave Gets Death Threats

Pablo Escobar was one of the most iconic characters of Colombian history. While most looked at him with fear, the masses loved and treated him like God. Little did the 35-year old British man, Semmens know what would befall him for playing with the sentiments of the Colombians.

Pablo Escobar’s Grave, PC: The Patriot Ledger

In November 2017, Steven Semmens flew to Colombia with his girlfriend. Like most tourists and visitors to Colombia, Semmens decided to pay a visit to drug lord, Pablo Escobar’s grave. On his visit, he did something most of the locals would rather die than do. Semmens snorted cocaine off of Pablo’s grave!



Unfortunately, he decided to post the video of his act online. That is why, he got banned from residing in Colombia for five years While his girlfriend became pregnant with twins during his stay there, Semmens was forced to leave the country.

Simmens spreading coke on the grave
Simmens spreading coke on the grave
PC: The Mirror

In an interview with The Mirror, Semmens had the following to say.

I was in a bar in Medellin when the news flashed up on the TV of me doing the ­cocaine. All the locals were going crazy so I joined in ­slagging off the guy on TV because I didn’t want them to know it was me.
I went home, shaved to change my appearance and went to the mountains outside Medellin to hide. As soon as I could, I went to Cartagena and hid. Then I went to the capital, Bogota, but the police found me. They gave me a paper with a five-year ban on and I was taken to the airport and told not to come back.

Simmens snorting coke off the grave
Simmens snorting coke off the grave
PC: The Mirror

Semmens Justifies The Act

The Brit claims that he thought his act was a sign of respect to the drug lord. Pablo Escobar was single-handedly responsible for over 80 percent of the cocaine supplied to USA. He later, died a tragic death after being shot down by the police in 1993. However, his legacy still remains.

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Pablo Escobar with wife Victoria
Pablo Escobar with wife Victoria

Unluckily for Semmens, the Colombians have not taken his act lightly. With terrifying death threats from criminal gangs hanging over his head, he is worried for his family’s safety. Semmens’ girlfriend and their two children could not join him in England due to visa complications.

Public Apology

A very apologetic Semmens commented,

My mate asked me to do a line off Escobar’s grave and it just went mad. It was funny at the time but I’m ashamed. Everybody said I was a disgrace and I was making the country look bad. The president even mentioned me on TV and the police were ­worried for my safety. It was really scary. I regret doing it so much. People sent me death threats on Facebook.
They said if they found me they would skin me alive. I can’t see my children and that hurts. If I wasn’t banned I would­ definitely have gone back to see my children. But I knew when I got on the plane I was lucky to be alive. I regret what I did so much and I want to apologise to the people of Colombia.

Steven Semmens

It looks like a long time before things get sorted for him. Hopefully, no one will ever dare to repeat the same mistake.


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