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Cardi B Schools Offset At Rolling Loud concert

2018 has been quite a year of upheaval for most of us. And how could celebs stay away from this? Cardi B and Offset have given the media enough fodder for the festive season. The star couple has recently gone through some tumultuous times with their break-up covered all over the internet. However, no one quite expected Migos member, Offset to show up in style only to offer an apology to Cardi B for what he did wrong. The intent though didn’t seemed close to the grandeur of a marriage proposal.

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When did the bad blood begin?

It all happened on a Wednesday, in early December, when Cardi confirmed the split with her husband in a video. She looked calm as a lake while addressing the media and fans alike. Fans were distraught over the split, given that Cardi B and Offset were married back in the September 2017. They had also just welcomed their first baby in July. Guess happily ever after doesn’t exist anymore!

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Also according to an inside source,”They were really together, of course. But, after a while, it was more for business”. The source also added that, “They are smart people who are savvy and have mutually decided that being together is a smart business arrangement for everyone”.

Why the split?

Rumour mills have it that Offset apparently had made plans for a threesome with a rapper, Cuban Doll and an Instagram Model, Summer Bunni. Speculation is ripe that this may have caused Cardi B to call it quits and part ways.

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Following the break-up, Summer Bunni posted a video of her tearfully apologizing to Cardi B saying she was unaware of how serious Cardi and Offset’s relationship had become, after the birth of their child.

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Apology on stage

Yes, most fans loved the gesture. Though some fans didn’t as Offset interrupted Cardi B’s performance at the Rolling Loud concert, on December 15. Ignoring the ‘boos’ and ‘yeahs!’, a visibly apologetic Offset walked over to an irritated looking Cardi with a bunch of flowers. What seemed to be a sign made of white roses reading “Take me back Cardi” was rolled out behind the taki-taki hit singer.

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“I feel bad, I feel bad, but this, I don’t like surprises!”

– Cardi B
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While most of us would’ve thought this would end well, things took a turn for the worse as Cardi showed visible irritation and anger at Offset’s behaviour and dismissed him and all the flowers, making sure he got off the stage as quickly as he’d appeared.

Watch Cardi.B warn her fans to not disrespect her Baby Father, Offset.

The Singer , later on patiently explained to her fans in a live video; that her ex really stood by her during difficult times, when no one else would. That she won’t tolerate seeing undeserving and random people comment ill on him, she added.


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