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Innovations That Took Our Breath Away. The Round Up For CES 2019

2019 began with a bang, what with some really exciting innovations from the tech world ready to wow us. The consumer electronics show, CES had so much to showcase that we had a tough time picking up our favorites from the gaggle of innovative gadgets. A sensory overload and next level innovation were the highlights of the show as it wrapped yet another year in Las Vegas, displaying the best to awe us.

Self-driving cars, big-screen TVs, robots, virtual-reality headsets, next-generation wireless networks, and intelligent virtual assistants were just a few among the many that stole the show. Excitement was expected as the 2.7 million square feet space dazzled with the coolest tech toys thanks to over 4,500 exhibitors at the event.

Here are the top picks from the roll out.


With all of us having smartphone-loving hands, a transition to 5G is just what we need. Although Verizon and AT&T are already there, even if it means operating within extremely limited active networks, the fact remains that the transition to 5G is not going to be a smooth sail. We may be months away from it, but we certainly hope it would be worth the wait.

5G Rollout – CES 2019

It wouldn’t be long before devices could download a movie in seconds. Some tech companies are exploring partnerships with Apple so as to bring some of its content and virtual assistant capabilities to their products and devices.

Virtual assistance every step of the way

We may have been in utter awe when Amazon Basics microwave oven came with Alexa assistance. Taking the game several notches higher, companies are going all out to put Alexa, Siri, Bixby and Google Assistance into everything from beds to toilets ensuring that your living space becomes absolutely smart.

CES 2019 – Day 1

Gaming Laptops

The past few years didn’t see much hype on the computer front and attention largely remained on smartphones and tablets. This year, it was however the laptops that made a lot of noise, especially the gaming ones.

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Best Laptops CES 2019

Amazingly thin and incredibly innovative, the laptops were not just light and powerful, but wonderfully weird. Case in point? The Alienware Area 51m that lets u swap its CPU and GPU like conventional computers. The 17-inch, 8.5 pound notebook is of course a little heavier than its sub-five counterparts, but it gives you the much-needed customizability. So you can customize, upgrade and yet have it all in a sleek design.

A virtual butler

Meet Walker – the 4.7-foot, 170-pound humanoid style white and gold robot that can clasp objects, climb stairs and do so much more. Walker can pull out a drink from the fridge, grab some chips and walk up to you when you get back home and even entertain you.

Robotic Butler – CES 2019

It can remember your appointments and even assist you with day-to-day chores based on climate and other things. So if it’s raining outside, count on Walker to tell you about it and even give you an umbrella. While it’s still in the prototype version, UBTech definitely has got our hopes up. Talk about having a helping hand.

Get ready for 8K TVs

While OLED and LCD with 4K and HDR have become pretty common, TV technology has now moved on to 8K. The innovation has come about in terms of size and display. The clear winner was the sleek, roll-up OLED from LG that simply disappears into its stand when not in use; freeing up more space and improving aesthetics.

85-inch and 98-inch 8K TVs are also here to entice you, though the price may seem ridiculously expensive to many.

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How To Build A Strong Quora Profile

Quora is a knowledge sharing platform that was founded in 2009 by former Facebook employees Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo. It has since become the biggest question-and-answer platform where everyone post their insights. It also doubles up as a go to platform for life’s common questions. Quora is available in 9 languages – English, Hindi, French, German, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Italian. Currently, new versions in Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian are being planned. It has grown quite quickly and reportedly has 190 million+ monthly visitors.

quora login page

There is so much you can do on Quora. For starters, you can promote your blog or service or pitch in client’s service, as it is viewed as the most genuine contemporary question-and-answer platform. So to have a strong profile on Quora, here is what you need to do.

Be Active

There are hundreds of queries every day on the platform on the current topics that people want to know. Engage in it. Be active with your questions and answers. Be curious and ask about the things you want to know. At the same time, answer the questions as you receive them. It can be of huge help if you can answer certain questions based on your true personal experiences.

Be Relevant

You might be a huge huge fan of the dolphins or seagulls and you’re very enthusiastic to share your immense knowledge about them. But they are rarely trending topics on Quora. On the other hand, Social media strategies or discussions about AI are always in. Therefore it is important for you to stay relevant and answer the questions of these topics frequently to get the most of the profile views and up your votes.

quora QnA

Be thorough and thoughtful

Don’t be in a rush to be the first one to answer and end up giving a poor quality performance. On Quora, quality and consistency are always preferred. Be thoughtful about your answers. Structure it carefully. Include the links that are backing up your answers, but don’t spam. Make sure that your answer is grammatically correct with no spelling errors before posting.

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Be In Touch With The Analytics

When you’re on Quora, your profile analytics are easily visible once you log in. You can see the up-votes and shares of your answers. You can draw a pattern of the topics you’re popular with from these analytics. You can then answer more questions from the same subject for more views. You can get into similar topics and find out if there are questions that you can answer to build a better profile.

Be Sparse With Your Marketing Links

If you own a blog or a service, it could get really tempting to include a link back to it in your answer but refrain from doing so often. It isn’t quite recommended. You could even get banned from the platform if you keep spamming your answers with links. Instead, include the link back to your blog/service in your profile. Don’t put a link in the answer unless you think it is absolutely fitting with the question.

If you’ve got more tips on how to have a strong Quora profile, let us know in the comments.

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5 Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram That’s Making You Lose Followers

Instagram was once a place that was simply meant for sharing some random pictures of you with your followers. But it expanded to such heights that now there is a now a whole new career option out of it. Instagram blogging is the new coolest career around the corner that pays you well, maybe even better than a real day job.

Now, although the strategies of the app are pretty simple, there are some mistakes you could be making knowingly or unknowingly that is resulting in you losing followers.


1. You’re spamming

A constant online presence is nice. It keeps you from being forgotten, but if you’re spamming — not so much! Keep your posts limited to a single digit number for a week. The stories feature of Instagram is pretty cool, but if you misuse it by posting numerous everyday things, it can get very very boring. Moderation is the key here. Keep it interesting and limited.


2. You’re using too many hashtags

So you know the holy grail that a hashtag is. And now you’re using them excessively to get more visibility. Sorry to burst your bubble, but too many hashtags will make Instagram mark you as spam. This could result in shadowban, which keeps you from getting any engagement from your followers at all. Moral of the story: keep ’em in control.


3. You’re buying your followers

If you want your blog to grow and keep growing, organic is the only way to go. There is no shortcut to success. Therefore, don’t go around buying followers because they would be least interested in what your blog is. Instead, post quality content, follow the tips to be a successful Instagram influencer, and followers will be on their way. Additionally, use other social media to promote your content for better reach.


4. You’re being lazy

You’re posting at off-peak times. You’re not using high-quality imagery.  You’re using sappy captions for your pictures and you’re not interacting with your followers. This will only have adverse effects on the growth of your blog. Be active, keep in touch with your followers. Plan some occasional giveaways. Don’t post things that are irrelevant or vague. Keep it to the point and avoid ambiguity. Be active within the blogging community and keep it going with shout-outs and mentions from other blogs. Look out for other influencers who can be a potential collaborators.


5. You’re ignoring Instagram statistics

Instagram shows you the statistics of your page and how it is running. It gives you some incredibly insightful data so don’t ignore it or take it easy. Use the data to figure out how you can use the given data to improve the likes and the engagement to your page. If your account is on private (that’s another bummer that will cost you followers!), then switch to the business account, which is free on Instagram. You even have an option of promoting your page on the app, which means more followers, yay!


Always be on your toes when it comes to social media – it changes with seasons and trends and so should you!

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A Beginner’s Guide To The World Of Social Media

Social media is almost the industrial revolution equivalent of the 21st century. Although it was originally designed to bring people together via the internet, social media grew massively over the last decade, that it is now also a business hub! Social media marketing is a thing now, and a successful thing at that too. Gone are the days when you’d write to an organization about their unsatisfactory service. Now you just @them on twitter or DM them on Facebook or Instagram and you have things resolved in a minute.

In such a fast-paced media progression, Social media marketing is only a natural occurrence. And if you’re a beginner to the concept, Welcome! Here are a few tips that will help you get on track.

1. Pick the right platform

What is it that you do? Do you have a blog and you want more traffic to it? Or do you have a restaurant and you want to promote your business? A clothing store? Or DIY art and crafts? Pay attention and choose the right platform that garners the right crowd that needs to see your business. There is no use in having a prim and proper Tumblr blog if you’re are an Instagram fitness blogger. Nearly every social media platform helps you with placing ads and with the promoted content. So, sit back and make a plan about how to raise the business on the right kind of social media.


2. Be consistent with the content

Let’s say you have a clothing store around the block in the city. Even if you have good stuff, like the vintage collection or imported jackets, posting about it once every four months won’t make any major sales changes. Keep consistently (but don’t spam! You’ll end up losing followers) posting about the new things and any changes or new additions you have to your business on social media. This is also one way of interacting with your followers, which is a healthy boost. Bottom line, social media marketing needs you to be present all the time.


3. Schedule your posts

Plan the number of posts that will go on each of your social media each month. Plan what post should go when by taking the current trends and the raves and keeping them in mind. Because ya know, trending things always get you better traction. You can also go and look  at which time of the day your post gets maximum views and interaction, and plan according to that. Or, you can always run a little experiment of your own to see what posts get you most action on the apps and figure a pattern out.



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4. Hashtags and Shoutouts

Hashtags are important, people. Can’t stress enough on that. Using the right hashtag on a post can get you millions of likes and views, along with visibility. So, always stay strong in the game and keep going at the right hashtags. Also, take every opportunity of shoutouts from fellow bloggers or business accounts, and this is basically another way of social media marketing that includes both the blog and the business. (everyone wins here!).


5. Don’t be sloppy!

You can’t afford to be sloppy with social media marketing. You need to be active, engage the audience, ask a question on how you can get better, have online polls, events, giveaways and much more to captivate an audience that will engage in your business. And all of this is not humanly possible to happen in a day. It takes time so you gotta have both faith and patience.


Whatever is that you plan to do, put in some sincere works and take some insights given about and it’ll work out pretty fine. Good luck, you!

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10 Apps That Help You Edit Your Videos Like A Pro!

You might be the blogger from the next block, or a vlogger next door that needs help with editing your videos to go on your social media. Or you simply recorded this really cool video of rippling waves that you wanna show to your homies online — and it may do well with some editing. And to fill in the absence of a professional video editor, we give you ten of these video editing apps that will amaze you!

1.  Pinnacle Studio Pro

It is one of those video editing apps that you can easily use without feeling like you’re stuck in a labyrinth. Brilliant interface and it has tons of effects that can help you take a video in slow motion, or to add some attractive effects or to enhance the already existing effects of the video. Easy to access and you can import videos from other storage areas and edit too! It is available for both Android an iOS.


2. FilmoraGo

Filters, background music, overlays, fonts, themes, visual effects, you name it, FilmoraGo has it. It is quite easy to use and the outcome is very appealing. You can import footage from other places, such as drive and the same with the addition of background music too.


3. Adobe Premiere Clip

This app made its way swiftly into our list of ten best video editing apps with its simplified features of the desktop version. It already has an inbuilt editor, which is automatic with the footage but also gives you an option to customize it to your taste. You can even add background music of your choice and even share the video within the app community! How cool is that?


4. Splice

This is such a no-nonsense app and you’re gonna love it. It is available for both iOS and Android. No ads, no popups, and no watermarks. It also has tons of features and filters and effects – its documentary style effect being a very popular one. Apart from this, easy editing of the variation of the speed of the video is total eye-candy. Give it a try.


5. FiLMiC Pro

As fancy as its name! This is one of the few video editing apps that let you shoot/edit in a vertical orientation mode. It has pretty much everything that is needed – be it for a beginner or a professional. It is available for both iOS and Android.


6. Cute Cut

Now this one is specifically for the Instagram crowd. It has peppy and adorable drawing options, stickers and minor editing tools. The app is quick, and it is the go-to kind when you need to post a quick story on Instagram or Snapchat for your followers. It is available for both Android and iOS and you can get a pro version at $5.99.


7. Camtasia

This one goes deep into all the technical stuff. So, you can use this app for your youtube tutorial or a review. It has very cool features such as editing both the video and the audio of the video separately. It also has some killer animation features that are simply fantastic.


8. Quik

This is one of those video editing apps like Adobe Premiere clip that has so much automatic help with video so all you have to do is give some pretty finishing touches. A very user-friendly app, and has everything you need for editing on there.


9. MoviePro

This one works wonders with the shooting, especially. High precision and professional features are the best parts of this app. Editing, remixing, and sharing are pieces of cake here.


10. Pocket Video

Available for both Android and iOS, Pocket Video is aimed at the creative folk of the internet. You have everything to make a video that’ll garner hundreds of likes and share on the tips of your fingers on this app. Pretty easy to use, has so many filters and stickers for all your moods, editing and sharing is just as easy.

Do you have any more apps you think should be included in the list? If so, please mention them in the comments!

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Here Is How You Can Be A Successful Instagram Blogger

The crumbling economic status of the past two decades paved way for new and creative careers. People abandoned playin’ it safe because, well, that was getting them nowhere and there were so many people playin’ it safe there wasn’t any room left in employment to flourish and grow. And then social media came along, and it fuelled the growing fire of finding new career options. And millennials, being millennials who gotta pay for their student loans and ridiculous high rents for matchbox apartments, (and of course, avocados) invented this very new and demanding career, called as Instagram blogging.

People who blog on Instagram usually call themselves Instagram influencers. Now as silly as it may sound, it proved to be a foolproof career that pays your bills since the last few years. And you see more people joining the battalion with every passing day. And if you’re considering to be one as well, here are a few tips to help you up with it.

 1. Be Realistic

Instagram blogging mainly works with the number of followers you have. And gaining that huge number of followers won’t happen overnight. Buying followers won’t help the cause either, because they won’t be as interested in what you have to show like the organic followers would be. So be patient if you don’t get the expected results during the early progression. Hold your horses, kids.


2. Nail Your Niche

Lazar Angelov has 6 million followers, and yep, that number is totally mind-boggling and alluring. However, that shouldn’t mean you should start Instagram blogging on fitness if you can’t do a plank for 60 seconds. There are so many areas you can explore – such as arts and crafts, jewelry, fashion, and styling, or food blog or even a travel blog! All of them will get you to places if you put some work into it.


3. Quality Over Quantity

This is the golden rule that you can apply to pretty much everything. More posts don’t mean more followers. A random picture of something very mundane in your account won’t mean anything! Post things that go with your blog, and keep consistency without dilution. That’s the key.


4. Details matter

Gaining followers might not be a huge feat, but retaining them would be. Let’s say, you have a fashion blog – and if you’re uploading a picture with a One direction song’s lyric as your caption, that doesn’t really fare well. Instead, share details of the outfit you’re wearing, where you got them from, how else that outfit can be styled and what kind of jewelry or makeup goes with it. Sharing these details will keep your followers hooked to your Instagram blog, as it will be of some actual real help to them.


5. Strong Hashtag Game

Hashtags are God’s given gift. Use them wisely. Hashtags are famous, and try and find a way to incorporate the right hashtags in your post. Again, don’t forget relevancy. People keep searching with the hashtags and if you can nail it, you’ll gain more followers, likes, and popularity soon.


6. Use Instagram’s Business Account And Marketing Tools

Instagram gives you the option to make a business account – which is absolutely free and helps you place ads too! – this isn’t for free. Business account serves so many perks, like knowing the statistics of your account, the circulation of the story and the interaction of followers with the content you’re posting. As Francis Bacon said, Knowledge is power. All this data will help you get where you want.


So the bottom line is, have patience and put as much as hard work you’d put in a job that pays you well into this, interact with your followers, go in for collaborations and shout-outs and co-promotions along with posting stories, and strategic content, and you’ll soon be an influencer, fam.

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How To Switch Back To The Old Version Of Snapchat

Snapchat has introduced a new version for its users, drastically changing the layout of the app. In this  design, friends’ snap messages get merged with their stories. A new friends list is displayed in non-chronological order and a new ‘Discover’ option. Besides this, while earlier the stories posted by users were shown over their friends’ stories, now they are being shown on the profile page. These changes have not been well received and have caused a major dislike against Snapchat with users pleading on social media revert to the old app version.

This has led to rumours doing the rounds that Snapchat will bring the old version back. Users have been tweeting and asking Snapchat to go back to the way it was. The same has been done by a twitter user ‘Isaac Svobodny’ who had claimed that the changes will be reversed if his tweet would get 50K RTs. Though the tweet got more than 1.5 millions RTs, Snapchat later confirmed that it was fake and there are no plans as of now to go back to the older version. According to them, such changes would require huge investments and have thus, requested the users to take their time to get used to the updated version of the platform.

PC: wetheunicorns.com

While this may sound disappointing for users who are wanting the older version of the app, there’s some relief for at least the iOS users so they can get the old app back.

  1. Delete the app.
  2. Download it again and go to Login page. But instead of logging in, click on the Forgot Password option.
  3. Out of the available options, select the phone option.
  4. You will be asked for your number and then receive the code for resetting the password on your phone.
  5. Reset the password and when you log in – Voila! your old Snapchat will be back.

Although this trick is good to go, but once you force close the app, you will again be back to the newer version. Other than that, there is nothing much you can do. Android users don’t have this option available as of now.

Snapchat founder, Evan Spiegel stated that the frustration of users against new changes has reinforced their philosophy that it takes time to learn and get used to new features. This seems true, as social media has essentially simplified our lives and we expect it to do the same. Whenever something new is introduced, it takes us completely off-guard and we are frustrated looking for the old favourite things on the apps we are addicted to. With changes as huge as Snapchat introduced, this outbreak was very much expected as people like the comfort of the older version and have a difficult time getting used to the new version.

PC: ibtimes.co.uk

As Snapchat has confirmed that new changes will continue, it hopes that users get accustomed to the new features and continue to show their loyalty, support and love for the platform which lets them capture and share every moment.



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Looking For Innovative Ways To Tell Your Story? What’s New In Instagram? Find Out Here.

In the past couple of months, Instagram has rolled out several new features. The latest set of updates not only add to the overall experience of users but also offer tons of features to aid marketers. Here are some of the coolest new features which will enhance your Instagram experience.

Include GIF stickers in your stories
You can now add animated GIF stickers to your Instagram stories. Search through the Giphy database to find a specific GIF of your requirement. There is no limit to the number of GIFs that can be added to a story.

Resize stories photos and videos
Photos on Instagram stories don’t have to be in full-screen size anymore. In the latest update, you can easily resize them. This is how it’s done.
1) ‎Go to your Insta Story
2) ‎Select the photo or video
3) ‎Pinch toward the center of the screen to resize the media.

Follow hashtags
This is one of the most thoughtful features developed by Instagram. Now you can literally follow your favourite hashtags and you will automatically get all the top ranking posts by people using the same hashtag. This elevates the overall Instagramming experience by bringing your favourite topics at your fingertips.

The ‘Type’ feature
Instagram does not want to restrict itself to just being a media sharing platform. It is growing its presence to include as many features as possible. Until last year, Instagram was all about photos and videos but that’s not the case anymore. Instagram’s latest ‘Type’ feature allows you to add a pre-loaded background to your text in stories, thus ending the need for a photo.

The new ‘Stop motion’
‘Stop motion’ allows you to add strings of photos. When you play the photos it looks like a video. You can creatively focus on an object by recording its minute movements. These movements later get compiled into one video giving it a feel of continuous motion.


Automatically share your story on Facebook
Similar to Instagram, Facebook also has a ‘story’ feature. Now you can automatically share your Instagram stories on Facebook. In story settings turn on the ‘Share your story to Facebook’ feature and you’re good to go. This feature is especially important for marketers who want to take out aggressive ad campaigns across different platforms. As marketing is all about time management, this feature will save lots of time by automatically updating the story on Facebook.

This is just the tip of an iceberg, Instagram is expected to release more updates in the coming months, focusing mostly on increasing marketers involvement with the platform. This will add a whole new dimension to competition between photo sharing social sites as Instagram is trying hard to pin down its main rival SnapChat.
New direct messaging controls

Direct messages sent via Instagram will now come with three options namely ‘View Once’, ‘Allow Replay’ and ‘Keep in Chat’, giving users complete control over the messages they send. Users can send disappearing messages which will automatically get deleted. If the user chooses ‘View Once’ option, the message will only be played once for the recipient before getting permanently deleted. ‘Allow replay’ option, if chosen by the user allows the recipient to play the video in a loop twice before getting erased. The third option of ‘Keep in Chat’ keeps the video in the Chat thread and prevents it from disappearing.

While Instagram is doing its bit slowly and steadily to grab a larger chunk of the pie, these new features will surely ensure the safety of users allowing them to share private videos more confidently. What remains to be seen though is the long term impact of these features on the usability quotient of the platform. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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7 Ways To Increase Your Popularity On Social Media


The rise of social media over the past few years has been meteoric and it’s become an important part of the modern world. A recent survey concluded that 31% of the total global population is at least on one social media platform or the other. Social networking sites are becoming the go to sites for news, applying for jobs ,marketing,brand promotion,buying and selling products and what not.

Often we wonder how some products, celebrities, blog posts and people in general become a rage on social media with millions of likes and followers. Well, here we are listing 7 ways to increase popularity on social media.

1. Time Your Social Media Posts

With zillions of things being shared on social media daily, not all are appreciated, liked or well received. Therefore, it becomes pertinent to share the right kind of stuff with the right people at the right time. No matter how interesting or well written your post is, if it is not shared at the right time it will not be able to garner any popularity. Research has shown that posts shared on weekends are more successful than those on weekdays. Similarly, posts shared during lunch time gets more popularity.

PC: sabusinessindex.co.za

2. Use The Right Images

We are living in the world of Instagram and Snapchat where images attract followers and pique interest of people. Also, posts that are accompanied with images have been shown to be more engaging than posts with pure text. If you want to share a text post, enhance it with a striking image to catch more eyeballs and increase followers.

PC: insitefulweb.com

3. Consistency

In order to retain and increase your social media popularity, it is important to be consistent with your posts . Good quality content should be regularly shared. You should however also be careful not to share too much, like tens of posts daily might not be a very good idea and may seem annoying to some followers.

PC: mywebpeoplenet.com

4. Follow the right kind of people

It is important to follow the right kind of people who inspire you and share similar interests. This way you can learn what are they doing, what kind of posts they  are sharing and follow their footsteps. A mention from people who are social media influencers in your field can instantly get you more followers.

PC: searchenginejournal.com

5. Content

Content is always the king and no matter how cool your profile pic is, if what you are sharing is not of use to anyone, you will not be able to engage users. While sharing stuff, always acknowledge the fact that what you are sharing should not be the usual rant about yourself but something which interests and is useful  to others.

PC: sitepronews.com

6. Giveaways and Offers

If you are promoting your product or service on social media,it becomes all the more important to share offers, giveaways and discounts at regular intervals to garner popularity. A recent study has claimed that majority of people follow brands in order to be aware of offers and schemes only.

PC: JSP Group

7. Paid Ads

Though using paid ads might not be sustainable for a new businesses, it can be used to give an initial thrust to your product. However, in the long run , it is better to have more followers organically only.

PC :pulse.ng.com

These are some of the ways which can definitely assist increasing social media popularity and reaping benefits. Let us know in the comments below how you can increase your popularity.

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How To Appear Higher On YouTube’s Search Function

YouTube is a top charted video marketing platform globally and making your presence felt on YouTube is a dream come true for any video content creator. A successful YouTuber persistently and consistently remains active on YouTube.

“Emphasize on content”- is the most popular pro-tip given by successful YouTubers. Good quality content almost always brings in the audiences eventually driving a large number of views and a higher rank. Knowing the content inside out and presenting it in a unique way to rank high in the search results is the daily job of a YouTuber. Easier said than done, a lot of thought goes into making a video that not only garners a large number of views over time but also helps stay atop in YouTube rankings. Hence, we have curated a short list of tips and tweaks for you which would help while creating quality content on YouTube.

1) Predetermine your keywords

Keywords are terms used to search for relevant content on YouTube. Before making a video it is imperative for a YouTuber to know about the keywords he/she will be working with because these keywords define the structure of the content.

Use #PopularOnYouTube to search popular keywords currently trending on YouTube.

Use YouTube autocomplete search to generate keywords.

These are terms that people actually type into YouTube so they are always reliable.

Choose a keyword you want to work with and find the number of video results corresponding to the entered keyword.

Eg:- There are about ‘134,000’ videos relating to the keyword – ‘Tal Memorial’

The number of video results is a strong indicator of competition. A high number of video results mean more people competing for the same keyword. In such circumstances try to alter your keyword or make it more specific and the number of results will significantly reduce.

Eg:- The number of video search results change dramatically after altering the keyword from – ‘Tal Memorial’ to ‘Tal Memorial 2018’.

2) Optimize your videos for specific keywords

Where do keywords go?

YouTube is all about getting found and relevant keywords help audiences find creators. Google heavily relies on relevant keywords to sort and rank videos in search results hence ignoring keywords would be a grave mistake.

Mention keywords in titles, descriptions and tags of your videos.

The first few lines of the title or description should contain the ‘targeted’ keyword. Video titles with no keywords have no credibility and such videos never get high up on the results page.

Create closed captions/subtitles for your videos and mention keywords in your video script and transcript

Keywords won’t matter if you don’t mention them in your video. Keywords should be an integral part of your video’s script. Google indexes video transcripts and captions to rank videos with clashing keywords. If you want your video to rank higher than your competitor – consider creating captions.

3) Engage your audiences

Make viewers an active participant in the video. Always ask your target audiences to like, comment or subscribe. A high number of likes and comments show more appeal and are usually ranked higher than the ones without any comments or likes.

Make a cluster of videos on a particular topic to aggressively cover the entirety of your keywords. Know what your audiences desire and deliver just that and a little more.

4) Video length – Find your sweet spot

Statistically, long videos have been known to outperform short videos. Longer videos keep your audiences hooked on to the video thereby increasing the time they spend on your video. Average actual time spent by a viewer on a video is also something Google considers before giving out rankings. In the end, of course it boils down to the kind of content you are producing, however, a short and crisp video works just fine if it covers the topic extensively.

5) Promote your videos

Provide links to your videos on relevant Quora and Reddit discussions. and share those links on related social media pages as well. If possible write a blog to comprehensively cover the topic and provide links within your blog to your videos to increase views.

We hope this serves as a ready reckoner in your quest to become a successful YouTuber. Do share with us any other hacks that you’re aware about in the comments.