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Duchess Meghan’s Secret Patronages Leaked Out!

Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex has always been in the news. And for good reason. While the world eagerly awaits the arrival of the royal baby, Meghan Markle is taking giant strides lately, with respect to royal duties too. Turns out, Her Royal Highness, The Queen had allotted Meghan four causes from her own list of patronages.

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The news leak

News about the Queen allotting patronages was accidentally leaked out on the website of Meghan’s now Patronage, The National Theatre, London.

Given the Duchess’ prior acting career, the world seems to think that this was perhaps one of the best patronages that Meghan could head. The National Theatre Society accidentally posted about their new patron on the night of January 10, 2019.
The post was however, very quickly removed. Royal watchers and fans didn’t miss the hint nevertheless. Kensington palace was said to be very tight lipped and secretive regarding this up till now.

The royal household later on however, made a public announcement regarding the patronages of The Duchess. We have to say, it wasn’t just Meghan who is happy about her new patronages. People all over the world are delighted to see the causes that Meghan will be championing.

Meghan’s Patronages

Her appointment as the new patron of The National Theatre was more or less a very expected outcome, as she had met the theatre’s director, Rufus Norris. The Queen was the patron of The National Theatre, before Meghan. It was also a known fact that Meghan would be given a few patronages from the Queens own list.

The icing on the cake

Speaking of her other patronages, The Duchess of Sussex is also bestowed with honorary roles in the Association of Commonwealth Universities. She is also the new patron of ‘Smart Works’, previously overseen by the Queen. The organization aims at equipping and helping women who are helpless and weak.

The Duchess Of Sussex - Meghan Markle
The Duchess Of Sussex

It’s a part of community that I’m so drawn to here. It’s not just about donating your clothes and seeing where they land – but being a part of each other’s success stories.

The Duchess of Sussex

Did The Royal family just show the whole world how considerate and meaningful they are in regard to the causes they become patrons of? Well, we can’t help but go awww at this.

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To top of the list of Meghan’s patronages, is one of her most advocated and highlighted passions, Animal Welfare. The Duchess of Sussex is also a patron of Mayhew, an Animal Charity organisation in Kensel Green, North West London.

For those who don’t know..

What is remarkable about these organisations is the fact that The Queen has been a longstanding patron of these. 45 years, to be exact, as the patron of The National Theatre and 33 years as patron of Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

The Duchess has not kept calm or stayed put in the comfort of the royal palace. She has been actively visiting a number of charities since her wedding to Prince Harry. Organisations like the Hubb Community Kitchen and various others that support female empowerment, have had a visit from the Duchess.

The Duchess Of Sussex Meghan at the Association of Commonwealth Universites
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Meghan’s new patronages literally signifies the solidarity in her transformation as a royal member. As she takes on her duties and thankfully so, the causes are dear to her heart, there couldn’t be a better stage for the Duchess to carry out her mission of bettering the world. Albeit, one small step at a time.


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