Facebook’s News Feed Changes To Hurt Businesses. What Can They Do About It?

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Facebook’s  founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that there are going to be certain changes in the news feed algorithm, and that content from friends and family would be given priority over that from businesses, brands and other media.

While the change is a welcome step towards restoring the site’s primary objective of providing a platform for meaningful personal interactions, the change may not go well with business organizations whose sole purpose is to advertise and garner more business through the platform.

Facebook has decided to make such changes on the basis of a study which proved that social media could be good for users only if it aids quality social interactions with people they care about. The impact of changes in the news feed is not certain but the one thing that can be ascertained is that promotional content will be demoted. This may make advertising on Facebook  a bit difficult than earlier. This may also have a direct impact on the revenue of various publishers online.

Since Facebook has changed the game for marketing altogether, businesses can do different things to ensure that they continue to reap the benefits of reaching out to large audience of millions on Facebook.

Engage with customers

Advertising alone will not do much ,unless you associate with your customer, listen to their feedback and queries and reply in timely manner. It is only when you engage with them and be a part of their good experience, you can retain and increase your follower base.


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Sharing content of interest

Boring sales pitches will never make their way to the personalized newsfeed of a user. Therefore, businesses should make use of Facebook insights and see what is being shared and liked more. Marketing can be done by way of sharing meaningful videos which stand for themselves and are not merely for promotion .

Host Contests  and Events

Whenever a contest or an Event is shared, it is given due publicity on Facebook which can prove a great way of promotion and campaigning for a product or a service. If one of your followers shows interest in the event , it appears on his friends’ list wall and thus produces a ripple effect of promoting a business.

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Go Live!

Whenever you go Live, Facebook sends a notification to all your followers to watch the live video. Therefore, this can be a great way of advertising and connecting with people. You can make a live video of an event, or a sale at your store. This way many people will get to know about your Business without much effort.


Join Marketing Groups

A lot of groups on Facebook have been created to bring buyers and sellers together and can prove to be a boon for small brands and businesses for promotion and generating revenue. Group posts are given preference in the Newsfeed and have a wider reach.

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Hopefully, Facebook will come with changes that benefit the common user with more personal interactions and reducing the menace of Fake news and bad press. At the same time we wish that small businesses continue to benefit from the marketing potential of Facebook.



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