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Go Svelte Like Kate. The Kate Middleton Diet Revealed.

The holiday season is here. It’s the season of shopping, entertainment, parties and of course good food.  It’s also the time when girls world over go into a tizzy choosing between good food and great figure. There’s an overload of diet tips and fitness mantras everywhere. And then there’s the Duchess of Cambridge, the mother of three royal children, who never fails to surprise us with her incredible ability to bounce back into shape looking slim and vivacious as ever. During her visit to India in 2016, the then mother-of-two had mentioned that running after her kids helped her lose her baby weight quickly when asked about it by a fellow guest. Apparently, there’s running, walking and yoga too and of course, eating right.  Here’s all the dope on the Kate Middleton diet that keeps her slim and active despite her back-to-back pregnancies.

The early days

Kate Middleton had reportedly chosen the Dukan diet in order to look slim in her gorgeous wedding gown back in 2011. It’s a high-protein, low-carb French diet that is quite a favorite among Hollywood celebrities including the music sensation Jennifer Lopez. Her diet and eating habits are largely based on the phase that she’s going through. Fans are aware that she had suffered from extreme morning sickness during the first two pregnancies and was averse to eating certain foods. The third pregnancy brought greater challenges. If sources are to be believed, she suffered from severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss and electrolyte disturbance that made eating even more difficult. As per reports, her pregnancy diet included avocados, oatmeals, and berries that helped her bounce back to a healthy weight.

high protein, low card diet

Vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole wheat bread are supposedly the staple foods that keep her active through the daily grind. As per sources, Kate Middleton loves to cook roasted chicken and it is allegedly her favorite go-to-home-cooked meals too. There is a generous addition of raw foods as well. Ceviche, watermelon salad, gazpacho, tabbouleh, goji berries etc are foods that help her balance out her meal choices. Raw foods not only help her maintain ideal weight but also give her that unmistakable glow. Her love for vegetable curries is also well-known. As reported in Marie Claire UK, Kate Middleton loves adding spirulina powder to her morning smoothies that include spinach, lettuce, cilantro, blueberry and morning kale.


No Pasta please!

Being a royal, it’s no surprise that there’s a rule for everything- eating too! So pasta is a strict no-no unless it’s served on special occasions on approval by the Queen.  

And what about the proverbial sweet tooth?

Well, she does have her share of cravings every now and then. There are occasional treats that she never stops herself from enjoying. Christmas celebrations for instance come with treats galore. Reports suggest Christmas pudding and her all-time favorite fruitcake with afternoon tea are things she just cannot resist. She loves exploring new cuisines and chooses to go a bit easy on her diet while on royal tours to foreign countries.

Thanks, but no thanks!

Despite what’s being said, the fact is that she absolutely dislikes almond milk. When offered during her visit to a café, she was quick to refuse. It was offered because they had read somewhere that she was a fan of the beverage. “Don’t believe everything you read — I don’t even like almond milk,” is what she had apparently said.


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