Google Now The Most Advocated Brand In India

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YouGov India recently did a survey about who has the most brand advocacy in India and the results are out. Global search engine giant Google tops the list, for the second time in a row. WhatsApp bags the second spot while MakeMyTrip holds the third position. The others in the rankings were Airbnb, YouTube Swiggy, Metro, Amazon from positions fourth to eighth respectively while hospitality giants Marriott and Hyatt came ninth and tenth.


What is YouGov

YouGov India is a subdivision of the internet-based market research consumer and data insights firm, that is headquartered in the UK. The firm did a survey asking the respondents about how likely they would recommend a particular brand to their friends or colleagues. They also asked what brands the respondents would ask their friends and colleagues to avoid. A report was made based on how the current and previous customers brand supporting.

The sectors that were taken in the survey were financial services, food delivery services, hotels and booking sites, internet and service providers. The leading brands of these five sectors were taken into account for the survey. YouTube, Metro rail and Marriott have dropped in the rankings compared to their positions last year. And Facebook lost its position from the top ten rankings.

In the case of financial services, banks are resonating well with their customers. Kotak Mahindra, Axis Bank, and Reliance life insurance have seen some significant improvement compared to last year. Birla Sun life insurance is now at its peak, going to a whopping 39 points from last year’s 26.

What rankings say

Deep Bhatia, General Manager of YouGov India has issued a statement that, “The rankings reveal brands that have made a significant impression on consumers, enough for them to endorse the brand to others. In the current digital world, it is no surprise that three out of the top five are technology brands. A recommendation from friend or family provides a very valuable testament for a brand. The top ten brands have managed to deliver positive experiences and have succeeded in building strong advocacy among their customers in India.”

On the global level, Netflix is reigning the ranks in eleven markets and Google is right behind, in ten. Netflix has grown tremendously popular ever since it started its own filming and bring famous shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sons of Anarchy.

OK Google! Bad News

Google has also been in the news recently for the giving out information on girls’ hostels, schools, colleges and paying guest accommodations when searched for ‘Bitches near me’. People were mortified to learn about this and have sent feedback to Google. This, in turn, has raised arguments about the AI and how pop culture derogatory terms are being picked up by it. This is adding up to the whole controversy of a mass walkout from Google earlier this month. It was claimed that the company did a poor job handling sexual harassment at the workplace. There have been multiple discussions going on about how the toxic #dudebro culture is still very intact at Google.

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