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HBO Just Released Game Of Thrones 2019 Teaser!

Finally, we get to see Game Of Thrones grace our laptops and TV screens. HBO just released a sneak peek into the hit series. The clip is a short one but seems to say a lot. It gives us a major hint as to what to expect from G.O.T season 8 that is scheduled to release in 2019.


The Teaser

Game of Thrones had left us hanging (from an ice wall literally), with a mindblowing ending to season 7. The plot was absolutely unpredictable.

*Spoiler Alert* If you haven’t watched G.O.T yet, don’t click the video below.

Game of Thrones S7

With the ‘Nightwalker’ King now marching into human territory with a ‘Nightwalker’ Dragon (*gasp*), the world has been desperately waiting to see what the next season will bring.

Apparently, HBO chose a novel time to release its promo. During the Golden Globes 76th annual awards, the hit channel aired its commercial – featuring all the shows that will be on screen this spring.

The brief clip showing Sansa and Daenerys meet was quite the tell-tale. As usual, fans went into frenzy as soon as the teaser hit their screens.

The Meeting Of The Titans

The clip showed a very smug looking Daenerys walk over to Sansa. The Lady of The North assessed the Dragon Queen before accepting her as ‘The Queen’. However, a lot has been said about whether this acceptance was genuine or not. Giving rise to speculation were the expressions on Sansa’s face that people just couldn’t help but read into.

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Stark’s sister and assassin, Arya was seen standing beside Sansa as she bowed her head and declared, “Winterfell is yours, Your Grace”. Jon Snow on the other hand was seen flashing a worried look (probably a pleading one?). Was he worried about his sister’s acceptance of his and Daenerys’ relationship?

Game Of Thrones nerds claim that the clip predicted trouble in the Stark family over Daenerys’ claim to the throne and Jon’s romantic involvement with her. Fans were also eager to make an interesting connection. Sansa was now in the same place that Ned Stark was in, when King Robert Baratheon arrived at Winterfell.

Game Of Thrones

People have even read into Sansa Stark’s tone of voice compared to her father Ned. Some say this speaks of trouble. But hey, Game Of Thrones wouldn’t be the same without fights and struggle right?!


Conspiracy Theories Galore

Jon Snow ( Kit Harrington) was seen standing between the two queens, who were facing each other. Fans believe that his worried look could also possibly hint at a discord over his decision to bend the knee.

The fleeting clip was very suggestive and spoke a lot about what is to come in Game Of Throne Season 8. One of the many things we are sure to witness would be the unravelling of Jon’s true identity and him making the difficult choice of choosing between his Targaryen bloodline and his adoptive family.

Game of Thrones Season 8 is slated for release in April 2019. HBO has confirmed that the season will be short in comparison to the previous seasons. Short, but one that will be hard to forget. HBO CEO was quoted saying that Season 8, feels like 6 movies!


With each episode being a confirmed 90 minutes long, we doubt fans could ask for anything more than this.


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