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Here Is How You Can Be A Successful Instagram Blogger

The crumbling economic status of the past two decades paved way for new and creative careers. People abandoned playin’ it safe because, well, that was getting them nowhere and there were so many people playin’ it safe there wasn’t any room left in employment to flourish and grow. And then social media came along, and it fuelled the growing fire of finding new career options. And millennials, being millennials who gotta pay for their student loans and ridiculous high rents for matchbox apartments, (and of course, avocados) invented this very new and demanding career, called as Instagram blogging.

People who blog on Instagram usually call themselves Instagram influencers. Now as silly as it may sound, it proved to be a foolproof career that pays your bills since the last few years. And you see more people joining the battalion with every passing day. And if you’re considering to be one as well, here are a few tips to help you up with it.

 1. Be Realistic

Instagram blogging mainly works with the number of followers you have. And gaining that huge number of followers won’t happen overnight. Buying followers won’t help the cause either, because they won’t be as interested in what you have to show like the organic followers would be. So be patient if you don’t get the expected results during the early progression. Hold your horses, kids.


2. Nail Your Niche

Lazar Angelov has 6 million followers, and yep, that number is totally mind-boggling and alluring. However, that shouldn’t mean you should start Instagram blogging on fitness if you can’t do a plank for 60 seconds. There are so many areas you can explore – such as arts and crafts, jewelry, fashion, and styling, or food blog or even a travel blog! All of them will get you to places if you put some work into it.


3. Quality Over Quantity

This is the golden rule that you can apply to pretty much everything. More posts don’t mean more followers. A random picture of something very mundane in your account won’t mean anything! Post things that go with your blog, and keep consistency without dilution. That’s the key.


4. Details matter

Gaining followers might not be a huge feat, but retaining them would be. Let’s say, you have a fashion blog – and if you’re uploading a picture with a One direction song’s lyric as your caption, that doesn’t really fare well. Instead, share details of the outfit you’re wearing, where you got them from, how else that outfit can be styled and what kind of jewelry or makeup goes with it. Sharing these details will keep your followers hooked to your Instagram blog, as it will be of some actual real help to them.


5. Strong Hashtag Game

Hashtags are God’s given gift. Use them wisely. Hashtags are famous, and try and find a way to incorporate the right hashtags in your post. Again, don’t forget relevancy. People keep searching with the hashtags and if you can nail it, you’ll gain more followers, likes, and popularity soon.


6. Use Instagram’s Business Account And Marketing Tools

Instagram gives you the option to make a business account – which is absolutely free and helps you place ads too! – this isn’t for free. Business account serves so many perks, like knowing the statistics of your account, the circulation of the story and the interaction of followers with the content you’re posting. As Francis Bacon said, Knowledge is power. All this data will help you get where you want.


So the bottom line is, have patience and put as much as hard work you’d put in a job that pays you well into this, interact with your followers, go in for collaborations and shout-outs and co-promotions along with posting stories, and strategic content, and you’ll soon be an influencer, fam.


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