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Hugh Jackman Kicks Ryan Reynolds Out

There we have it! Our favourite internet enemies at it again!
News has it that Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman has ruled out Ryan Reynolds, his arch internet nemesis, out of his world tour.



Making sure that they get first prize for, most interesting and unpredictable fake feud online, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have definitely it the mark now.

No one would’ve guessed what Hugh Jackman was about to do to maybe, hit the last nail into Ryan’s coffin. Earlier, Hugh Jackman had refused to combine Deadpool with Wolverine on-screen.

You gotta hand it to him though. He has finished off Deadpool in true ‘Showman’ style.

What did Ryan do this time?!

Apparently, and surprisingly , it wasn’t Ryan who started the feud this time around.

According to Metro, Hugh Jackman had disclosed Ryan’s offer to make a guest-appearance on his world tour on the Today Show. The world tour is slated to take place next year.

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Speaking of his world tour, Hugh Jackman said that it would be a proper arena style show. He said it would be grand and would showcase never-seen-before content from his personal life, including the stories of his entire journey in tinsel town. The ‘Wolverine’ star hinted at it being an exclusive opportunity to take a peek into his off-screen life.

Unfortunately for Ryan, it seems Jackman isn’t going to let him make an appearance. Cold-war anyone?


Speaking of the people he’d like to share the stage with, Hugh candidly confessed that he would love to have the likes of Janelle Monáe, Kelly Clarkson , Audra McDonald, P!nk and her daughter Willow, and others on his show. He has big dreams for this once in a lifetime-like show.

Where is this going?

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It all started with Hugh publicly announcing his retirement from playing ‘Wolverine’.

While we all know from the ongoing feud that while Reynolds is desperate and persistent in his plea of seeing Wolverine and Deadpool together on screen, Hugh Jackman has been adamant that the world wouldn’t like to see the two characters together.

Post Jackman’s statement, Ryan has been relentless in his taunts towards the ‘Wolverine’ star. He hasn’t left a single stone UN-turned, trying his best to instigate Jackman with his constant digs.

Hugh on the other end has laid low, ignoring Reynolds as much as possible.
Despite the many attempts made in convincing him, former ‘Wolverine’ star has remained unmoved in his decision of never playing the character again

Keeping personal preferences aside, Hugh feels that Wolverine will definitely hit the silver screen again, but just that it won’t be him this time.


Reynolds’ reaction

On trying to convince Hugh, Ryan commented:

I think convincing Hugh of that would be a near-impossible feat, but there’s no human being I love more than Hugh Jackman in that universe, and equally so as a friend. He’s just the best.
I already miss him as Logan, so I’m one of those guys that whenever I see him, I’m like, ‘Come on, man. Just one more. Come on. We’ll do it together. It’ll be fun. Come on! On three. Here we go, together. One, two, three, together,’ and it’s always just me saying it.

Ryan Reynolds

Valiant effort though Ryan! Guess only Santa can make this come true for you now.


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