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Innovations That Took Our Breath Away. The Round Up For CES 2019

2019 began with a bang, what with some really exciting innovations from the tech world ready to wow us. The consumer electronics show, CES had so much to showcase that we had a tough time picking up our favorites from the gaggle of innovative gadgets. A sensory overload and next level innovation were the highlights of the show as it wrapped yet another year in Las Vegas, displaying the best to awe us.

Self-driving cars, big-screen TVs, robots, virtual-reality headsets, next-generation wireless networks, and intelligent virtual assistants were just a few among the many that stole the show. Excitement was expected as the 2.7 million square feet space dazzled with the coolest tech toys thanks to over 4,500 exhibitors at the event.

Here are the top picks from the roll out.


With all of us having smartphone-loving hands, a transition to 5G is just what we need. Although Verizon and AT&T are already there, even if it means operating within extremely limited active networks, the fact remains that the transition to 5G is not going to be a smooth sail. We may be months away from it, but we certainly hope it would be worth the wait.

5G Rollout – CES 2019

It wouldn’t be long before devices could download a movie in seconds. Some tech companies are exploring partnerships with Apple so as to bring some of its content and virtual assistant capabilities to their products and devices.

Virtual assistance every step of the way

We may have been in utter awe when Amazon Basics microwave oven came with Alexa assistance. Taking the game several notches higher, companies are going all out to put Alexa, Siri, Bixby and Google Assistance into everything from beds to toilets ensuring that your living space becomes absolutely smart.

CES 2019 – Day 1

Gaming Laptops

The past few years didn’t see much hype on the computer front and attention largely remained on smartphones and tablets. This year, it was however the laptops that made a lot of noise, especially the gaming ones.

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Best Laptops CES 2019

Amazingly thin and incredibly innovative, the laptops were not just light and powerful, but wonderfully weird. Case in point? The Alienware Area 51m that lets u swap its CPU and GPU like conventional computers. The 17-inch, 8.5 pound notebook is of course a little heavier than its sub-five counterparts, but it gives you the much-needed customizability. So you can customize, upgrade and yet have it all in a sleek design.

A virtual butler

Meet Walker – the 4.7-foot, 170-pound humanoid style white and gold robot that can clasp objects, climb stairs and do so much more. Walker can pull out a drink from the fridge, grab some chips and walk up to you when you get back home and even entertain you.

Robotic Butler – CES 2019

It can remember your appointments and even assist you with day-to-day chores based on climate and other things. So if it’s raining outside, count on Walker to tell you about it and even give you an umbrella. While it’s still in the prototype version, UBTech definitely has got our hopes up. Talk about having a helping hand.

Get ready for 8K TVs

While OLED and LCD with 4K and HDR have become pretty common, TV technology has now moved on to 8K. The innovation has come about in terms of size and display. The clear winner was the sleek, roll-up OLED from LG that simply disappears into its stand when not in use; freeing up more space and improving aesthetics.

85-inch and 98-inch 8K TVs are also here to entice you, though the price may seem ridiculously expensive to many.


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