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The New ‘Ask Me Anything’ Feature on Instagram Is Here: All You Need To Know

When Instagram was launched in 2010, it was simply only a medium to share pictures and videos and people could only like and comment on those pictures. The most exciting thing was the free filters Instagram gave which made the pictures look 100X better. People uploaded things like Thanksgiving turkey or a random kitten they’ve found on the road and that was the end of it. Sigh, simpler times!

Now Instagram has around 800 million active users, making it one of the biggest social media platforms. Instagram has become so popular that it is now a business center for thousands of people. It even started an entire career for youngsters – Instagram Influencers!

You have so many features on it you might even question if it is the same app. Instagram later introduced a DM feature that allowed you to hold a personal conversation with a person in the inbox, where an activity status feature has been introduced a few months ago. The 24-hour story feature came next, and that was customized into highlights feature, which are on the profile even after 24 hours until you delete them. IG TV being the recent, an entirely new app for long videos. Along with these major features, it had  Snapchat like filters and stickers for the stories. From time to time, Instagram has been in the news for its constant upgrades and introduction of new attributes.

How To Use The New Ask-Me Feature On Instagram?


The latest feature is ‘ask me a question’, is the equivalent of recent Sarahah, except for the anonymity. You can put the sticker that is available in your story for your followers to ask questions. You will receive their questions right in the place where you can check the views of your regular story.

All you have to do is tap on the question you decide to answer – and voila! Your answer would be posted as a new story. Now, this can go on forever, as long as you have questions to answer. Cool, isn’t it? Also, the question asked by your follower would be visible in your story as a new sticker, but the details of the follower won’t show up to the other followers who can see the story (But you can see who has asked the question).


However, the millennial ‘grammers thought the new feature is way too boring and annoying. It didn’t really go well, and people started to complain about how Instagram has been ripping things off of other apps, never creating its own. Like the story feature (Snapchat had it first) and now the ‘ask-me’ from Sarahah or Sayatme. They’ve already made memes on the same thing and they’re circulating on Instagram at par with the excitement of the new feature. So this feature rifted the IG crowd into three groups. The first group is having a ball with the new sticker, answering questions left, right and center, the second group is creating memes on it and sharing it vigorously and the third group is probably having a martini on their couch, laughing at the whole fiasco.


So, have you asked your followers to ask you a question yet?


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