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Instagram To Notify Users Of Their “Stalkers”


Instagram is the second most popular social  networking site after Facebook with an ever increasing user base and popularity by the day. What sets it apart is its simplicity of use, fresh content and basic posting options. It is not merely a photo sharing platform but something that allows you to express yourself. It can be safely said that Instagram is the only social networking site that allows its users to enjoy popularity by sharing their thoughts, showcasing their talents and reaching out to millions through stories and hashtags. Beyond the platform itself though, there are a lot of apps and tools that support multiple posting options, a wide array of filters to choose from, and the ability to compress video clips as per Instagram’s requirements just to name a few.

Private and Public Instagram Profile

Instagram is unlike other social networking sites in the sense that there is an anonymity associated with who views your profile or posts. You can decide to keep your profile private and accept ‘Follow’ requests only post approval. Till you don’t approve a follow request, nobody on Instagram can check your profile (except Instagram itself, of course :P). Although Instagram has introduced the ‘Stories’ feature on the lines of SnapChat with an embedded option that tells you who’s viewed your story. However, there is no way you can ascertain who views your profile or pictures unless you have kept your profile private.

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What’s New?

If recent reports are to be believed, all this is set to change with Instagram introducing a feature notifying users  whenever someone takes a screenshot of their stories or records it. This feature is already available on SnapChat and might be really successful on Instagram too.

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Would This Work?

There is always an urge to know who is secretly staking us on social networking sites and this feature essentially helps us ascertain that. Till date, no such functionality is available on Instagram and a lot of apps are raking in popularity by claiming to provide information on who is stalking your profile. However, their accuracy is questionable. The introduction of this feature could prove to be a welcome move for the users. There is also a sense of comfort and delight involved in seeing stories and pictures knowing that their publisher would never know you were secretly stalking them.

Can You Work Around This Feature?

However, there is a hack! You can work around this feature by simply putting your phone on airplane mode and then taking a screenshot. By doing this, Instagram would not get notified of your activity. Hence, this would not generate any notification for the user.

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Launch Plans

It is believed  that this feature is currently being tested extensively and might be introduced sooner or later. Though nothing is officially confirmed but the Instagram team admits to testing new features for improving the overall customer experience. The feature if rolled out, will have an affect on the overall user experience of the platform. It remains to be seen how users will respond to this feature.



5 thoughts on “Instagram To Notify Users Of Their “Stalkers”

  1. Maria Kuiper says:

    Mijn intelect of psyche is dusdanig beperkt dat ik even niet begrijp wat er nou tegen mij gezegd wordt? Heb of ben ik een stalker? Moet ik dit persoonlijk opvatten?

    • Sapan says:

      Dear Maria,
      No, you do not have to take this personnally. It’s just that social media is unregulated and we ourselves are in control of everything we share.

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