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Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Leads To Some Crazy Alexa Jokes

High profile couples always manage to garner a lot of attention. And when we are talking about none other than the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos, obviously everything about him becomes extremely important, including his divorce. The netizens, especially Twitterati, went berserk having found the juiciest gossip to ruminate about. Alexa jokes are trending and how! While it’s indeed sad to see the couple splitting, some of the jokes did manage to crack us up.

The Divorce

Ever since the Amazon CEO has released a statement on Twitter announcing the news, the social media and his 732,000 followers have gone into a tizzy. “As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we’ve decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends,” the couple wrote. The carefully worded note was delivered without the intervention of media or newspaper for a typical press release.

While media columnist Michael Wolff called it ‘a new model of narrative control’, it wouldn’t be wrong to say Bezos did hit the right tone with his simple, straight-from-the-heart message. Here’s what one of the users had commented, “Your divorce sounds better than most people’s marriages.”

Twitterati is now busy coming up with its own renditions of Alexa jokes and how the couple can seek help from the AI assistant in the legal work that follows.

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Top Trending Amazon-Themed Jokes

There were those who kept the Amazon shopping spirit alive on Twitter saying, “Mrs. Bezos, Customers Who Viewed Jeff Bezos Also Viewed…”

Yet another said, “Jeff Bezos is getting divorced after realizing that marriage counts as a union.”

“Jeff Bezos getting a divorce because he just had to crush one more union.” and “The real question in the Bezos divorce is who gets the Seattle City Council in the divorce? Will Jeff at least get visitation rights?” were among others.

Some Really Funny Ones

This one was in a lighter vein.

And so was this- “Motion to call Jeff Bezos divorcing his wife “Alexit.”

The Nasty Ones

Keeping in line with the controversial views surrounding Amazon’s way of doing business, some nasty ones made their way to social media. One user commented, “Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have decided to “consciously unsubscribe” from each other’s lives but are “committed to co-parenting their Alexa and Kindles.” Yet another user commented, “Looking forward to seeing the pictures from Jeff Bezos’ first visit to Union Pool”.

“Jeff Bezos living in one of those dingy divorced dad apartments but the whole thing is made of diamonds and unicorn bones,” posted Matt Tobey. Sophia Benoit also took to Twitter saying, “I’ve spent all morning thinking about it and the celebrity Jeff Bezos is most likely to date after the divorce is January Jones”.

While the jokes will continue to pour in, we hope that the separation happens in the most amicable manner. And we are certainly not enjoying the breaking of this union. All we can do is ask Alexa to play – ‘Someone Like You’!


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