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Jennifer Lopez Bares It All: Of Life, Love & Relationships

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International Pop sensation and fashion icon, Jennifer Lopez, dearly known as J.Lo definitely has it all. To be crowned one of the most beautiful women in the world, having a world number one video and song against your name, and the number one television show, it must feel special.

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From fame, dashing looks, and love to seemingly never-ending youth, Jennifer Lopez has been a star all along. She has also been an inspiration for many.

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We still remember her diva-ness that inspired us in embracing our own inner diva from her early roles in movies like ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and ‘Anaconda’.

Her worldwide famous pop songs ‘On the floor’ and ‘Goin in’ being just a few of the awesome songs she has sung, never ceased to make one feel like the King or Queen of their life.

With the lights, glitter and sheer awesomeness around her 24×7, you would be shocked to hear that this bright star has struggled with self-esteem issues for years in a row.
Yes, you heard that right, “The” Jennifer Lopez has dealt with self-esteem and self-love issues all this time. It’s only recently that she opened up about her personal life and growth.

Split with Marc Anthony and the trauma

As fate would have it, even Jennifer couldn’t have a perfect life without a few storms. Difficulties began popping up in her marriage to Marc Anthony and eventually, they parted to go their separate ways.

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“I was ending one thing that wasn’t good and going to another thing”, said J.Lo, adding that this way you do not have the time to heal. She found herself to be in a sticky situation after the split. She realized she had no experience of being alone or even spending time by herself all her life.

Depending on others constantly for moral support and companionship, J.Lo had forgotten the warmth of self-love. She found herself in the midst of panic attacks, anxiety and inexplicable sadness.

J.Lo on her book launch

Finding herself

In her book , ‘True Love‘  which released in late 2014, she talks about dedicating it to her children and finding unconditional love. Here’s an excerpt!

“That‘s a really hard question to answer in a short amount of time but basically they taught me what love was, real love, what unconditional love felt like”

She attributes the change and self-love that she now harbours, to her children. Without them she would have never known that there was something missing in her heart.

The Second Act

As she basked more in the light of her own self, our favorite Jennifer finally met someone special with whom she could share this love.

“It wasn’t until I met Alex that I felt like, ‘Okay, I can be in a relationship again”, she said. “Everything feels different. We bring something to each other’s lives that is profound, good and healthy”, she added.
 We couldn’t be any happier now that J.Lo is doing great.

We hope Jennifer Lopez always remains in the pink of her health and life and continues to sparkle the world with gold dust, by being her awesome self.

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