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Jonah Hill’s Only Liked Tweet Is A Massive Self-Burn

Hollywood ace Jonah Hill has certainly had the most spectacular claim to fame. Right from his Superbad days to Netflix’s mind wrecker, Maniac. Jonah has turned heads worldwide with his performance and personal transformation.

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill

Recently, his movie, Mid 90’s is making tidal waves in tinsel-town. Written and directed by him, the movie appears to be a representation of his experience as a child. Funnily enough, the man has so far only one liked tweet on his microblogging site.

Jonah Hill Twitter page
Courtesy: Twitter

Self-Burning at its best

The tweet was from New York Times’ Kyle Buchanan. Well, it’s no surprise that Jonah loves to parody things, and the list includes himself!. Take a look at the tweet.

Kyle was seen praising actress Emma Stone in his tweet. He took a subtle dig at her co-stars on their inability to complement her on-screen presence. Here’s what he said:

Emma Stone is such a robust, emotionally generous actor and the men she’s so often cast opposite… aren’t

Kyle Buchanan

Jonah Hill starred alongside Emma Stone, during his early twenties, in Superbad. He played a smart and quirky, chubby teen. Desperate to land at least a kiss with the hottest girls of his class, Jonah and his two other accomplices in the movie land themselves in a huge load of hilariousness.

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The connection

The movie struck a chord with many. In particular, Jonah’s robotic response to Emma got much attention now, thanks to Kyle’s tweet. There’s a lot to say that Kyle may have been hinting at Jonah.

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in Superbad
Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in Superbad

Emma Stone has been in the lead in movies quite a lot, ranging from Easy A to The Amazing Spiderman. She does have an impressive list of leading male co-actors she was cast alongside. Speculations are that, Kyle may have hinted at the entire list of actors or just quirky ol’ Jonah Hill. We don’t know for sure yet.


What is definitely funny and amusing though, is the fact that Hill has liked just one tweet, in his entire twitter-life. And oddly enough, it is this one. Maybe he likes a good joke on himself. Or maybe, he is just appreciative of his co-star Emma Stone. Well, whatever the reason, the world just can’t help but giggle at how Superbad Jonah actually is.

Jonah’s transformation

Speaking of physical transformation, Jonah has really turned the tables upside down. The actor is no longer the cute and chubby teen he used to be. Starring now in Maniac, Jonah plays a grown man who has a depersonalisation-derealization disorder. Honestly, if you did not know Jonah Hill, you’d think its a completely different person.

Wowing the world a second time, Hill revealed his new look for the movie
Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot.The movie is a biopic based on the life of John Callahan.

Many took to Jonah’s instagram post to comment on how he looks like the Christ. Sporting shoulder length blonde hair and a pair of ultra blue eyes, Hill seemed to strike a resemblance not just with Christ but also the likes of Kurt Cobain and Thor’s older brother.


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