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Julia Roberts Finds Out More About Her Holes

If anything, it’s the copy editing department that needs to get better in today’s day and age! With such gaping holes in the system, important details are sometimes missed and the unnecessary is all that is spoken about. An American newspaper learnt it the hard way when they had to issue a correction for spelling a word and creating the world’s worst typo ever.

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The story was about none other than Hollywood‘s favorite Julia Roberts, highlighting her glowing career. The story went on to reiterate how the Oscar-winning 51-year old actor manages to impress everyone with her phenomenal performances each time. The glitch? A glaring typo that did not escape the scathing glaze of the social media.

The bold headline read, “Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Holes Get Better With Age”, the actual word being ‘roles’ not ‘holes’.

The retraction came in a much smaller font though and the damage was already done.

The (W)Hole controversy

“With age comes more complexity of possible parts”, the Pretty Woman star was believed to have said to the Associated Press in the interview that got published. “You know, I’m happy and I have fun at home, so it would take a lot for someone to say: ‘Look, you can play this part where you’re happy and have fun.’ Well, I just do that at home”, she had said. The mistake was HUGE to say the least and the ‘hole’ typo has certainly succeeded to crack Twitterati up. Suffice to say, it has most certainly given the newspaper its biggest international readership ever.

Post-Journal was quick to acknowledge and issue a correction but the jokes continue to pour on social media. “I like to think all of our holes are getting better with age. Also, copy editing is important” said a user, and “Never dictate the headline over the phone”, said another. “My old team once published – Kylie Minogue happy without a man in her”, was one more confession that got added to the list.

Social Media goes into a tizzy

The joke is only getting bigger and bolder on social media drawing laughs and flak in equal proportions.

You’ve got to agree with this one 😉

“I love a good holesome headline…”, “Copy editors are very important. Just ask Julia Roberts.”,  “Who needs subs? Julia Roberts, that’s who!” were others among the top trending ones that have got the social media community laughing.

Typo or TMI?

“Ummmm … WTF!?! #JuliaRoberts Holes? Good to know girl but TMI much?”, wrote Daniel Newman. “R and H are nowhere near each other on the keyboard. I choose to read it literally”, pointed another person highlighting the fact that the typo seemed unlikely. Although the actor hasn’t responded to this awkward error, it’s about time publishers and media houses took note of the importance of good editing. No doubt, the typo was funny and gave birth to unending innuendos. But the fact remains, good writing comes with great responsibility. Unless of course, garnering publicity was the sole purpose-good, bad et al.


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