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Kim Kardashian’s Diamond Studded Teeth Sends Social Media Into A Tizzy

Kim Kardashian is back to her business of wow-ing the world. In her latest fashion adventure, the sparkly Kardashian shared a picture of her new mouth accessory. Why is it making the news? Well that’s because, it’s all diamonds!

Instagram image of Kim Kardashians's new diamond studded teeth
Courtesy: Instagram/kimkardashian

Now this is what we call ‘Swag’. Kim’s grillz featured a full set on her lower jaw, encrusted with diamonds. While her upper pearl whites housed a tiny diamond cross.

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The reality star and mother of three has been hailed with nicknames like social media genius, selfie queen, Instagram queen, and lots more. And justifiably so! The celeb has always kept her fans entertained with regular pictures, posts and videos. She had earlier shared a skimpy pic of her Halloween outfit which sent fans in a tizzy.

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Just found this fitting pic from Halloween

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Kim’s brave move

It seemed that Kim was laying low on social media, since the past few months. Sources say, that she had cut down on showcasing her bling online, due to a massive robbery that she suffered, way back in 2016. The robbery resulted in a loss of Kim’s jewellery, worth over $10 million. Ouch!


A girls jewellery is close to her heart; almost like a best friend. Losing precious things like this must’ve definitely hurt her. The period of mourning and sobriety that followed was inevitable for Kim, we guess.
Thankfully, the star has made her comeback online, braving herself to show off the diamonds.

The comeback

A source close to the glamorous Kardashian revealed to People about why she has toned down the bling on her social media platforms

File photo of Kim Kardashian on Instagram
Courtesy: Instagram/kimkardashian

She was toned down and out of the public eye after the robbery, but eventually she realized she needs to live her life.
She has fun with fashion and style, and yes, it’s part of her image — to be glamorous and push boundaries. So she’s going to do it.

Anonymous Source to People
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

The picture of her latest accessory is perhaps the first in the last few years, that showcases Kim Kardashian’s jewellery collection. Billboard reported that her one of a kind teeth grill was crafted by Dolly Cohen, a dental technician who now designs eye-catching grillz.

The artist behind the grillz

Dolly even gave a small snippet of the process behind her grillz. In an interview with Vogue she said:

It’s all custom. Handmade. Just me making each one. I meet with every client first — it’s obligatory. I see their teeth, I give my ideas if somebody needs them, and I can do anything. And, I use metal for the mouth. Chromium chromate. It’s not precious but it’s perfect for the mouth. Then, I make a print, and — you know, the plat — and then I sculpt. The mold is made out of alginate — it’s sterile, for doctors. I fit it on their teeth. And then I use 18K gold only — yellow, or white.

Dolly Cohen
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That time @pharrell

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Fans are obviously star struck with the diva’s new accessory. Grillz, generally a snug fitting mouth piece worn on teeth, has been in trend ever since rapping hit the streets. Even international pop-Queen, Beyonce Knowles Carter has used them in her song videos.

Now this is what we call ‘Swag’. Well we hope she’s in the news for all the right reasons. Till then, enjoy the new grillz.


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