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Lena Headey Has Upped The Game – Gives Sneak Peek Into Game Of Thrones Behind The Scenes Content!

The excitement is mounting and GOT fans have a lot to look forward to given the regular staple of updates coming their way. Winter is finally here and speculations are rife about the way the final season will conclude. With so much discussion and debates around the season finale, fans continue to wait with bated breath for the Starks, the Targaryens, the Lannisters and of course the dragons to arrive on the screen. The stakes are high and the suspense is palpable.

GOT fans would remember how Season 7 had ended. The Night King had mounted Viserion, Daenerys’ dragon and was now his master. He was seen progressing towards Winterfell, while the reunited Starks were seen nursing their own woes simultaneously plotting their moves for what lies ahead. With two fire dragons and one ice dragon, there’s absolutely no doubt that the impending war would be the high point of the finale.

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The pre-season build-up

The first teaser now released by HBO, has set the mood and fans are having a tough time waiting for April 2019 when Season 8 would be premiered. Social media posts and fan theory have made this wait for the final six episodes a little bearable. Though what will give you major FOMO are the recent Instagram posts by none other than Lena Headey, better known for her portrayal of the bold, beautiful and unbending Cersei Lannister.

Her post shows the reunion with her beloved onscreen brother/lover Jaime Lannister (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau).Pretty chuffed to have finally gotten together again, the picture definitely takes fans down the memory lane. The fate of these two characters of the HBO cult favorite remains to be seen, though the picture has definitely fuelled everyone’s imagination.

OK! Speculate

Captioned as ‘Best Bro’, this picture has set hearts racing of millions of fans worldwide. Apart from this picture that was tagged as #oldiebutgoodie, she has also posted three cute videos portraying the behind-the-scenes fun life on set goofing off with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and co-star Pilou Asbæk (who portrays the character of Euron Greyjoy). The fan theories are thicker than ever. The possibility of Samwell Tarly killing the Night King is being discussed while the battle for the Iron Throne continues.There is no end to speculation what with our favorite Daenerys apparently been ruled out of the race?

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Best Bro 💗 @nikolajwilliamcw #oldiebutgoodie

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What’s in store this year

Will the war consume everyone and everything is something we will have to wait and watch. Meanwhile, the studio is doing all it can to ensure that the story is not leaked online. A lot’s riding on the season finale. “They’re very very strict. It’s reached a crazy level this year. We actually get the scripts, and then when we’ve shot the scene – and we only have it digitally – and then when you’ve done the scene, it just vanishes. It’s like Mission: Impossible. This will self-destruct”, Coster-Waldau told Elite Daily during one of his interviews.

Major characters have died in the earlier seasons and only time will tell who will eventually claim the Iron Throne.Until then, all we can do is seek respite from Lena’s posts and relive the magic.


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