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Looking For Innovative Ways To Tell Your Story? What’s New In Instagram? Find Out Here.

In the past couple of months, Instagram has rolled out several new features. The latest set of updates not only add to the overall experience of users but also offer tons of features to aid marketers. Here are some of the coolest new features which will enhance your Instagram experience.

Include GIF stickers in your stories
You can now add animated GIF stickers to your Instagram stories. Search through the Giphy database to find a specific GIF of your requirement. There is no limit to the number of GIFs that can be added to a story.

Resize stories photos and videos
Photos on Instagram stories don’t have to be in full-screen size anymore. In the latest update, you can easily resize them. This is how it’s done.
1) ‎Go to your Insta Story
2) ‎Select the photo or video
3) ‎Pinch toward the center of the screen to resize the media.

Follow hashtags
This is one of the most thoughtful features developed by Instagram. Now you can literally follow your favourite hashtags and you will automatically get all the top ranking posts by people using the same hashtag. This elevates the overall Instagramming experience by bringing your favourite topics at your fingertips.

The ‘Type’ feature
Instagram does not want to restrict itself to just being a media sharing platform. It is growing its presence to include as many features as possible. Until last year, Instagram was all about photos and videos but that’s not the case anymore. Instagram’s latest ‘Type’ feature allows you to add a pre-loaded background to your text in stories, thus ending the need for a photo.

The new ‘Stop motion’
‘Stop motion’ allows you to add strings of photos. When you play the photos it looks like a video. You can creatively focus on an object by recording its minute movements. These movements later get compiled into one video giving it a feel of continuous motion.


Automatically share your story on Facebook
Similar to Instagram, Facebook also has a ‘story’ feature. Now you can automatically share your Instagram stories on Facebook. In story settings turn on the ‘Share your story to Facebook’ feature and you’re good to go. This feature is especially important for marketers who want to take out aggressive ad campaigns across different platforms. As marketing is all about time management, this feature will save lots of time by automatically updating the story on Facebook.

This is just the tip of an iceberg, Instagram is expected to release more updates in the coming months, focusing mostly on increasing marketers involvement with the platform. This will add a whole new dimension to competition between photo sharing social sites as Instagram is trying hard to pin down its main rival SnapChat.
New direct messaging controls

Direct messages sent via Instagram will now come with three options namely ‘View Once’, ‘Allow Replay’ and ‘Keep in Chat’, giving users complete control over the messages they send. Users can send disappearing messages which will automatically get deleted. If the user chooses ‘View Once’ option, the message will only be played once for the recipient before getting permanently deleted. ‘Allow replay’ option, if chosen by the user allows the recipient to play the video in a loop twice before getting erased. The third option of ‘Keep in Chat’ keeps the video in the Chat thread and prevents it from disappearing.

While Instagram is doing its bit slowly and steadily to grab a larger chunk of the pie, these new features will surely ensure the safety of users allowing them to share private videos more confidently. What remains to be seen though is the long term impact of these features on the usability quotient of the platform. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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