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Marvel Says ‘Yes’ to Iron-Man Gravestone for Ollie

Ollie Gardiner, a 13 year-old child, was a big time superhero fan. Unfortunately, he passed away due to cancer. His parents, Pete and Jane Gardiner, shared his journey with the world through Facebook. The little one went through his ordeal with the help of his wonderful parents and also comicbook icons like Iron Man.

Ollie Gardiner, Courtesy: Facebook

The family raised funding for Ollie’s treatment through their Facebook page, with the child himself taking precious time out to thank his extended virtual family for their donations. He is one of the lucky few who got to have a private screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He was undergoing chemotherapy at the time and was not allowed in public places to avoid the risk of an infection. Since he was desperate to see the movie, Odeon Aylesbury made the sweetest gesture of fulfilling the child’s wish!

The Iron-Man Gravestone

After Ollie’s unfortunate passing, the family wanted to engrave Iron-Man on Ollie’s gravestone.

After his hero “Ironman” had proved such an inspiration during Ollie’s treatment, we wanted him represented on the grave.

Jane Gardiner, Ollie’s mother

Apparently, Jane and Pete Gardiner had to convince the church as they were not immediately ready for an Iron-Man gravestone. However, it turns out that with a little persuasion, the church agreed. Their only condition was that the parents should get Marvel Studios to agree to this.

Marvel’s Response

Marvel, not only gave permission for Iron Man to appear on Ollie’s grave, but also offered to convince the Church! Ollie’s parents couldn’t contain the joy and shared this on their public Facebook page.
Iron Man is almost the foundation stone of Marvel Studios. The Iron Man franchise reportedly has about 19 films in line and many more are in the pipeline. Even in the Avengers: Endgame trailer, Iron Man is seen to be making the first appearance.

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Ollie Gardiner, Courtesy : Facebook

Robert Downey Jr.

It is also the character that shot Robert Downey Jr. to unimpeachable fame.
The star plays the role of an ultra-rich genius, bordering-on-crazy-scientist. He has a shrapnel attached to his heart, which when removed could even kill him. Despite his weakness, he is Iron-Man, one of the Avengers, humanity’s hero.

Tony Stark’s fatal Shrapnel Heart

We can see why Ollie loved him, can’t we?

Much like the strength and courage of Iron Man, a.k.a Tony stark, Ollie had fought valiantly, never forgetting to smile through the whole thing. He is an inspiration and is right in being honoured for his tough fight until now.

Iron Man had a suit of iron, immeasurable wealth and a one of a kind superpower of intellect. Similarly, Ollie had an iron will to remain positive, immeasurable strength of heart and a one-of-a-kind superpower of being an inspiration to people.

Following his first death anniversary, the Gardiner family took to facebook where they posted how they still grieve for Ollie. The world was evidently not silent and leaned in to comfort the family.

He leaves an enormous void. Our year of “firsts” is now at an end, it remains to be seen whether the year of “seconds” will be any easier.

Ollie Gardiner’s parents

His loved ones miss him dearly and honestly, so does the world. Rest In Peace Ollie Gardiner.


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