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Millionaire Family Makes The Day For Single Mother

Christmas 2018 was a very special one for the Buck family. After swapping their homes with the millionaire household of the Hogans, on Channel 5’s ‘Rich House, Poor House’, Tanya Buck couldn’t have asked for a sweeter Christmas present.

The Bucks and The Hogans
The Bucks(left) and The Hogans(right)

The single mother of three spent the previous Christmas homeless, making ends meet out of a ‘Bed and Breakfast’. This time around, she and her 3 kids, 3-month old Esme, 10-year old Faith and 16-year old Dylan, moved into a three bedroom house. For Rich House Poor House’s,Christmas special, they swapped this house for a week for the Hogan’s mansion.

Hogans’ Sweet Gesture

The Hogans had a sweet Christmas gift planned for the hard working mom, Tanya. They re-carpeted her entire house and changed the decors hoping to bring some cheer during the festive time. They also wanted to help her save some money on decoration and house renovation. When speaking to Channel 5, the Hogans had this to say.

It will be lovely for Esme just in time for her to be crawling. It’s a strange one for Santa to come up with but hopefully they’ll all be happy.
Money is lovely but its family that matters the most. I really do think she’s done a fantastic job.
At Christmas you realise what’s important and it’s love and family. Things like that you can’t buy.
Money isn’t what makes a person. It’s your morals, your work ethic.

The Hogan Family


The Swap

The Hogans and The Bucks swapped homes for a week. This meant that Tanya and her children got to live in a lavish million dollar home for a week. On the other hand, husband and wife, Noel and Lisa Hogan, lived in Tanya’s run down house for this time. Since Tanya was too strapped for cash, her home had no carpeting or wallpapers. This came as a shock to the Hogans who were used to living in luxury.

Rich House Poor House on Channel 5

They were in awe of how, full-time mother and part-time cleaner, Tanya had managed to make ends meet with a budget of just a €142 per week. They were more astonished since their per week budget was a dizzying €3000.

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Tanys Buck’s Reaction

After the week ended, Tanya and her children made their way back home, only to be pleasantly surprised by the Christmas gift that awaited them.

As Dylan opened the door, he was seen exclaiming that the house has a carpet. Tanya stepped in, and could not believe her eyes! In a moment of extreme happiness and gratefulness, she broke down and cried in front of the cameras.

The Hogans had also left a sweet message for her, in which they offered to pay the decorators for any finishing touches Tanya wanted. The single mum couldn’t have asked for more this Christmas and with a heart brimming with gratitude and happiness, she thanked the Hogans.

Last Christmas was not good at all. I hope the kids didn’t pick up on it but I was really stressed and I had a lot on my mind.
Christmas is a financially stressful time anyway but then to find out at Christmas that we had to move and you’re having a baby…
This Christmas is completely and utterly the opposite end of the spectrum. This is going to be one Christmas we’ll never ever forget.

Tanya Bucks

Well, now isn’t that what Christmas is all about?!


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