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Miss Costa Rica’s Roasts Steve Harvey for his Mistake at Miss Universe 2015

A good comedian is one who can crack a joke on anything and everybody including himself. Being able to laugh at your mistakes is an important quality to own nowadays, especially if you want to survive all the roasting. Our favourite comedian, Steve Harvey, recently went through something like this.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s Claim To Global Fame

Family Feud host, Steve Harvey, made global news in 2015 when he got the Miss Universe winner’s name wrong! In what seemed to be a rare spectacle of human error in a near perfect pageant, we witnessed Miss Columbia enjoy the spotlight as Miss Universe, for a very very brief time. A very apologetic looking Harvey was seen coming back on stage as he said,

‘Okay Folks,..uhh..there’s… I have to apologise…’
We all know what happened next.

Both the contestants went through a mixture of feelings. One dismay, and the other , astonishment.

It’s been almost four years now, since this incident. While Steve Harvey was hoping his mishap was forgotten, he never saw what was coming his way when he spoke to Miss Costa Rica in Miss Universe 2018.


Miss Costa Rica Has Something To Say

Miss Universe 2018 was aired this December onto television screens worldwide. While there were many amazing things that took place this time around, the most talked about was the roast of Steve Harvey.

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As he announced Miss Costa Rica, Natalia Carvajal’s name in the top 20 , the beautiful contestant came on to stage albeit a little nervous.

After asking her how she felt after being selected in the top 20, he went on to say,
“I’m just here, I just read the names..”

Steve then sort of dug his own grave as he went ahead and asked Natalia,
” Listen, you host a T.V show in your country. Now, from one host to another, do you have any tips for me?”


Here’s what Miss Costa Rica did. Nudging him to come closer to her and pretending to be his greatest confidant, she said,
Well, I think you’re doing good! The outfit is fine, the smile is always great, but I have to give you one advice, just for the future, just in case..”

Steve Harvey and Miss Costa Rica

“If they ever give you like a really really really important envelope, try to read carefully okay?”

Say What?!

What was left of a usually charismatic man like Steve, was a dumbfounded and a ‘burrrnned’ Steve.
The crowd cheered and roared in laughter at this unexpected turn of events, where Steve Harvey was roasted on the spot without any warning.
After taking a few seconds to recover from this, Steve turned to the crowd and said,
“So y’all thought that was damn funny? You thought that was funny? Haha, y’all just won’t let it go huh?”

Natalia responded saying, “I love you Steve!”

An effort to soothe the burn maybe? Well, we hope no offense was taken. But to be honest, if you make a mistake like that, someone is going to burn you for it, sooner or later.


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