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Miss USA 2018 In Deep Trouble For Racist Comments

The recent Miss Universe 2018 has thrown up a whole lot of surprises. Ranging from featuring the first Transgender woman as a contestant to throwing light on the not so subtle undercurrent of racism.

Most recently, Miss USA 2018 has fallen prey to the world’s eyes, as a candid video of her mocking two contestants for their ‘poor spoken english’ has come to light. In what appears to be backstage gossip, the world got to see, just how polarized and racist people can be, behind the scenes.

The Miss Universe show aired on your television sets across the globe on December 17, 2018. In what is almost a ritual now, every year, beautiful women compete for the coveted crown of Miss Universe.
It is also largely becoming a stage where, women from different countries come together to learn about each other’s culture and life. And over the years, it has turned out to be an event that unifies the world in all its diversity.

Who is Sarah Rose Summers?

Sarah Rose Summers, was born on the 4th of November, 1994, in Omaha, Nebraska.
She is an American model by profession. Beginning early, Sarah convinced her parents to let her compete in beauty pageants at the tender age of 10.

file photo - miss usa 2018
Courtesy : MIss USA 2018

It is said that her passion to compete in pageants was kindled by an invite for a local child beauty pageant. Following her passion till date, has led the confident beauty to win the crown of Miss USA 2018.

File photo - Miss USA
Courtesy: Miss USA 2018

She has represented the United States at Miss Universe 2018. Sarah is also the first woman from Nebraska, to win the crown of Miss USA.
She holds two degrees from Texas Christian University, one in Child Development and another in Strategic Communication with a minor in Business. She was also a certified child life specialist before venturing out to win the title of Miss USA 2018.

Miss USA apologizes

Following the video of her going viral, Miss USA issued a written apology for her actions. In her statement, she says that , it was not in her intention to hurt or mock the culture and people of another country, i.e. her fellow contestants Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia.

She apologized with the whole world as audience, for her behaviour.

What did Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia do?

In what appears to be a spirit of true inclusiveness, it is seen that Miss Vietnam places a kiss of forgiveness on Sarah’s cheek while Miss Cambodia embraces the Miss USA.

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The photo was shared by Fransesca Hung, Miss Universe Australia, on her Instagram page.

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In a time and age as today, when everything on the internet remains available, literally forever, we just hope that history is as forgiving as Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia towards Sarah Rose Summers’ behaviour.


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