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Modern Family Star, Sarah Hyland, Bares It All

ModernFamily Star, Sarah Hyland rose to quintessential fame for her character, Haley Dunphy.

Sparky, smart, beautiful and attractive – her on-screen avatar won millions of hearts all over the world. However, not many know the real Sarah that lingers behind the scenes.

Now, for the first time ever, in a candid one on one interview with SELF, Sarah opened up about her life, struggles and love.

The Interview

“Scars are Scars; they are little tally marks of what you’ve been through as a human being.”

These were the starting words of the casually dressed Sarah, looking stunning in her outfit, as she slowly took a seat for the interview. Reminiscing the tough times and the support of her family, the 28-year-old star teared up and had a deeply emotional moment.

The Painful Hiccup

Her heart bared it all as she spoke of how her father and brother selflessly stepped in to be kidney donors for her ailment.

“You know, when a family member gives you a second chance at life and it fails, it almost feels it is your fault, but it’s not”, a teary eyed Hyland explained.

Within 2 years from her first surgery, her transplanted kidney that was given by her father, was unfortunately rejected by her body.  She ultimately went into what is called in medical terms – ‘objection’. Sarah spoke of how this led to her stepping into deep and long-term depression where she constantly contemplated suicide as she felt she was a burden on her family and all the people in her life who loved her.

The nightmare wasn’t quite over yet as this was followed by a series of unprecedented tragedies, like domino cards toppling over each other.

As the star narrated, the kidney failure led to dialysis twice a week, which then led to hernia that went unnoticed for a full year. To make things worse, she was also diagnosed with endometriosis, a daunting bodily disorder. However, her problems didn’t end there. Later that year, her 14-year old cousin lost his life in a car accident.

However, hope intervened, and another family member came forward as a kidney donor. Her younger brother gave the brave actress, a second chance at life.

Being the workaholic that she is, the superstar motored on despite her struggles. Post her second transplant, Sarah feels she owes her life and strength to her support system of loving family and friends.

Grateful and Humbled

“I’m so grateful for my entire family. I think love is the most important thing on this Earth. Obviously love and health, but love gets you through that.”–Hyland explained.

Towards the middle of the interview, Sarah bravely flaunted her scars. She said that these were the scars from 16 surgeries, over 27 years of her life!

Like a true battle-hardened soldier, the brave actress showed immense amount of positivity regarding her life. Despite it all, she said she will continue to live her best. The actress sounded grateful as she is now stable and her health is also holding up. Speaking of the list of medical issues she faces, she said,

”That list doesn’t stop; but that list doesn’t hold me back from anything. I won’t let it!”

This is the real Sarah Hyland – a fearless woman who stands strong after 16 surgeries, depression and multiple scars. You go girl! We salute you!


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