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Instagram To Notify Users Of Their “Stalkers”


Instagram is the second most popular social  networking site after Facebook with an ever increasing user base and popularity by the day. What sets it apart is its simplicity of use, fresh content and basic posting options. It is not merely a photo sharing platform but something that allows you to express yourself. It can be safely said that Instagram is the only social networking site that allows its users to enjoy popularity by sharing their thoughts, showcasing their talents and reaching out to millions through stories and hashtags. Beyond the platform itself though, there are a lot of apps and tools that support multiple posting options, a wide array of filters to choose from, and the ability to compress video clips as per Instagram’s requirements just to name a few.

Private and Public Instagram Profile

Instagram is unlike other social networking sites in the sense that there is an anonymity associated with who views your profile or posts. You can decide to keep your profile private and accept ‘Follow’ requests only post approval. Till you don’t approve a follow request, nobody on Instagram can check your profile (except Instagram itself, of course :P). Although Instagram has introduced the ‘Stories’ feature on the lines of SnapChat with an embedded option that tells you who’s viewed your story. However, there is no way you can ascertain who views your profile or pictures unless you have kept your profile private.

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What’s New?

If recent reports are to be believed, all this is set to change with Instagram introducing a feature notifying users  whenever someone takes a screenshot of their stories or records it. This feature is already available on SnapChat and might be really successful on Instagram too.

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Would This Work?

There is always an urge to know who is secretly staking us on social networking sites and this feature essentially helps us ascertain that. Till date, no such functionality is available on Instagram and a lot of apps are raking in popularity by claiming to provide information on who is stalking your profile. However, their accuracy is questionable. The introduction of this feature could prove to be a welcome move for the users. There is also a sense of comfort and delight involved in seeing stories and pictures knowing that their publisher would never know you were secretly stalking them.

Can You Work Around This Feature?

However, there is a hack! You can work around this feature by simply putting your phone on airplane mode and then taking a screenshot. By doing this, Instagram would not get notified of your activity. Hence, this would not generate any notification for the user.

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Launch Plans

It is believed  that this feature is currently being tested extensively and might be introduced sooner or later. Though nothing is officially confirmed but the Instagram team admits to testing new features for improving the overall customer experience. The feature if rolled out, will have an affect on the overall user experience of the platform. It remains to be seen how users will respond to this feature.


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How To Appear Higher On YouTube’s Search Function

YouTube is a top charted video marketing platform globally and making your presence felt on YouTube is a dream come true for any video content creator. A successful YouTuber persistently and consistently remains active on YouTube.

“Emphasize on content”- is the most popular pro-tip given by successful YouTubers. Good quality content almost always brings in the audiences eventually driving a large number of views and a higher rank. Knowing the content inside out and presenting it in a unique way to rank high in the search results is the daily job of a YouTuber. Easier said than done, a lot of thought goes into making a video that not only garners a large number of views over time but also helps stay atop in YouTube rankings. Hence, we have curated a short list of tips and tweaks for you which would help while creating quality content on YouTube.

1) Predetermine your keywords

Keywords are terms used to search for relevant content on YouTube. Before making a video it is imperative for a YouTuber to know about the keywords he/she will be working with because these keywords define the structure of the content.

Use #PopularOnYouTube to search popular keywords currently trending on YouTube.

Use YouTube autocomplete search to generate keywords.

These are terms that people actually type into YouTube so they are always reliable.

Choose a keyword you want to work with and find the number of video results corresponding to the entered keyword.

Eg:- There are about ‘134,000’ videos relating to the keyword – ‘Tal Memorial’

The number of video results is a strong indicator of competition. A high number of video results mean more people competing for the same keyword. In such circumstances try to alter your keyword or make it more specific and the number of results will significantly reduce.

Eg:- The number of video search results change dramatically after altering the keyword from – ‘Tal Memorial’ to ‘Tal Memorial 2018’.

2) Optimize your videos for specific keywords

Where do keywords go?

YouTube is all about getting found and relevant keywords help audiences find creators. Google heavily relies on relevant keywords to sort and rank videos in search results hence ignoring keywords would be a grave mistake.

Mention keywords in titles, descriptions and tags of your videos.

The first few lines of the title or description should contain the ‘targeted’ keyword. Video titles with no keywords have no credibility and such videos never get high up on the results page.

Create closed captions/subtitles for your videos and mention keywords in your video script and transcript

Keywords won’t matter if you don’t mention them in your video. Keywords should be an integral part of your video’s script. Google indexes video transcripts and captions to rank videos with clashing keywords. If you want your video to rank higher than your competitor – consider creating captions.

3) Engage your audiences

Make viewers an active participant in the video. Always ask your target audiences to like, comment or subscribe. A high number of likes and comments show more appeal and are usually ranked higher than the ones without any comments or likes.

Make a cluster of videos on a particular topic to aggressively cover the entirety of your keywords. Know what your audiences desire and deliver just that and a little more.

4) Video length – Find your sweet spot

Statistically, long videos have been known to outperform short videos. Longer videos keep your audiences hooked on to the video thereby increasing the time they spend on your video. Average actual time spent by a viewer on a video is also something Google considers before giving out rankings. In the end, of course it boils down to the kind of content you are producing, however, a short and crisp video works just fine if it covers the topic extensively.

5) Promote your videos

Provide links to your videos on relevant Quora and Reddit discussions. and share those links on related social media pages as well. If possible write a blog to comprehensively cover the topic and provide links within your blog to your videos to increase views.

We hope this serves as a ready reckoner in your quest to become a successful YouTuber. Do share with us any other hacks that you’re aware about in the comments.

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Voila! Twitter Has Just Turned Profitable. Here’s How They Did This

On 7th February 2018, Twitter finally reported that it has started generating profits for the first time in twelve years. The company managed to rake in $91 million in the last quarter of 2017, compared to $167 million loss for this quarter last year.


The profits have improved Twitter’s tipsy reputation in the digital market. It should be noted though that this success didn’t come out of the blue; Twitter had to refurbish the entire platform to make it more viable for making money. Here’s how they did it.

Extreme cost cutting

The prime reason for Twitter’s poor financial performance can be attributed to having too many employees for what it does. Twitter’s whole marketing exercise with Vine failed miserably and finally, it decided to discontinue the service in 2016. Twitter apparently had to lay off 18% of its workforce to achieve financial stability and the results are quite obvious. Twitter has grown more cautious ever since Jack Dorsey stepped up as the CEO. The company is not venturing into uncharted waters like it did before and is seemingly following a solid strategy.

Vine failed on Twitter


Making Twitter more hospitable for online marketers

Online marketers find Twitter a restraining platform, although the user statistics have continued to remain stagnant over the years. The ad revenues which are the main sources of income for Twitter did not see any significant jump as marketers refrained from advertising their products on Twitter. This was mainly due to the drop in the average engagement of users. Not all Twitter users are active; a few who remained active were totally unaffected by ads. In the past year, all of Twitter’s efforts were concentrated on tweaking their platform to lure in more digital marketers. It also doubled its character limit to accommodate more variety of users and marketers. This has resulted on average about a 7% increase in ad sales.

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Going live

Beyond achieving profitability, Twitter’s priorities for 2017 were focused on growing live video to increase the audience engagement on Twitter.

bloomberg reports

In 2017, Twitter secured a 24/7 live video partnership with Bloomberg and inked dozens of deals with other networks for shows. It streamed 1,140 events in the fourth quarter and secured 22 new partnerships.


Rebuilding trust with users

Owing to the growing discontent among users over rampant abuse and harassment, Twitter has become somewhat of a confused platform. From time to time users and marketers have complained about the abuse on the platform. Disney who was rumoured to have been keen on acquiring Twitter also declined the offer citing growing abuses as the main reason behind the decision. It is easy for influential people to criticize marketers resulting in the downgrading of the platform. A similar thing happened when President Trump publicly criticized Amazon on Twitter which eventually turned out to be a baseless accusation. Amazon faced a lot of negative backlash resulting in a dip in sales.


Donald Trump tweeted


In a recent press conference held earlier this year, Jack Dorsey acknowledged the problem and assured users of an aggressive policy to curb abuse on Twitter. Luckily this assurance has reignited the interest of both marketers and users whose engagement numbers have significantly improved. Monthly active users on Twitter have increased by  about 4%.

Twitter's monthly active users

Twitter’s strong standing in the market can be totally credited to its new reboot policy which makes large statements about the company that- ‘Twitter is here to stay no matter what’.

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YouTube has revolutionized the way we get our dose of entertainment. Every day millions of videos are uploaded and shared, entertaining people across the globe. While, these videos belong to different genres, themes and topics, there is something in store for everyone. Though we are all well versed with how YouTube works, there are  many cool  YouTube features which many of us are not aware of. So here’s a short list that you may be aware about, but aren’t using anyway.


1. Sharing videos at a specific playback point

A lot many times we want to share a particular part of the video with our friends. YouTube lets us do that by adding #t= at the end of video URL followed by the exact minutes and seconds from where we want to play the video. For e.g. if you want to play video from 24 minutes and 10 seconds onward, then all you have to type at the end of URL is #t=24m10s.


2. Video transcripts

YouTube converts audio into transcripts which can be accessed by clicking on the ‘More‘ tab and selecting ‘Transcript‘ option. If this option is not available it means that the person who has uploaded the video has hidden it . These transcripts are not perfect but  can be refined and edited for better use especially in case of tutorials.



3. Playing videos in slow motion

While watching tutorials, we often want to slow down the video for better understanding the steps involved. This can be done easily by clicking on  the ‘Settings‘ tab and selecting the ‘Speed‘ option. The video can be slowed by up to 50% . Likewise the speed can be increased for a fast-forward version as well.

4. Safe YouTube for kids

One of the major concerns for parents these days is the content their kids might end up watching on YouTube. In order to ensure a safer version of YouTube, YouTube Kids can be used. It employs algorithms which displays videos for kids only instead of the plethora of content available on the YouTube site. Besides this, the search option can be disabled if parents don’t want their kids to search unwanted content on YouTube.

5. Creating GIFs of YouTube videos

Ever wondered how to create GIFs of YouTube videos? It is pretty simple and can be done by typing GIF in front of the video URL. This will lead you to site for creating your very own GIFs with options to add frames, set duration, etc.

These are some of the real cool YouTube features which can be used to enhance the experience of watching and sharing videos on this awesome platform.

Do you know any other cool YouTube features? Let us know in the comments.

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5 Cool YouTube Features You Aren’t Using


Instagram now supports GIFs in Stories

After months of rumors and limited rollouts, Instagram is officially adding GIF support to its Stories feature. Starting today, you can now plaster dancing cats and flying cheeseburgers over your photos and videos. The options are endless with hundreds of thousands of moving stickers to choose from thanks to GIPHY integration. Instagram is also announcing an upcoming feature that will let users upload photos and videos of any size to Stories, so you’ll no longer be forced to awkwardly crop them in that 9:16 (portrait) format.

To access the GIF stickers, tap the add sticker button at the top of Stories as usual. From there, select the new GIF option, and a library of GIFs will appear. Drag the one you want onto your photo or video. There are options to browse trending GIFs on GIPHY, or search its entire library.

Instagram is also adding support for photos and videos of any size ratio to be uploaded to Stories. Once enabled, you’ll be able to pinch the uploaded image or video to share it in its original ratio, so you don’t have to explain to your friends why they’ve been abruptly cropped from your story. Instagram says the extra room surrounding the image will be filled with a custom color gradient that matches it.

The GIF stickers are available from today on version 29 of the app on both iOS and Android. The Stories feature that allows you to resize images and videos will be rolling out in the “coming weeks,” Instagram says.