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Refine Your Pinterest Search Results With Text And Photo Queries


Pinterest is a popular photo sharing social networking site with 175 million users worldwide. It lets you pin photos, videos and GIFs to virtual boards which can later on serve as inspiration for cooking, styling, weddings, photography, home decor and what not. Thus instead of saving pictures by taking a screenshot, you can pin them to your boards for later use. All you need to do is, type what you are looking for and voila! Pinterest will throw open a lot of options similar to your search.

Visual Search Engine Lens

Whenever we see a beautiful dress, a cool sofa or a yummy dish and look for the same online, often our words fail us in describing the object and locating it online. In such situations photo search can prove of immense help.  In 2017, Pinterest launched ‘Pinterest visual search engine lens’  which lets users take pictures of things in real world and look up for them on the app, so they can find where to get similar things or how to make these things themselves. This tool is proving to be of great help in about 600 million searches that are being undertaken monthly on the app and the number of users deploying this tool is increasing day by day.However, one problem with lens is that the search results often are copies of the photo taken and if we are looking for ideas or mix and match the object with other things, it might not be very accurate and we might end up in aimless scrolling looking for the perfect theme or idea.


What’s new?

With Pinterest celebrating the anniversary of  lens feature, it is rolling out a new feature which lets users search using both text and photos. So instead of just looking for something based on a photograph, the search gets more refined and directed with the assistance of text. For example, if you are looking for curtains to match your bedroom, then instead of just uploading the picture of your bedroom, you can put in a text query related to curtains to get ideas which would be more suitable for you.The search can be further refined by adding more relative text.The feature will be first introduced to iOS users and soon will be made available on the android platform.

The lens feature is being used primarily for fashion, food, home decor, nail art, tattoos, etc. but Pinterest is continuously focussing on development of this feature as it promises endless potential in enhancing the user experience. This feature distinguishes the app from the rest of social media apps as the results displayed are not on the basis of what your friends or followers share but on the basis of your tastes, likes and preferences. The number of users using lens is twice than what it was six months ago. And with Pinterest building lens daily to make it attentive to new objects, this number is bound to increase manifold. It can be safely said that Pinterest is no longer a place to save recipes and home improvement ideas but it’s rather emerging as a powerful search tool to give wings to your imagination.



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