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Remember Emma From FRIENDS? Here’s What The Twins Are Up To Now

It’s the show that was and still is, the talk of town. Well, not just a town unless the whole world is called a town. Friends, which first aired in September 1994 showcased the struggles and adventures of six (kind of dysfunctional but awesome!) adults. Little did we know at the time that this show would be etched in our memories for on and on. It was almost everyone’s go to, on a rainy day and made many a person’s binge nights on the couch.

Rachel and her baby, Emma from Friends.

Like icing atop a cake, leads in the show – Rachel and Ross even had an adorable child, Emma. Remember Emma? Yeah! Her role was played by twins Noelle and Cali Sheldon. That adorable baby is now sixteen years old!
Let that sink in for a while…

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Flashbacks to β€˜03

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Emma, all grown up

The twins, Noelle and Cali are all set to appear in the movie Us directed by Jordan Peele. In case you don’t know who Jordan is, remember Get Out?
Yep, he directed it.

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News of this came out when one of the twins namely, Noelle posted about it on her instagram page. She wrote how happy she and her sister Cali are about this movie. Her caption read:
“So happy I got to be part of this movie. It looks amazing and terrifying!”
The twins had posted about this around Christmas this year. First reported by People, this Wednesday, Cali and Noelle are breaking the internet as ‘Rachel’s and Ross’ baby’ now in a film! Well, the wheel of time seems to have spun rather quickly eh?

Noelle Sheldon has in fact made quite a few appearances on screen. Post her character as baby Emma, in Friends, Noelle was seen in films, Rougarou (2016) and also in Life (2007). In fact, Noelle shared her role in Rougarou with twin sister Cali. Parents, Geoff Sheldon and Gretchen Carpenter have a lot to be mighty proud about.

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Throw back Tuesday? πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

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The Twins’ movie

Director Jordan Peele had rounded up his cast in a list, as summed up by Deadline. The movie will showcase young actors, Madison Curry, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Cali Sheldon, Evan Alex and Noelle Sheldon starring beside Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Anna Diop. They were rounded up as the final cast members along with Lupita Nyong’o, Tim Heidecker, Elisabeth Moss and Winston Duke.

Us Official Trailer

The movie is a psychological thriller, involving a family that goes on vacation. The plot shows the journey of a woman, Adelaide Wilson who returns to her childhood home with her husband and two children. She has an innate fear of things going haywire due to a traumatic experience from her past.

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Plot twsit!

To Adelaide’s shock, her worst nightmare does come true, and something does go wrong, horribly wrong. Four masked people attack their home, putting the Wilson family in a fight for survival. What’s even more horrifying is the fact that, the strangers each take on the appearance of a family member on removing their masks.

A still from the movie, Us.

Production had started way back in July 2018, and the film is all set to hit the theaters come March 2019. We just can’t wait to see what this movie. All the more, Rachel and Ross’s child (Noelle and Cali Sheldon) will be seen in it, all grown up. Damn! Nostalgia anyone?


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