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Sex Atop A Pyramid? Check.

It only seemed to be an act of subtle rebellion against textbook morality and a guilty taste for controversial adventure. However, it didn’t go down well with the moral police. A Danish photographer came under fire for having sex atop The Great Khufu pyramid of Giza.

Who is Andreas Hvid?

The 23-year-old photographer, Andreas Hvid is well known for his feats on scaling teetering heights. He is also a proclaimed nude art patron. His works often contain pictures of naked and semi-naked men and women in unusual places, and positions, high scaling monuments, and buildings.

Courtesy: Instagram

Hvid’s video stirred quite an outrage across the Egyptian sand, forcing the Government to step in to the matter, and take over the prosecution of the Danish photographer and his accomplice.

Climbing the Pyramid

The video shows a man (Hvid) and a woman trekking upward on what happens to resemble the Pyramid Of Giza near early nightfall. After smoking a cigarette with Hvid after reaching the summit, it is seen that the woman begins to strip and is left wearing only her pants and bra with her back turned towards the camera.
Her face had been comfortably blurred. The three-minute video took viewers through the entire trek. Upon reaching the summit, eventually, the video shows a still of the naked couple in a compromising position.

Courtesy: YouTube

Many people have taken to social media to troll, condemn or have a laugh at the spectacle. While most of the world chose to  laugh it off , Egypt and its citizens fumed with indignation upon witnessing it, branding it a ‘disrespectful and immoral’ act.

Egypt for real?

The Minister of Antiquities, D. Khaled al-Anani leapt to immediate action with the release of the video, forwarding the case for scrutiny and inspection to the Attorney General. While most of Egypt is busy raining condemnation and disapproval at the young couples’ act, archaeologist Zahi Hawass, feels the act couldn’t possibly be on the real Pyramid of Giza.

Photo atop the Pyramid of Giza

According to his observation, he feels that the stunt was completely Orchestrated and built upon. His reason being that the Pyramid is very well guarded at night, and the stones present in the sex act were too small to be real Pyramid stones.
Hence, what is shown to be the Great Pyramid, is probably just rubble, photo-shopped to look like the Giza.

Apology and Penalty

An evidently shaken Andreas Hvid, later shared his regret over the stunt, in an interview. He called it to be at worst, a display of spoilt behavior of the Western Folk. He also sincerely declined any planned intent to cause a controversy as big as the one involving obscene cartoons of the esteemed Prophet Mohammed in the year 2005.
Penalty would be levied on Andreas and his unidentified female partner, as per the Giza Pyramid Director, Ashraf Mohi. He has devoted his efforts into investigating the authenticity of the video. Upon being proved real, charges will be filed as seen fit.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most ancient seven wonders of the world and is revered as a World Heritage Site. It seems only natural, that people jump to its defense in an act of preservation of their culture.


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