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Steve-O Snorts HIV Positive Blood Stained Coke, Lives To Tell Tale

Jackass sensation and television star, Steve-O has definitely had one helluva life. He has been in and out of prison quite a few times. From public obscenity to smuggling drugs, Steve-O has done it all. The 44 year old has recently even admitted to snorting HIV blood stained cocaine. Whoa!


Steve-O opens up

In a candid interview on In-Depth with Graham Bensinger, the actor revealed just how desperate and difficult his time as a drug addict was.
Steve spoke of how his mother was an alchoholic and how he would get to booze often during New Years parties at home

Steve-O file photo
Steve-O on the show.

The star had his first drink at a very young age. He said that, though his mother was an alchoholic and his father never stopped him from drinking during festivities, he holds himself responsible for all his addictions.

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Booze as a baby

In a chilling narrative, he describes how his mother hated him crying while on an airplane. In an effort to calm him down, and get him to sleep during the flight, she apparently gave him booze even as a baby.

Steve-O in his childhood days
Steve-O from a Year Book

You know I think the idea was they feel if you let the kids [have] everything, it’s not like, I mean, whatever they were gonna do it was gonna blow up in their faces. I don’t fault anybody for anything they did and trying to manage me as a child.


Steve’s Drug Problem

The actor then opened up about his journey as a drug addict. Turns out , his drug dealer lived very close to where he was living. He calls him ‘Everything’. Steve said that he’d often call the man and ask him what he’s got to sell, to which the dealer would just say that he’s got everything. Hence the name.


Sometimes when the dealer didn’t pick up his call, Steve said he’d just drop by the man’s place to take his stuff. One fateful day when he was at the brink of utter desperation, ‘Everything’ did not pick up his call. The actor as usual, just went over to his place and picked up his stash of drugs.

The Blood Coke

Steve mentioned that the drug dealer was not just a dealer but a drug user too. He recollects a gory picture of how the man would inject cocaine into his system by means of a syringe.


Sometimes, he said, ‘Everything’ would pass out post a drug session. This was one of those days. The man had passed out, leaving his front door wide open. Steve unfortunately saw the man and even tried to wake him up.

Post unsuccessful attempts at waking him, the actor noticed a residue of the drug on a table nearby. Even though he saw the blood spots on it (blood squirts when using the injection method), he scraped it up and snorted it.

This is how just desperate and pathetic my addiction was.


A now sober and fully recovered Steve sat up grateful and happy that his past experience is over. As for HIV scare, Steve seemed sure he didn’t contract any of it.


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