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Trump Inspired Lego Is Something You Don’t Want To Miss!

President Donald Trump is always in the news these days. Be it racist comments, sexist jokes or even an absolutely weird fixation for his daughter. Trump has kept the nation hanging by a thin thread of tolerance. Making headlines this time is a hilarious illustration of the man on a lego-set.


Here’s What Happened

These are turbulent times with the President’s public disclosure and uncompromising stand to build a border wall between Mexico and the US. That’s why, one Canadian decided to lighten up the collective spirit.

Tiny Trump building tiny border wall from r/TinyTrumps

Chris, who goes by the name Balderdhash on Reddit, designed his first boderwall lego art a few years ago. He was apparently recovering from an illness at that time and chose to make use of the hours by brushing up his photoshop skills.


Chris’ posts were first put up in the year 2017. His first ever lego set design was captioned, Tiny Trumps. The post garnered an impressive 1400 upvotes. In light of recent events, the 40 year old received much acclaim for his humorous depiction on Reddit.

The recent re circulation of my original post by others has inspired me to publish a few Tiny Wall Expansions sets that I made a while back. I present the Lego Tiny Add-Ons edition. from r/TinyTrumps

As recorded by Forbes, his Lego set cover-design has been re-posted multiple times and has now gone viral, with a proud 13000 upvotes!.

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Recent Upheavel Over The Border

President Trump addressed the nation over the border wall initiative. According to many, his address included quite a number of lies. In fact, some citizens even took to online sites like to bet on the number of lies in Trump’s formal speech.

How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does its job? This is a choice between right and wrong, justice and injustice. This is about whether we fulfill our sacred duty to the American citizens we serve.

President Donald Trump

Turns out 92 percent of the users’ piggy banks are receiving a total amount of $276,424. The winning bet being that the president would lie. The President’s speech addressed the difficulties that unlawful immigration caused. He even mentioned that it is the Hispanic Americans and African-Americans communities that suffer most due to this.

President Donal Trump

Finally, as part of an overall approach to border security, law enforcement professionals have requested $5.7 billion for a physical barrier. At the request of Democrats, it will be a steel barrier rather than a concrete wall. This barrier is absolutely critical to border security. It’s also what our professionals at the border want and need. This is just common sense.

President Donald Trump

Balderdhash Saves The Day

The President’s speech definitely struck the sentiments of many people. Given the state of helplessness and anger the public felt, the trump lego art was a light moment everyone could share. At least it gave people a place to ‘laugh it off’.


The post probably shows how the world feels about non-inclusiveness. Given that this post has gone viral, and that people are siding with it, maybe, the highlight and take home from this is the fact that most of us root for inclusiveness and peace.


Donald Trump & Ivanka’s Favourite Pass Time? Sex.

Before you start jumping to conclusions, yes it’s about Donald Trump. He’s given us a lot of room to speculate about a weird obsession with his daughter Ivanka. But no, this is not about him wanting her to (God forbid) have his babies. No, this is Donald Trump’s favorite way of being addressed by Ivanka. If the cringe isn’t quite dummed down by this either, it’s okay.


Ivanka and her ‘daddy’

What made news this time is what the current President said at a tax reform in North Dakota.

She’s so good, she wanted to make the trip. She said, ‘dad can I go…’ She actually said, ‘daddy, can I go with you?’ I like that. I said yes you can.

Donald Trump

Well okay, it shouldn’t be something incestuous to call your father, ‘Daddy’. However, given Trump’s open declarations of attraction towards his daughter, we’re quite sure the world squirmed uneasily in its seat this time around.

Ivanka Trump

The President’s daughter Ivanka is a successful business woman, former model and fashion designer. She is currently advisor to POTUS on matters concerning education, and economic development. Happily married to Jared Kushner and the mother of three beautiful children, this head-turner is definitely one of the most widely admired women.

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Trump’s disturbing comments

She is very close to her father and as graceful as one can be. Donald and Ivanka have appeared together on a number of talk shows and television series. While it is definitely a delight to have a father-daughter duo as close as them on set, quite a few of Trump’s remarks and comments have left the world wondering.

President Donald Trump with daughter Ivanka
President Donald Trump and Daughter, Ivanka

Like what columnist Richard Cohen quoted of Trump asking someone he knew, about a then 13 year old Ivanka, Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?”


Yeah, it appears, it isn’t the first instance this took place. Take a look.

Trump’s Incest Jokes: YouTube

Trump was seen praising his daughter’s figure on day-time television. Oops! Ivanka obviously was seen laughing awkwardly trying to brush past this one. He has also said that if he wasn’t Ivanka’s father and happily married, he would be dating her.
In another instance, The father daughter duo made an appearance on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’.

During the show, when asked about what the father-daughter duo have in common regarding their favorite pass time, Donald shocked the world with his reply. While Ivanka went on to say things like, Real Estate, Donald Trump allegedly said, “I was going to say sex, but I can’t relate that to her.”


On comparing his mistresses to Ivanka

Karen McDougal, former mistress of current POTUS Donald Trump disclosed in an interview with CNN that she was compared to Ivanka.

He said I was beautiful like her and, you know, ‘you’re a smart girl’ and there wasn’t a lot of comparing but there was some, yeah. I heard a lot about her.

Karen McDougal

In fact, even Stormy Daniels, had revealed in an interview that Donald would often praise and liken her to his daughter Ivanka. She mentioned how much he was pleased with her and would often say that she reminded him of Ivanka.

Stormy Daniels

While most fathers would never dare bring up their child in comparison to an adult film star, Trump seems to have no qualms about it.

Donald Trump and Ivanka, 1988

Maybe this is why ‘daddy’ is cringe-worthy. In the Ivanka-Donald relationship? A logical point eh. Well, what’s best right now is probably to go carrying on about our lives, without overthinking it. Peace of mind is important now, isn’t it?