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Facebook’s Secret Plans To Interconnect Messenger, WhatsApp, & Instagram

If you haven’t been on social media lately and are feeling a little disconnected, do not worry. This could well be a thing of the past. Because despite being in the middle of a privacy scandal, Facebook is working on integrating WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. This move has been initiated to create a solid messaging experience for all.


The three have been functioning as independent entities so far, more like competitors. But not anymore. As reported by the New York Times, major plans are underway to integrate them.

Facebook’s secret initiatives

Facebook has always been on a mission of bringing people together building communities, and fostering friendships. So it’s no surprise that it is taking a step further and is now planning to enable cross-messaging between Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp as revealed by the NYT.


Users will enjoy end-to-end encryption so that they can communicate with those not present on other Facebook platforms within the company’s ecosystem itself. Although Facebook has not specifically revealed the timeline for this, rumour mills have confirmed that it will definitely happen.

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People are all for messaging these days, and social messaging has obviously become the norm, more common than calling itself. It therefore won’t be surprising at all to see people welcoming this kind of an initiative.

Competition with Apple & Google

Facebook is certainly hoping that people will hop on to this merged system as their primary mode of messaging leaving behind Google’s messaging services and Apple’s iMessage. At a time when competition is stiff and the growth is slow, Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is apparently hopeful that its billions of users will stay connected and engage within Facebook’s own ecosystem and move away from competitors like Google and Apple.

Facebook Founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg/ Courtesy: Cnet
Facebook Founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg/ Courtesy: Cnet

Would it help?

So how would this help us? Well, if you are on Messenger and want to contact someone who’s only on WhatsApp, the integration will allow you to contact this person regardless of whether they use Facebook Messenger or not. Although the plans are still in a very nascent stage, the integration is expected to happen by end of 2019 or in early 2020.


There is no denying that some other super-app might emerge till then rendering the whole integration effort futile. And who knows, Facebook might just take over that one too. This will help position itself stronger into the game. The possibilities can be many, but what’s good for users is the fact that all apps will incorporate end-to-end encryption as ordered by Zuckerberg to ensure that messages are protected at all costs.

A statement released to CNBC by a company spokesperson on the condition of anonymity in this regard, states:

[Facebook wants to] build the best messaging experiences we can; and people want messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private. We’re working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to reach friends and family across networks.

Facebook spokesperson

As always, only time will tell if this integration is as promising as it seems to be.

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Facebook Hurting Us The Most. Shares Personal Data With Companies

Did you know that since 2010, our very favorite social media platform Facebook has given access of our personal data to more than 150 companies? Well, while the dust refuses to settle on the tech giant’s breach of privacy issue, there have been companies that were given the right to read and delete private messages of users. Surprised? Read on.

Is your data safe? Think again

The New York Times revealed how our data has been compromised due to Facebook’s data-sharing business partnerships. Those who have enjoyed access include top giants such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and even Yandex- the Russian search engine. While the partnerships may have been cemented at different times, they were active in 2017 and were exempted from the privacy rules.

Different companies have enjoyed access to a varying extent. For example, Microsoft’s search engine Bing could access names of friends of virtually all Facebook users without their consent. While Netflix, Spotify and the Royal Bank of Canada went a step further and could even read, write and delete their private messages.


Others such as Amazon, Microsoft and Sony could get contact information of users through their friends. Despite the said attempts of prohibiting such access, Yahoo and Yandex reportedly retained access. And that’s not all; Apple was given the power to see users’ contacts as well as their calendar entries. This was, irrespective of whether their data sharing was disabled or not.

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YouTube – Facebook data share

So like it or not- these companies sought hundreds of millions of people on a monthly basis by way of applications. The biggest concern is that some of these partnerships are active even today.

The shadow of doubt looms

Facebook is already receiving a lot of flak for such breaches and its privacy policies are being heavily scrutinized. But Facebook refuses to accept such claims. Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Facebook’s director of developer platforms and programs, revealed in a blog post saying:

None of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people’s permission, nor did they violate our 2012 settlement with the FTC.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

As Times reporter Nick Confessore points out through his tweet, Facebook believes that an explicit consent of users is not really necessary since its business partners which they prefer to call as ‘integration partners’ are in fact ‘functionally extensions of Facebook itself’.

Nick Confessore Twitter page
Courtesy: Twitter/nickconfessore

The Times report definitely raises some very valid questions and two U.S. Senators have already expressed the need for a federal privacy law. What’s ironic is that despite such arguments, Facebook admits that it’s got work to do to regain people’s trust.

Ime Archibong, Facebook’s Vice President of product partnerships, said in a blog post,

In the past day, we’ve been accused of disclosing people’s private messages to partners without their knowledge. That’s not true — and we wanted to provide more facts about our messaging partnerships.

Ime Archibong, V.P. Product Partnerships at Facebook

Netflix, Spotify cry foul

Meanwhile, Netflix and Spotify cry foul. Netflix released a statement saying, “At no time did we access people’s private messages on Facebook, or ask for the ability to do so.” Spotify on the other hand said something similar. “We have no evidence that Spotify ever accessed users’ private Facebook messages,” it said.


With their stock falling by more than 7 percent after the article got published, Facebook indeed has a lot of work to do. Or else, it will continue to lose its ‘friends’.

facebook after 2018 scandal
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Is Facebook Headed For A Fall? We Dig Some Answers

Facebook has kicked up a storm lately. Whether it’s been about them storing user data, and how it is used to manipulate the people on the platform, running campaigns for political parties or something else. They have provided enough fodder to keep the media nibbling.

What went down

This time, the world was shocked to find this out and Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of a joint hearing of the Senate judiciary and commerce committees on April 10, 2018. Zuckerberg apologized about how the data had gone to Cambridge Analytica and released a statement saying – “We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can’t, then we don’t deserve to serve you. I’ve been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” But people all over the world are really skeptical about it.

facebook privacy concern

How it all started

It all started when there was a report by The Guardian and The New York Times about how Facebook has been hoarding data of millions of users and that this data was given to Cambridge Analytica. It is confirmed that Facebook played a major role in the U.S elections in 2016. They heavily moderated Trump’s campaign and were also responsible in the circulation of negative content about Hillary Clinton. Multiple reports have shown that Trump’s team invested heavily in Facebook ads, while Cambridge Analytica is responsible for the ‘Defeat crooked Hillary’ campaign.

When the reports about this were getting viral, Facebook released a statement saying that “Voting is a core value of democracy and we believe that supporting civic participation is an important contribution we can make to the community,” a spokesperson said. “We as a company are neutral—we have not and will not use our products in a way that attempts to influence how people vote.” However, reports show that Facebook’s role in the 2016 elections is the absolute opposite of this statement.

facebook 2018 testimony

Users have dropped

After the 2018 April testimony, Facebook’s two recent reports show that there is a sharp decline in the users’ rate on the platform for the first time in history. There is a pullback in the user rate in North America as well. There have been many speculations about if this is the end of the Facebook, as this is a major scandal they’re still tainted with, and people are no longer trusting the tech giants.

Several studies say how companies like Twitter and Facebook are using the loophole of freedom of speech as a shield from almost everything. Facebook was on a roll since 2012, being the unstoppable social media emperor. But it had been involved in several controversies regarding privacy issues like cyber-bullying, identity theft, trolling and rape pages leading to violence, and content theft. Although the company has toned down its ways, there are still a bunch of concerns the company needs to deal with.

mark zuckerberg

This decline in the user rate is a huge red flag for Facebook, and people are wondering if this could mark the downfall of the company. Many are arguing that Facebook needs heavy regulations, else, users might be dropping out of using the platform altogether. For now, we have to wait for Facebook to unfold its moves for better or worse.

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Facebook Shut Down The Famous Teen App Tbh

Facebook is notoriously famous about its habit of acquiring any remotely famous app. It all started with the legendary WhatsApp acquisition, later moving to other apps like Instagram and Oculus and the list goes on. It even tried to buy Snapchat back in 2013 but was rebuffed. (and later developed Instagram into a hybrid between itself and Snapchat) Facebook has been a lot in the news lately due to the raging scandal of data and privacy breach. The news had been a such a huge taser shock to the world. Investigations have been going on about the issue since then.


Facebook had acquired an app called ‘Tbh’, which ranked #1 in the app stores just within a few weeks of the launch. The app was full of light-hearted banter and positive feedbacks in the form of quizzes, mainly aimed at teens. It provided so much entertainment and since the user’s details are anonymous there, it created a lot of excitement.

What’s tbh all about?

The app worked in a pretty simple way. It had multiple quizzes, with lines like ‘Most likely to fall asleep in the class’ or ‘Always picks tomatoes off the pizza’ in it, and the user can select who is likely to do it from the options given below the line. These options are curated from the contacts of the user. Once the user selects the name, a notification goes to the selected person (only if she/he is using the app) with the original user’s details being anonymous. This guessing game kept getting interesting due to the quirky lines of the app.


This app hit the top of the charts because of two main reasons. One, this was like a breath of fresh air as compared to other anonymous feedback apps like Sarahah or Sayatme, (where there is always so much negativity) because tbh has zero negative content on it. Two, anonymity makes for an interesting game and the quirky lines are just an addition to the anticipation built around it.

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Facebook had owned this app for the last eight months, and it decided to shut it down. The reason stated was low usage and it is said to be deleted soon, erasing all the user data. The interesting news is that the four founders of the app – Nikita Bier, Erik Hazzard, Nicolas Dukdodon and Kyle Zaragoza are staying with Facebook, working on new software and apps.


tbh’s founder Nikita Bier

What didn’t work?

Tbh looked like a great platform for the teens to play nice, but the apparent low engagement proves it to be an underwhelming performer. Moves and Hello are the other two apps that are being shut as well. The increased usage of Facebook among teens is what that pushed the acquisition of TBH in the first place.  However, Facebook might not feel threatened anymore since the usage of Instagram and the stories and highlights being still popular. The new ask me a question feature is doing pretty well, bringing lots of attention to the app again.

Facebook is also reportedly trying to get its way back to the teens and young adults. It is said to be going by the trail and error way to see what would interest the fickle demographic.


facebook to help blind users

Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Feature To Help Blind Users


Facebook has come a long way since its inception in 2009. The social media giant has been continuously improving and bettering itself with new and interesting features added every now and then. One such feature which has been recently introduced is ‘Facial recognition’.  This is great in the sense that it uses artificial intelligence to ascertain who is present in the photos by analyzing facial features and suggesting the same to users.

How this will help?

This feature proves to be of great help to blind users of Facebook as it enhances their social media experience. Though, Facebook is updating its features to assist the visually challenged this was not the case when the site was initially launched. At that time, the mere act of looking up your friends from friend list was a challenging experience for the blind sighted.

But now things are different, all thanks to the alt text tool which tells visually challenged who is present in their photos. Prior to this when the alt text tool was hovered over an image it simply said ‘photo’ rather than identifying the individual. This tool uses this technique to describe scenery, people, animals, etc. for the visually impaired. In order to avoid any inaccuracy, the faces are compared with profile pictures of users and other photos they are tagged in. Only after undergoing a threshold check photos are labelled to a particular person.

Facebook has a dedicated accessibility team whose main goal is to have equally satisfying visual experience for the blind sighted users. Prior to this, such users had difficulty in understanding the conversations that revolved around such pictures. Now there would be a sense of inclusion and they could also be part of such discussions. This move has received accolades from blind sighted people as they cannot describe the joy of such amazing use of technology assisting them on a social media platform.

Other tests going on

Besides this, Facebook is also testing methods to form actual sentences in photo descriptions rather than just tagging places and people. Thus, soon it may become a reality that Facebook assists blind users by informing them about the actions that are taking place in photos. Soon , there will be answers to questions like what a person is wearing in the photo and how has his hair been done. Though all this requires a lot of work and poses a big challenge for the Facebook team, they are working to bring such changes to delight the blind users.


For the sighted, this feature will be used to notify them when someone has posted a picture of them without tagging them so they can request the person to take it down if they don’t want it to be shared. However, the right to take down the photo would always rest with the person uploading it.

Facebook plans to tackle security and privacy issues by giving users the option to choose facial recognition feature for their profile or not. Thus, it can be seen as a welcome change not only for the blind sighted but for everyone out there on Facebook.



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Why Users Are Deleting Instagram – And You Should Think About It Too!


Instagram is considered to be one of the most influential social networking sites currently. It created a lot of buzz right away since its launch as a platform for sharing pictures and videos with friends and followers. Moreover, post its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, it has gone strength to strength. What sets it apart from other platforms though, is its ease of use and the filters for editing photos. Besides, Instagram also directly lets you engage in a one-to-one pictorial SMS like conversation with any of your followers.

Why you should worry?

The Instagram family is now 800 million strong. While this is an impressive figure, another trend on the rise is the number of inactive users as well a those uninstalling the app altogether. One of the deductions of this behaviour may be that the feeling of constant gratification from garnering likes and popularity on Instagram cannot be sustained in the long run. What started as a scrapbook of your favourite photo memories has slowly turned into a place where we post to get instant acceptability, followers and admiration. So much so that, a large number of users keep checking their profiles after sharing a picture or a video to see whether the likes have gone up.

Over time Instagram has started aping features of other social networking apps, in an effort to kill competition. One of the most popular examples is how the Story feature which was one of the USPs of Snapchat was replicated by Instagram. The platform has added some cool filters to edit the image within the app and that’s something that gives an added advantage to Instagram over the others.


An interesting pattern has started to develop over the years now, where the photo sharing platform has started becoming a place for hatred, jealousy and anti-social or racist comments which can drab you off your energy. Social media is a place to get up, close and personal with your friends and followers. But this very premise is jeopardized today with people you don’t even know getting more and more intrusive.

How can you control the madness?

The solution to this madness lies not in deleting the app altogether. Though it might seem good but in the long run, it’s not feasible as we are living in a world where social media has become indispensable to our existence. What matters now is to realize that the adulation and likes are ephemeral and that we should not take them seriously.  The time we spend on Instagram and other such apps is to enjoy, have fun and connect with people. The comments which people make are not to be taken to heart. People we hardly know, who follow us on Instagram are not the ones that matter in real life and their opinions should not make much of a difference. So, though deleting the app may be good for a much needed break what matters here is moderate use of the app and always keeping in mind that, the main purpose of app is to share what ‘you like’. Therefore, what matters is what ‘you like’ and not the other way around.


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Instagram Brings The Carousel Ad Format To Your Instagram Stories

Instagram recently announced that they have added carousel ads to Instagram stories. This is big news as their ‘stories’ feature is becoming increasingly popular with users. Instagram stories were introduced less than a year ago. According to Facebook (Instagram’s parent company), more than 300 million daily active users regularly use Instagram stories and the overall engagement rate of users on stories is quite high too.

The storytelling on Instagram is rapidly evolving and it was about time, the marketers saw value in it.


Why are Instagram stories important?

Marketers have identified the intimate value of stories as they have more human appeal. By drawing, adding GIFs and emojis in stories, major brands can strike the right chord with the current social media trends, hence the ads taken out by the company are more personalized. Stories allow marketers to personally connect with the audience and also put forth the stance of the company.

Stories that showcase a bit of creativity stay with audiences for a longer period of time and it’s almost equivalent to advertising on television. Instagram stories are now driving up to 10 times more traffic to advertising sites than any another form of ads on social sites. Given the fact that people nowadays spend more time on the internet than TV, aggressive and innovative advertising of products or services on social media has become all the more important.


Vertical ads fit perfectly on mobile screen and are less irritating to watch. More luxury brands who were reluctant to advertise on social media have willfully accepted the concept of vertical ads. SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are leading platforms offering marketers with the option of publishing vertical ads. Instagram being a media sharing platform video ads become all the more important.

SnapChat has added several features to lure in more marketers. It was about time Instagram did something to counter the competition. The absence of carousel ads in SnapChat will definitely put it in a disadvantageous spot. SnapChat and Instagram both have been widely unsuccessful in selling ad spots. This is because both of them are mobile oriented platforms and are limited to an extent in terms of the targeting options they offer to marketers.

How carousel ads will add up to the experience

Instagram already has the option of carousel posts i.e multiple media in the same post which can be accessed by swiping one after the other. The decision to extend this feature coupled with other new features like adding text, drawings, and GIFs to stories will ultimately give rise to more innovation.


Previously Instagram only allowed one media per story but now after the introduction of carousel ads, the stories can have maximum three media files all compiled into one story, which is similar to the carousel posts.

Carousel ads in stories will add more depth to the storytelling. Advertisers can now use this feature to create a continuous flowing story much like an advertisement. This will end abrupt stopping of ads after the story is over, the extended version of the story gets continued in the next media in the same story.

This feature is not widely available but some companies like Gap and Coca-Cola are already making great use of it with much success.


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Apple To Take On Facebook, WhatsApp With The Launch Of Business Chat

Apple is all set to make its presence felt in the instant messaging world with its newly announced Business Chat. This feature was announced last year at Apple’s worldwide developer conference and is likely to come out later this year.
The firm says Business Chat will launch with the iOS 11.3 update this spring. From what we hear, it is going to be loaded with some relevant features for businesses. Let’s find out more.
Why is ‘Business Chat’ relevant?
The use of mobile payments and ability to communicate one-on-one with businesses and consumers has proven fruitful to retailers. Business chat is specifically designed to strengthen the connectivity between businesses and consumers
The business Chat would be an added feature to the existing iMessage. Through this feature, consumers can now instantly initiate a dialogue with the company. It will also enable consumers to make payments via Apple Pay and accomplish other business/consumer obligations like filling forms, choosing products etc., depending on business’s needs.
The concept of personalisation in marketing is gaining momentum day by day. Companies need to seem easily approachable and technology can help them set up a friendly chat with consumers and that is where Business Chat comes in.
(source: Medium)
Giving iMessage a little nudge
Business is not the first thing that pops into your head when you hear iMessage which is mostly used for engaging in informal conversations with family and friends. Business Chat will inarguably make iMessage more useful than before. It will also provide stiff competition to Instant messaging giants- Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.
What ‘Business Chat’ has that others don’t
Business Chat can be considered to be the most convenient app for customers trying to find companies. It enables users to search for a business via Safari Search, Siri or Maps and then start a conversation with a click on the chat button that appears next to the search result. No other business chat app features such a shortcut.
Apple Pay, another handy feature allows users to make hassle-free payments. This will end the cumbersome process of using third-party online wallets.
Major hiccups in ‘Business Chat’
Business Chat will be available only to Apple users. No doubt Apple has a very strong hold on the market but not all mobile phone users use iPhone. Businesses cannot simply ignore the m-commerce traffic generated by Android users and most of the companies are looking for viable chat options which can be operated on both Android and iOS platforms. This will limit the usefulness of Business Chat to a large extent.
Owing to the needs of marketers, Facebook recently launched ‘WhatsApp Business’ which is loaded with simple but cool features to make the consumer/business dialogue more interactive. A look at ‘WhatsApp Business’ reveals it is destined to achieve greatness but only time will tell how good it will fare against ‘Business Chat’.
All said and done, ‘Business Chat’ seems like a wonderful addition to its features but it’s too soon to predict the efficacy of the app in the real market as marketers have loads of options to choose from.
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Looking For Innovative Ways To Tell Your Story? What’s New In Instagram? Find Out Here.

In the past couple of months, Instagram has rolled out several new features. The latest set of updates not only add to the overall experience of users but also offer tons of features to aid marketers. Here are some of the coolest new features which will enhance your Instagram experience.

Include GIF stickers in your stories
You can now add animated GIF stickers to your Instagram stories. Search through the Giphy database to find a specific GIF of your requirement. There is no limit to the number of GIFs that can be added to a story.

Resize stories photos and videos
Photos on Instagram stories don’t have to be in full-screen size anymore. In the latest update, you can easily resize them. This is how it’s done.
1) ‎Go to your Insta Story
2) ‎Select the photo or video
3) ‎Pinch toward the center of the screen to resize the media.

Follow hashtags
This is one of the most thoughtful features developed by Instagram. Now you can literally follow your favourite hashtags and you will automatically get all the top ranking posts by people using the same hashtag. This elevates the overall Instagramming experience by bringing your favourite topics at your fingertips.

The ‘Type’ feature
Instagram does not want to restrict itself to just being a media sharing platform. It is growing its presence to include as many features as possible. Until last year, Instagram was all about photos and videos but that’s not the case anymore. Instagram’s latest ‘Type’ feature allows you to add a pre-loaded background to your text in stories, thus ending the need for a photo.

The new ‘Stop motion’
‘Stop motion’ allows you to add strings of photos. When you play the photos it looks like a video. You can creatively focus on an object by recording its minute movements. These movements later get compiled into one video giving it a feel of continuous motion.


Automatically share your story on Facebook
Similar to Instagram, Facebook also has a ‘story’ feature. Now you can automatically share your Instagram stories on Facebook. In story settings turn on the ‘Share your story to Facebook’ feature and you’re good to go. This feature is especially important for marketers who want to take out aggressive ad campaigns across different platforms. As marketing is all about time management, this feature will save lots of time by automatically updating the story on Facebook.

This is just the tip of an iceberg, Instagram is expected to release more updates in the coming months, focusing mostly on increasing marketers involvement with the platform. This will add a whole new dimension to competition between photo sharing social sites as Instagram is trying hard to pin down its main rival SnapChat.
New direct messaging controls

Direct messages sent via Instagram will now come with three options namely ‘View Once’, ‘Allow Replay’ and ‘Keep in Chat’, giving users complete control over the messages they send. Users can send disappearing messages which will automatically get deleted. If the user chooses ‘View Once’ option, the message will only be played once for the recipient before getting permanently deleted. ‘Allow replay’ option, if chosen by the user allows the recipient to play the video in a loop twice before getting erased. The third option of ‘Keep in Chat’ keeps the video in the Chat thread and prevents it from disappearing.

While Instagram is doing its bit slowly and steadily to grab a larger chunk of the pie, these new features will surely ensure the safety of users allowing them to share private videos more confidently. What remains to be seen though is the long term impact of these features on the usability quotient of the platform. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Facebook’s News Feed Changes To Hurt Businesses. What Can They Do About It?


Facebook’s  founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that there are going to be certain changes in the news feed algorithm, and that content from friends and family would be given priority over that from businesses, brands and other media.

While the change is a welcome step towards restoring the site’s primary objective of providing a platform for meaningful personal interactions, the change may not go well with business organizations whose sole purpose is to advertise and garner more business through the platform.

Facebook has decided to make such changes on the basis of a study which proved that social media could be good for users only if it aids quality social interactions with people they care about. The impact of changes in the news feed is not certain but the one thing that can be ascertained is that promotional content will be demoted. This may make advertising on Facebook  a bit difficult than earlier. This may also have a direct impact on the revenue of various publishers online.

Since Facebook has changed the game for marketing altogether, businesses can do different things to ensure that they continue to reap the benefits of reaching out to large audience of millions on Facebook.

Engage with customers

Advertising alone will not do much ,unless you associate with your customer, listen to their feedback and queries and reply in timely manner. It is only when you engage with them and be a part of their good experience, you can retain and increase your follower base.



Sharing content of interest

Boring sales pitches will never make their way to the personalized newsfeed of a user. Therefore, businesses should make use of Facebook insights and see what is being shared and liked more. Marketing can be done by way of sharing meaningful videos which stand for themselves and are not merely for promotion .

Host Contests  and Events

Whenever a contest or an Event is shared, it is given due publicity on Facebook which can prove a great way of promotion and campaigning for a product or a service. If one of your followers shows interest in the event , it appears on his friends’ list wall and thus produces a ripple effect of promoting a business.


Go Live!

Whenever you go Live, Facebook sends a notification to all your followers to watch the live video. Therefore, this can be a great way of advertising and connecting with people. You can make a live video of an event, or a sale at your store. This way many people will get to know about your Business without much effort.

Join Marketing Groups

A lot of groups on Facebook have been created to bring buyers and sellers together and can prove to be a boon for small brands and businesses for promotion and generating revenue. Group posts are given preference in the Newsfeed and have a wider reach.


Hopefully, Facebook will come with changes that benefit the common user with more personal interactions and reducing the menace of Fake news and bad press. At the same time we wish that small businesses continue to benefit from the marketing potential of Facebook.