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Facebook’s Secret Plans To Interconnect Messenger, WhatsApp, & Instagram

If you haven’t been on social media lately and are feeling a little disconnected, do not worry. This could well be a thing of the past. Because despite being in the middle of a privacy scandal, Facebook is working on integrating WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. This move has been initiated to create a solid messaging experience for all.


The three have been functioning as independent entities so far, more like competitors. But not anymore. As reported by the New York Times, major plans are underway to integrate them.

Facebook’s secret initiatives

Facebook has always been on a mission of bringing people together building communities, and fostering friendships. So it’s no surprise that it is taking a step further and is now planning to enable cross-messaging between Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp as revealed by the NYT.


Users will enjoy end-to-end encryption so that they can communicate with those not present on other Facebook platforms within the company’s ecosystem itself. Although Facebook has not specifically revealed the timeline for this, rumour mills have confirmed that it will definitely happen.

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People are all for messaging these days, and social messaging has obviously become the norm, more common than calling itself. It therefore won’t be surprising at all to see people welcoming this kind of an initiative.

Competition with Apple & Google

Facebook is certainly hoping that people will hop on to this merged system as their primary mode of messaging leaving behind Google’s messaging services and Apple’s iMessage. At a time when competition is stiff and the growth is slow, Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is apparently hopeful that its billions of users will stay connected and engage within Facebook’s own ecosystem and move away from competitors like Google and Apple.

Facebook Founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg/ Courtesy: Cnet
Facebook Founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg/ Courtesy: Cnet

Would it help?

So how would this help us? Well, if you are on Messenger and want to contact someone who’s only on WhatsApp, the integration will allow you to contact this person regardless of whether they use Facebook Messenger or not. Although the plans are still in a very nascent stage, the integration is expected to happen by end of 2019 or in early 2020.


There is no denying that some other super-app might emerge till then rendering the whole integration effort futile. And who knows, Facebook might just take over that one too. This will help position itself stronger into the game. The possibilities can be many, but what’s good for users is the fact that all apps will incorporate end-to-end encryption as ordered by Zuckerberg to ensure that messages are protected at all costs.

A statement released to CNBC by a company spokesperson on the condition of anonymity in this regard, states:

[Facebook wants to] build the best messaging experiences we can; and people want messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private. We’re working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to reach friends and family across networks.

Facebook spokesperson

As always, only time will tell if this integration is as promising as it seems to be.

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Terry Crews’ Egg-head On Its Way To Beat World Record Egg

Oh the attention the ‘Egg’ is getting these days! Looks like the Egg has become quite the superstar overnight. Not only has Mr./Ms. Egg upstaged social media queen Kylie Jenner, but is currently also holding the world record as the most liked Instagram photo of all time

With a whopping 50 million+ likes for the Egg’s photo, mama hen would be so proud, we bet.

Going by the egg-spiration, looks like Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews wants to beat the viral photo with one of his ‘egg-head’.

Yep, you heard that right. He took to his instagram to share a picture of his bald head, and captioned it like this.

#LikeTheEgg #BlackEggDontCrack #TerryLovesEggs #TerryOverEasy #AmericasGotTerry

Terry Crews

The Egg-surper

Kylie Jenner was the record holder of most liked picture prior to the egg usurping the throne. Her adorable post of Stormi, clasping her thumb, had gone viral. The post garnered a whopping 18 million likes on Instagram. Well, it lasted only until the egg came around.

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View this post on Instagram

stormi webster 👼🏽

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Mr./Ms. Egg has doubled the number of likes right now. With 36 million users liking a smooth and shiny looking Egg, it has been set in stone, that now; anything folks,…we mean, anything! possible on the internet. While you may think that Kylie is sobbing somewhere in her mansion over the defeat, the savvy 21 year old posted a video response to the egg’s victory.

Kylie’s hilarious response

She seems to be strolling in mid-day sun , carrying a very brown egg. Kylie then squats to the ground and touches it checking the surface temperature, cracks the egg and lets it cook under the naked sun’s heat.

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Take that little egg

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Well, her video has 13 million views already and she is definitely still breaking the internet. So, yeah people, anything can happen in this world now. The sitcom star Terry Crews’ ‘EggHead’ has gathered a decent half a million likes up until now. It sure does look like a long way to go before hitting the 36 millionth mark.

Egg is ambitious

Meanwhile, world famous record holder, Mr./Ms. Egg has even been invited to the Ellen show. Not just that, major brands have taken to using the Egg as an ambassador for their products.

Like…that is one lucky egg right?. The Egg now wants to break Kylie’s record of highest comments on an Instagram post.

Let’s set a world record together and get the most commented post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (9.9 million)! We got this 🙌

Egg Gang on Instagram

Good Luck Terry Crews

There is no saying who the next social media record breaker is going to be. Thanks to the egg, we now know, it can be anything. Ranging from singing crows to absolutely ridiculous dogs, any one can become a star. The age of the internet is here people! Only time can tell if Terry Crews can make the cut.

File Photo Brooklyn Nine Nine
Brooklyn Nine Nine

Terry Crews is a part of the popular American police-sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It has been produced as a single camera comedy. The hilarious show runs around the life of Jake Peralta played by Andy Samberg. Jake is described as an immature yet gifted NYPD detective at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. The supporting cast, features Terry Crews along with a few other notable artists. The loved show is running its 6th Season.

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An Egg Just Beat Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Record

It’s a bizarre world out there. The world of Instagram in particular has a way of surprising us every now and then. So when the most ordinary egg became an Instagram hero, it was not difficult to digest it at all. Except for Kylie Jenner. Did we tell you? The egg has managed to beat Kylie’s record.

‘Egg’stra shots

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stormi webster 👼🏽

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

While we keep posting our pics and shots hoping to wow friends and fellow Instagrammers, this egg has managed to steal hearts, literally and figuratively. It would not be wrong to assume Kylie must have suffered ‘egg’istential crisis of sorts given the fact that it was her post that had enjoyed the highest number of likes ever. The post was basically a picture she posted last February to announce her daughter’s name – Stormi Webster. The picture has about 18.1 million likes until of course the egg emerged on scene.

The egg pic posted from @world_record_egg account managed to set a world record, exactly how the photo was captioned. It said, “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this.”

The picture was published on 4th January and by Sunday morning it had already earned about 9 million likes. The number doubled in less than ten hours, garnering about a million likes per hour after it went mega-viral. Turns out the account is being managed by a chicken from the English countryside by the name of ‘Henrietta’.

World Record

The egg post currently is way ahead of Kelly’s popular pic with more than 24.5 million likes. The post came from ‘Egg Gang’. As reported by BuzzFeed News she said, “Eugene is my egg.” She believed that the egg did exceedingly well because ‘the power of the egg is strong’. So what prompted her to post it? Apparently on a Friday night when she has home she stumbled upon an article that highlighted the top 20 posts on IG, Kylie being on the top of the list with 18m. “I saw this as a challenge to beat it. It was nothing personal,” she said.

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She describes her newfound fame as ‘cracking’ and we sure cannot help but agree that the egg has definitely cracked the code to making it big on Instagram. There have been instances of people repeating same posts and having multiple accounts to get more followers. But achieving so much with just an egg post is incredible.

Half an Onion on Twitter too in its bid to get more followers than @realDonaldTrump managed to get 635000 followers. But the fact remains that the egg post has definitely managed to create history.

Kylie’s Response

View this post on Instagram

Take that little egg

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie has shared a video on her Instagram account in response to the world record that the egg has managed to set. She is seen smashing an egg on the road. Let’s see if this manages to put her post back into the number one slot yet again.

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Fidel Castro’s Grandson Under Fire For His Luxurious Lifestyle

Legendary communist and former Prime minister and President of Cuba, the late Fidel Castro was as famous as they get. However, his family is rarely seen in public. Well, for good reason. Tony Castro, the grandson of the communist patriarch recently found himself to be at the center of a social media upheaval though.

Courtesy : Tony Castro, Instagram

Young Tony is an aspiring model and has often been seen travelling the world in unbeatable style. But unlike the lifestyle of many young celebrities who go unnoticed, the young man came in the line of fire for flaunting his lavish life and adventures.

Courtesy : Instagram

While many young stars are known to share their lavish lifestyle on social channels, Tony Castro was criticized due to the economic condition in his home country. The current economy of Cuba is at an all-time low. The Cuban people (and the rest of the world) had a lot to say about young Castro.

Pedro Pérez wrote on his Facebook page, “All the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” This line is from George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” that has been banned in Cuba.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was one of the world’s most famous communism activists and political rulers. Born to a rich Spanish farmer, Fidel went on to complete his education in the University of Havana, where he imbibed and became a practitioner of ‘Anti-Imperialistic’ policies.

Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro

Fidel became popular for his anti-government movement where he overthrew the then President of Cuba, Fulgencio Batista. His mission succeeded with help from infamous comrades like Che Guevara and his own brother, Raul Castro. His name is thus, etched in golden letters as one of the pioneers of the Cuban Revolution.

Cuba’s Economic Condition

Cuba’s current economic condition is a matter of deep worry. According to Miami Herald, the average Cuban income is just a mere $30 per month. To add to the agony, basic food items such as bread, eggs and milk are scarce. The residents also receive rationed amounts of basic bread for supper.

Cuban locals going out to find food
Courtesy: CBS news

Tony Castro

Tony Castro’s most notable appearance was in Chanel’s fashion show in 2016 alongside Havana’s famed, Prado Boulevard. However, he was not the one who walked the ramp. He enjoyed a premium seat next to the runway, reserved for VIPs, along with his cousin Mariela Castro. The party also included important Cuban officials and television personalities.

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Tony Castro Instragram feed
Tony Castro

Meanwhile, it is apparent that Tony loves to travel, as most of his Instagram posts show. Now the world knows that he is rich and willing to spend for an envious lifestyle.

The Castro Family’s Secrecy

Tony’s father, Antonio Castro, was also seen vacationing near the coast of the Greek island, Mykonos in 2015. Aboard a luxury yacht, his lavish life caught the attention of media bugs. Reportedly, his bodyguards beat up a Turkish reporter who tried to take pictures of him. Looking back, it seems like his PR was possibly trying to prevent the media outrage that has surrounded Tony right now.

Antonio Castro vacationing in Greece
PC: The Real Cuba

People have gone to the extent of question who’s paying Tony’s bills. If you think from the point of view of the residents, their anger kind of seems justified.

Tony Castro
Tony Castro

While the captain of a sinking ship is the last to abandon it, people are getting the opposite treatment from the families of old Cuban heroes. Is their reaction a cry for help or just a desperate attempt at justice being meted out?

However, if you look at the bright side, Tony’s lifestyle has brought attention to the economic condition of Cuba. One does hope that it’s only a matter of time that the attention works out in their favor.
In the end, all we can say, is Viva La Vida Cuba.

Dwayne Johnson with his Mom
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Dwayne Johnson Plays Santa To His Mom

We are all too familiar with Dwayne Johnson’s gestures. The former wrestling star never ceases to wow us with his actions. Be it surprising underprivileged kids and young fans, buying a car for his action double or doing something cool for his loved ones. And this time too, he hasn’t disappointed. In what is his latest gesture, he just took ‘awww’ to a whole new level.

View this post on Instagram

This one felt good. Surprise! Bought my mom a new home for Christmas. All our lives growing up we lived in little apartments all across the country. Lived like gypsies on the road from one state to another. The first home my parents ever lived in was the one I bought for them in 1999. They divorced about 5yrs later and as with life, stuff happens and things got a little complicated. Since then I always made sure my mom and dad have everything they’ll ever need – houses, cars etc. But the house this time is a special one and the timing is very meaningful. I told her to treat this card like it’s “Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket” because she gets to choose any home she wants – anywhere she wants. I always say, if you got a good mama, then you gotta pretty good shot at becoming a decent human being. And somehow, somewhere along the line I became one lucky SOB to be able to make stuff like this happen. Merry Christmas Ma and WOOOHOOO enjoy your new home. Dwanta 🎅🏾

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

The former wrestling star turned actor has always publicly exhibited immense love for his mother, Ata. This Christmas, Dwayne took to his instagram site to post a video of his mother exclaiming, upon receiving her Christmas gift. He just gifted her a brand new house!
Making light of himself, Dwayne wrote in his post’s caption;

I always say, if you got a good mama, then you gotta pretty good shot at becoming a decent human being. And somehow, somewhere along the line I became one lucky SOB to be able to make stuff like this happen.
Merry Christmas Ma and WOOOHOOO enjoy your new home.

Dwayne Johnson


He even sweetly signed off on the card as Dwanta.
Isn’t that just adorable? You won our hearts all over again Rock!

Speaking of life struggles

Dwayne went on to share with the world about his life struggles.

All our lives growing up we lived in little apartments all across the country. Lived like gypsies on the road from one state to another.
The first home my parents ever lived in was the one I bought for them in 1999. They divorced about 5 years later and as with life, stuff happens and things got a little complicated.

Dwayne Johnson

The post continued to say:

Since then I always made sure my mom and dad have everything they’ll ever need – houses, cars etc.But the house this time is a special one and the timing is very meaningful. I told her to treat this card like it’s “Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket” because she gets to choose any home she wants – anywhere she wants.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne’s love for his mother

His love for his mom is public, and proof of this has been found across social media including a post shared on instagram on Mother’s Day in 2015.

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View this post on Instagram

Cool Mother's Day story.. early am flight and I'm sittin' across from my mom when out of the blue she looks around the plane, then looks at me and says "Son, I can't believe the life I have.. grandma and grandpa would be so proud." I asked her, "Are you happy ma?". Just then the flight attendant placed my moms breakfast down on the table and my mom said to me, "Am I happy?.. I used to worry about how I was going to buy groceries for us and now I just had my breakfast placed down in front of me". She bursts into tears and says "Yes, son I couldn't be happier". This is the woman who when I was 14yrs old we were evicted out of our apartment in Hawaii 'cause we couldn't afford the $180 per week rent. At this moment Im shaking my head and smiling quietly (as my mom blows her nose;) 'cause she just told me she's happy. And y'all know when our parents tell us they're happy, its so satisfying for us, 'cause it means we've done a good job for them as their kids. Happy Mother's Day to all the deserving amazing mamas out there. And Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom who will no doubt kill me for posting this crying pic. #EnjoyBreakfastMom #GratefulTears #TryNotCryInTheEggs

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

He had also earlier taken to instagram to share a snippet of him celebrating his mom’s 70th birthday with the family. With his ever increasing gestures of unconditional love and support for his loved ones, he sure is taking the game to a whole new level. Sons and Daughters around the world have a great man to look up to.

View this post on Instagram

We only have 60 seconds on the Gram ma.. blow those candles out and make that wish 😂🎂 Beautiful day for our family to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. What a blessing and one we don’t take for granted and despite almost losing her to cancer, a suicide attempt and a head on collision with a drunk driver and all thru life’s many ups and downs, she’s been the matriarch solid ROCK of our family. I always say, if you’re lucky enough to have a good mom, then you got a pretty good shot at being a decent human being. I sure as hell got lucky. Happy Birthday Mom, we all love you and we’re so grateful you were born. Huge thank you to all our family and friends’ warm well wishes and making this her best birthday ever. DJ ❤️🤟🏾

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

Unconditional Love

Dwayne’s mother has been with him every step of the way, right from his wrestling career to Hollywood. A strong woman who in the year 2010, beat even stage-3 lung cancer, she had unfortunately met with a car accident in 2014.

Johnson took to his micro-blogging sites to share a touching message of the importance of family at that time and even documented her entire recovery, for the world to see.


What a guy! Seriously.

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Instagram Model Photoshops Pictures; Gets Trolled Badly.

Paris is all about good life. Great food, romantic weather and striking architecture make it an absolute must-visit for tourists across the world. A lot has been said and written about the city of love. It has inspired many a poet, writers and also the likes of Coco Chanel and Christian Dior who define the rules for the world of fashion.

The grand architecture is so mesmerizing that it has served as a backdrop in several films, documentaries and still photoshoots. Not surprising then, when a modern-day influencer decided to photoshop that very backdrop to make her pictures more interesting, a tide of criticism came gushing her way.

The model who Photoshops

While the inclination has always been strong for people to play around a bit with filters and backgrounds to shift the focus to things they want to highlight, this particular Swedish instagrammer Johanna Olsson went a bit overboard with her photoshopping skills to enhance her pictures shot in the beautiful city.

This happened when the 28-year old model was on an all-expenses paid trip to Paris. A picture of the stylish fashionista flaunting her jacket was captioned as ‘fall leafs in Paris! Love this city this time of year!’. Standing just a few inches off the pavement, this picture of the pretty model captured the attention of her followers who started scrutinizing her editing skills in great detail.

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While her feet don’t seem to touch the ground in one picture, another saw a superimposed tree and a completely changed background from the original one. This Instagram picture saw the model enjoying her drink at a café. With a glass in her hand, she looked stylish striking a pose against a background that looked a little tarnished.

Instagrammers were not too kind with their comments about this blogger who photoshops her travel pics.

Ooh la la!

The flurry of comments that followed was scathing and precise. “So your photos are fake? Why would you do that… honestly how pathetic and immature,” said a follower, while “Seriously, the table isn’t even straight, the lines are all crooked. If you have to photoshop a life, are you genuinely happy??”, asked another.

View this post on Instagram

Sunset swims after Nammos

A post shared by Johanna Emma Olsson (@johannaeolsson) on

The model although overwhelmed, was quick to own up the act and take things in her stride. What’s more is that, she publicly admitted to have changed the background because it looked good

I wanted to talk a little bit about the pictures I posted in Paris. So, I did one picture, shot it and didn’t think it looked that nice… so I took a different background and put the background into it. And when I put it up nobody noticed so I thought, this is good. So I admit it wasn’t my finest Photoshop skills. Now in Sweden this thing has gone crazy and TV shows want me to come on and talk about my ‘fake travelling’.

Johanna Olssson on her pictures being photoshopped

The clarification

While doing so, she made it amply clear that she was indeed in Paris where the pictures were clicked. The fact cannot be denied that her pictures did garner a lot of attention. She went on to clarify, “It’s a bit ridiculous I think. There are a lot of influencers out there that use Photoshop in birds, rainbows or crazy skies and I could do that but I don’t like that. I just wanted to make that clear that I was in Paris, but I did Photoshop the background, but I’m not going to take them down because it’s a collaboration and they’re nice pictures – it’s a good outfit!”

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. But photoshopped ones?! Ahem. Ahem.

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Stay Off Your Smartphone For A Year: Win $100,000

Phone addiction is real, particularly social media addiction. The food we eat, the clothes we wear and the labels we flaunt are all out there for the world to see. A quick shout out to all those who would unabashedly confess to the fact that their phone is the first thing they check every morning.


In fact, as per the latest report from IDC Research, 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. This addiction is alarming, especially among the younger demographics.


So the million dollar question here is, would you give up your smartphone; not for a day or a month, but for an entire year?

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Not get on to your Instagram, checking stories of all the crazy things your social media fam was up to while you were away for a few minutes or not checking in on your loved ones over WhatsApp or getting into those quick 280-character quips on Twitter? The list can be exhausting but one particular water company wants us to think about it.

The Challenge

Here’s the deal. Stay away from your smartphone for 365 days and get $100,000. That’s right $100,000 for one seemingly simple task. ‘Did you know 1 out of 2 people say they couldn’t live without their smartphone? Yikes! ‘Break the cycle with scroll-free life solutions™ by vitaminwater’, says the company.

But if you are committed to your smartphone, this could be the toughest dare you have ever subjected yourself to. Vitaminwater, the water company, understands it well and leaves no stone unturned to tease you and push you into taking up this challenge. All you need to do is get onto Twitter or Instagram and describe how you would feel if you had to go for a year without a smartphone while incorporating the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest.

Are you game?

They have set January 7 as the deadline and the rules pertaining to the challenge are clearly stated on their website. The challenge gets serious here on because there’s a lie detector test included as well. So if you are willing to play the game fair and square and go scroll-free for a year, it shouldn’t really matter. The rationale is to keep you away from mindless scrolling.


We don’t think there’s anything more boring than mindlessly scrolling through your phone, and this is an opportunity to take that stance against routine and give someone $100,000 to do something uniquely awesome with their time.

Natalia Suarez (Associate Brand Manager at Vitaminwater)

For many, phones are like their extended self, and staying away from them could lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. A lot of research has been conducted already over the effects of smartphones on people, particularly teenagers. The debate continues and while the rest of the (more mature and evolved) world continues to deliberate on the potential threats and side effects of excessive usage of smartphones, I wonder how many would step forward to embrace a world devoid of Instagram filters and social media banter.


The water company is definitely getting a lot of attention for this bold challenge, interestingly even on social media. The challenge however has definitely got everyone thinking – Can we actually not live without our smartphones?

instagram update
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An Instagram Update To Give Your Profile A New Look

Instagram is working on its new updates, yet again.

How Instagram Started

If you remember, Instagram started with being a simple pic-sharing platform with a bunch of filters.  Now everything has changed, of course. There is a new logo, a DM feature (where MBJ is hooking up with his fans, Y’all), IG TV, business page development, promotional content and what not. There are everyday stories that we keep seeing of our friends and followers now. There’s also a Focus mode in the stories that makes all of us look like supermodels. The app userbase and features have been growing every day. I mean, a whole generation of young people made a career out of the app! Did you know that Instagram blogging is as good as any full-time job now?

instagram update

What’s New

Now Instagram decided to do more. It is working with its new updates that are going to tweak the details of your profile. A spokesperson had said earlier that these updates will help to “express yourself better and more easily connect with the people you care about on your profile.” It is trying to take the focus away from the followers and following count, and emphasize the bios.

Not just that, but it also aims to put other tabs for shopping and IG TV, as the new interface is said to be tabbed. This new update is explained like this by Instagram –

“Your profile is where you share who you are on Instagram, so starting today we’re testing ways you can better express yourself and more easily connect with the people you care about on your profile.


instagram update

courtesy – Firstpost

Over the next several weeks, you may see features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs, which we hope will make profiles easier and cleaner to use. The photos and videos you’ve shared on your grid won’t change”.

Tests still on

Instagram also said that they are testing things out and gradually it would be ready to roll out. They are also combining different phases to test to get the best experience out of it for the user. Interestingly, the much more advanced features like sharing of music from your stories and a time management tool have also been revealed. A partnership with Shazam is getting us all our jams on the app, while the time management tool could be helpful to let us all have a much more productive day. Most bloggers and business pages are super excited about the ‘shop’ tab, which would make it easier for a customer to buy.

The app also recently launched a purge mechanism where it is removing bots and third-party fake followers. This may affect the follower count of many bloggers and it already locked out many such bot platforms like Instagress and Mass planner. Instagram made a blog post about it, stating that “Everyday people come to Instagram to have real experiences, including genuine interactions. It is our responsibility to ensure these experiences aren’t disrupted by inauthentic activity”.

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5 Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram That’s Making You Lose Followers

Instagram was once a place that was simply meant for sharing some random pictures of you with your followers. But it expanded to such heights that now there is a now a whole new career option out of it. Instagram blogging is the new coolest career around the corner that pays you well, maybe even better than a real day job.

Now, although the strategies of the app are pretty simple, there are some mistakes you could be making knowingly or unknowingly that is resulting in you losing followers.


1. You’re spamming

A constant online presence is nice. It keeps you from being forgotten, but if you’re spamming — not so much! Keep your posts limited to a single digit number for a week. The stories feature of Instagram is pretty cool, but if you misuse it by posting numerous everyday things, it can get very very boring. Moderation is the key here. Keep it interesting and limited.


2. You’re using too many hashtags

So you know the holy grail that a hashtag is. And now you’re using them excessively to get more visibility. Sorry to burst your bubble, but too many hashtags will make Instagram mark you as spam. This could result in shadowban, which keeps you from getting any engagement from your followers at all. Moral of the story: keep ’em in control.


3. You’re buying your followers

If you want your blog to grow and keep growing, organic is the only way to go. There is no shortcut to success. Therefore, don’t go around buying followers because they would be least interested in what your blog is. Instead, post quality content, follow the tips to be a successful Instagram influencer, and followers will be on their way. Additionally, use other social media to promote your content for better reach.


4. You’re being lazy

You’re posting at off-peak times. You’re not using high-quality imagery.  You’re using sappy captions for your pictures and you’re not interacting with your followers. This will only have adverse effects on the growth of your blog. Be active, keep in touch with your followers. Plan some occasional giveaways. Don’t post things that are irrelevant or vague. Keep it to the point and avoid ambiguity. Be active within the blogging community and keep it going with shout-outs and mentions from other blogs. Look out for other influencers who can be a potential collaborators.


5. You’re ignoring Instagram statistics

Instagram shows you the statistics of your page and how it is running. It gives you some incredibly insightful data so don’t ignore it or take it easy. Use the data to figure out how you can use the given data to improve the likes and the engagement to your page. If your account is on private (that’s another bummer that will cost you followers!), then switch to the business account, which is free on Instagram. You even have an option of promoting your page on the app, which means more followers, yay!


Always be on your toes when it comes to social media – it changes with seasons and trends and so should you!

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The New ‘Ask Me Anything’ Feature on Instagram Is Here: All You Need To Know

When Instagram was launched in 2010, it was simply only a medium to share pictures and videos and people could only like and comment on those pictures. The most exciting thing was the free filters Instagram gave which made the pictures look 100X better. People uploaded things like Thanksgiving turkey or a random kitten they’ve found on the road and that was the end of it. Sigh, simpler times!

Now Instagram has around 800 million active users, making it one of the biggest social media platforms. Instagram has become so popular that it is now a business center for thousands of people. It even started an entire career for youngsters – Instagram Influencers!

You have so many features on it you might even question if it is the same app. Instagram later introduced a DM feature that allowed you to hold a personal conversation with a person in the inbox, where an activity status feature has been introduced a few months ago. The 24-hour story feature came next, and that was customized into highlights feature, which are on the profile even after 24 hours until you delete them. IG TV being the recent, an entirely new app for long videos. Along with these major features, it had  Snapchat like filters and stickers for the stories. From time to time, Instagram has been in the news for its constant upgrades and introduction of new attributes.

How To Use The New Ask-Me Feature On Instagram?


The latest feature is ‘ask me a question’, is the equivalent of recent Sarahah, except for the anonymity. You can put the sticker that is available in your story for your followers to ask questions. You will receive their questions right in the place where you can check the views of your regular story.

All you have to do is tap on the question you decide to answer – and voila! Your answer would be posted as a new story. Now, this can go on forever, as long as you have questions to answer. Cool, isn’t it? Also, the question asked by your follower would be visible in your story as a new sticker, but the details of the follower won’t show up to the other followers who can see the story (But you can see who has asked the question).


However, the millennial ‘grammers thought the new feature is way too boring and annoying. It didn’t really go well, and people started to complain about how Instagram has been ripping things off of other apps, never creating its own. Like the story feature (Snapchat had it first) and now the ‘ask-me’ from Sarahah or Sayatme. They’ve already made memes on the same thing and they’re circulating on Instagram at par with the excitement of the new feature. So this feature rifted the IG crowd into three groups. The first group is having a ball with the new sticker, answering questions left, right and center, the second group is creating memes on it and sharing it vigorously and the third group is probably having a martini on their couch, laughing at the whole fiasco.


So, have you asked your followers to ask you a question yet?