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Facebook Hurting Us The Most. Shares Personal Data With Companies

Did you know that since 2010, our very favorite social media platform Facebook has given access of our personal data to more than 150 companies? Well, while the dust refuses to settle on the tech giant’s breach of privacy issue, there have been companies that were given the right to read and delete private messages of users. Surprised? Read on.

Is your data safe? Think again

The New York Times revealed how our data has been compromised due to Facebook’s data-sharing business partnerships. Those who have enjoyed access include top giants such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and even Yandex- the Russian search engine. While the partnerships may have been cemented at different times, they were active in 2017 and were exempted from the privacy rules.

Different companies have enjoyed access to a varying extent. For example, Microsoft’s search engine Bing could access names of friends of virtually all Facebook users without their consent. While Netflix, Spotify and the Royal Bank of Canada went a step further and could even read, write and delete their private messages.


Others such as Amazon, Microsoft and Sony could get contact information of users through their friends. Despite the said attempts of prohibiting such access, Yahoo and Yandex reportedly retained access. And that’s not all; Apple was given the power to see users’ contacts as well as their calendar entries. This was, irrespective of whether their data sharing was disabled or not.

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YouTube – Facebook data share

So like it or not- these companies sought hundreds of millions of people on a monthly basis by way of applications. The biggest concern is that some of these partnerships are active even today.

The shadow of doubt looms

Facebook is already receiving a lot of flak for such breaches and its privacy policies are being heavily scrutinized. But Facebook refuses to accept such claims. Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Facebook’s director of developer platforms and programs, revealed in a blog post saying:

None of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people’s permission, nor did they violate our 2012 settlement with the FTC.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

As Times reporter Nick Confessore points out through his tweet, Facebook believes that an explicit consent of users is not really necessary since its business partners which they prefer to call as ‘integration partners’ are in fact ‘functionally extensions of Facebook itself’.

Nick Confessore Twitter page
Courtesy: Twitter/nickconfessore

The Times report definitely raises some very valid questions and two U.S. Senators have already expressed the need for a federal privacy law. What’s ironic is that despite such arguments, Facebook admits that it’s got work to do to regain people’s trust.

Ime Archibong, Facebook’s Vice President of product partnerships, said in a blog post,

In the past day, we’ve been accused of disclosing people’s private messages to partners without their knowledge. That’s not true — and we wanted to provide more facts about our messaging partnerships.

Ime Archibong, V.P. Product Partnerships at Facebook

Netflix, Spotify cry foul

Meanwhile, Netflix and Spotify cry foul. Netflix released a statement saying, “At no time did we access people’s private messages on Facebook, or ask for the ability to do so.” Spotify on the other hand said something similar. “We have no evidence that Spotify ever accessed users’ private Facebook messages,” it said.


With their stock falling by more than 7 percent after the article got published, Facebook indeed has a lot of work to do. Or else, it will continue to lose its ‘friends’.

Abducted in Plain Sight
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Netflix’s Shocking New Crime Series Will Leave You Speechless

Abducted In Plain Sight is a Netflix Original Documentary series. Revolving around the life of Actress Jan Broberg; the chilling narrative has sent the world into a horrified state.

Robert Berchtold and Jan Broberg
Robert Berchtold and Jan Broberg

The documentary shows the kidnapping of young Jan by a family friend called Robert ‘B’ Berchtold. What’s chilling about this is the fact that the man had kidnapped her twice in her lifetime. Well, if you thought that was shocking, here’s where it gets worse. Post the incident that left Jan traumatized, her parents remained passive about the entire thing and chose not to speak to anyone about it.

Jan Broberg in happier times
File Photo: Jan Broberg

The Plot

Set in the 1970’s, Paedophile Robert ‘B’ Berchtold befriended the Broberg family. Little did the family know what his true intentions were, until years later. What is morbid about the entire episode is how the child’s parents turned a bind eye to what was obviously taking place right in front of their eyes.


Jan Broberg was a little above 10 years of age when Berchtold met her. Ignorant of his sexual advances towards her, the child wandered into the predators trap much like a fawn with no protection.

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Turns out, Robert was quite the manipulator and used dirty tricks to earn Jan’s parents’ trust. He was their handyman, as they call it now.

Jan Broberg and Robert Berchtold
Jan and Robert

Upon Jan going missing for the second time, her parents finally took legal action. The predator however had a trick up his sleeve. Unfortunately, both Jan’s mother and father had entertained an affair with Berchtold. The man cleverly used this to blackmail them into withdrawing their complaint on him.

The plot gets worse

It just gets weirder folks. The documentary shows a now adult Jan Broberg, horrifically recollect the gory abuse she suffered. Upon turning a teenager, she said, Robert even built a wooden wall in the room for her, seperating her mother and her. Jan’s mother was seen crying at what took place.

The man slept in the same bed as young Jan for months. He did this right before abducting her. Apparently, he tricked the parents into thinking that he’s taking her horseback riding.


Okay now, brace yourselves. Robert even convinced Jan, that she needs to have his baby when she turns sixteen. Failing which, it would result in the loss of her sister’s eyes and destruction of the world. He manipulated the child into thinking she was abnormal, and that, aliens were watching her.

The world reacts

The stupefying series has left quite a few around the globe, stunned, shocked, disgusted, angry and what not! One twitter user summed up her entire experience of watching this in a tweet.

Started watched Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix and I literally had to press pause and take a break. I can’t believe these people who were so mind fucked by a dude who wanted to marry their 12 year old daughter. It’s sickening; the shit he does to get to her.

fresita on Twitter

Some even hailed it as an informative watch regarding the extent paedophiles go to for a child.

@Netflix For those on the fence about R. Kelly, you need to watch “Abducted in Plain Sight”. It is a Netflix documentary that depicts in great detail the lenghts a PEDOPHILE will go through to get a child and their M.O. #muterkelly #Netflix #PEDOPHILE #abductedinplainsight

Barbara Hibbert on Twitter

Well, shocking is probably the only way to describe such a documentary. Stay safe everyone and be smart!

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Netflix Burns Golden Globes. Twitter Goes Crazy

The world’s favorite streaming giant, Netflix is rarely not in the midst of the action. From streaming mind blowing original content to making bellies all over the world hurt from laughter with their snarky twitter feed, they sure live up to their potential, whether online or offline.
Recently, the international streaming service made it a point to remind people how beneficial they are.


Netflix, has no chill

In what looked like a humorous jibe at the Golden Globes Award ceremony telecast, Netflix took a moment to remind us of the fact that, thanks to them, we don’t need to deal with nasty intrusive commercials while watching our favourite shows.

The snarky comment was interpreted in quite a few ways though, and Twitter was abuzz with tongue in cheek humour. Here are a few reactions:

Netflix on Twitter
Netflix on Twitter

One particular mom actually thanked the media giant in a way.

Netflix on Twitter

The 76th Annual Golden Globe awards ceremony aired on T.V on the sixth of January 2019. You can still catch up with it if you’ve missed it on the golden globes website. This year, the hosts were Grey’s Anatomy, star Sandra Oh and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg.

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Netflix was the star

The awards ceremony was one to watch, thanks to the hosts and unpredictable action onstage as usual. Netflix apparently had a good time at the ceremony as its original show, The Kominsky Method, won an award in the ‘Best Comedy Series’ category.

Michael Douglas in The Kominsky Method
Michael Douglas in The Kominsky Method

Like this wasn’t enough, leading actor of the series Michael Douglas took home the award for ‘Best Lead Actor in a comedy series’. Here’s what he said on accepting the award

Streaming has made television much more acceptable to film people. That’s why you’re seeing so many film actors go in…

That’s why now you’re seeing situations like The Kominsky Method, a half-hour comedy which can be 25 minutes long or 40 minutes long.

You can say anything you want. There are no commercials. It’s as close as you can get to a short film. For me, at this point in my career and at my age, this is fantastic. I love it.

Michael Douglas

All about inclusiveness

Olivia Colman, Ben Whishaw and Richard Madden , Golden Globes 2019
Olivia Colman, Ben Whishaw and Richard Madden , Golden Globes 2019

In truth, like Douglas’ remarks, streaming indeed has changed the platform for many actors. This years Golden Globes ceremony highlighted not just the change in platform, but also the change in diversity in tinseltown. Host, Sandra Oh made quite the point in her opening act of the ceremony.

I said ‘yes’ to the fear of being on this stage tonight because I wanted to be here to look out at this audience and witness this moment of change.

Sandra Oh

Among the other attractions of the ceremony , Lady Gaga bagged an award for ‘Best Original Song’ for the motion picture Shallow. Host, Sandra Oh won an award for best performance by an actress in a television series drama.

Sandra Oh in Killing Eve
Sandra Oh in Killing Eve

Fighting back tears post her acceptance speech she went back to hosting while cracking a joke about how she has ‘no idea’ of what’s going on anymore.


The 76th Annual Golden Globe awards definitely one to watch. If you’ve missed it on T.V, you can check out the Golden Globes website to catch up.

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Netflix Begs People To Stop Bird-Box Challenge

Like most world-wide hits, Bird Box has gotten fans gripped to it. The psychological thriller winds down a terrifying, yet exhilarating tunnel of events. With crowd favorite Sandra Bullock playing the lead role, the movie showcases the journey of Malorie. The movie centers around a mother’s fight for the survival of her children over her own. With the post-apocalyptic scenario being one involving invisible mind-control-and-destroy-upon-eye-contact monsters, the protagonists of the movie traverse life blindfolded.

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box

People have obviously gone berserk with the thrill and created a ‘Bird Box’ challenge now. This challenge requires participants to live a day in their life, blindfolded. In-fact, adrenaline junkies have seized the opportunity and stormed the internet with some crazy stuff they did while being blindfolded.

People are now taking up 24-48 hours Bird-Box challenges. We can only imagine the rush it might increase in the ER. Going about blindfolded in a busy city for a whopping 24 hours is definitely no joke.

Netflix Begs People To Stop

PC: Twitter/Netflix

Regular folks driving, taking the subway, crossing the street or cooking – all this while being blindfolded, has gotten Netflix deeply worried. In light of the Bird-Box challenge fever, Netflix took to twitter to plead with the masses.
They wrote; “PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE.” they added, “we appreciate the love, but Boy and Girl have just one wish for 2019 and it is that you not end up in the hospital due to memes.”


After watching some of the Bird-Box challenge videos, we understood why Netflix is pleading people to stop ASAP!

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The Mania That The Challenge Is

Speaking of dangerous, one voluntarily blindfolded man walked on full speed and fell down a subway entrance’s steep staircase. He didn’t seem like he was moving much after it.


Another twitter user went ahead and blindfolded his dog! The poor puppy bumped into some walls (while looking absolutely adorable doing it) before finding its treat. Guys, can we please let leave animals out of this?!

Some Are Not Impressed

However, the visually impaired feel this is a mark of ignorance and disrespect. Taking to twitter, the National Federation of the Blind said,

They’re going to get the wrong idea about blind people, and what blindness is actually like.

National Federation Of the Blind

All said and done, it doesn’t seem like the challenge is stopping anytime soon. Moving on from being blindfolded for 24 hours, people have now started a new challenge. There are some who are taking up ‘Watch Bird Box Blindfolded’ challenge. Well, at least it’s safer than wandering the streets blindfolded.


Keeping in mind the safety of all out there, we hope no one hurts themselves real bad doing the Bird Box challenge. Hopefully, there’ll soon be a studio for ones who want to experience ‘Bird Box’. At least it will be safe to move around blindfolded in the comfort of a room. Till then, be safe peeps!

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10 Movies You Don’t Want To Miss On Netflix

(*drumroll*) Netflix is here to save the world.
There has been a huge shift for a lot of production houses. And movie releases have gone from releasing in the theatres to releasing on mediums like YouTube and Netflix. The theatres literally are running dry, and home is where the fun is now.
Times change and so do people.
A social experiment way back in 2016 revealed that most women would rather Netflix and Chill than go out on dinner dates or dance nights with friends or loved ones.


Uh-oh right?

Guess it’s high time to amp up your Netflix-ipedia eh? Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.
Here’s a list of all time classics, you could use, to spice up your ‘Netflix and Chill’.

1. Carol

Cate Blanchett in Carol

What happens when extreme attraction towards the same-sex pops up in life? Addressing a usually very hush-hush topic, Carol will leave deep imprints of awe in your mind. With elements such as great direction and Blanchett’s beautiful acting, you will be happily entertained.

2. The Rebound

Catherine Zeta Jones in The Rebound

If you want to have a good laugh and go to bed smiling, this one’s for you.
Jones plays a divorced mom, trying to find new love in life. This one will leave your tummy hurting from laughter.

3. Little Children

Kate Winselt in Little Children

Both single parents with disturbed marriages, the guy and the girl meet, only to be hit by intense attraction. The steamy affair leads to eye-opening insights into why they faced problems in their relationships. It makes for one very raw and realistic expression of relationships. A must watch.

4. Set It Up

Set It Up

Pizza loving, monster boss handling, very much millenilial and sweet, unlikely romance in the city. This is one of those movies that leaves you warm and fuzzy inside after it ends.

5. Newness


The movie revolves around how the internet influences love these days. The couple go through various phases in the relationship. A couple falls in love after a series of trial and errors on dating apps only to find out that the fire goes cold between them over time. Edging on the nature of human sexuality and the tendency of having multiple sexual partners, the movie is worth the watch time.

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6. The Red Thread

A still from the movie

This one will tug at your heart strings. The saying ‘True Love never dies whether you are with them or not’ , gets a voice on-screen. Them tissues and handkerchiefs will come handy during this one. Oh! And some ice cream, too.

7. Three Wives One Husband

Three Wives One Husband

A one of a kind show with real life Polygamy and all its pros and cons. If you and your partner want an informative, raw and uncensored insight into the topic, this is the right choice. Don’t miss this one!

8. The Secret Affair

Secret Affair

A soulful love story that will leave you smiling and sobbing, albeit with a dark twist. A must watch, if you are a fan of intense love stories with super realistic plot lines. This will leave you feeling every emotion in the book, all at once. A beautiful experience.

9. The Reader

The Reader

Set in the times after the Nazis were overthrown, this is a story of passionate love between a young boy and a much older woman. The plot twists and turns in unexpected ways, leaving you applauding Kate’s marvelous acting.

10. Up in the Air

Up In The Air

George is the professional hired by a company, for downsizing. He’s constantly on the go and has a lovely hookup partner in the process; only to be stunned later on by the turn of events. A definite must watch.

So grab that cup of coffee, laze around on your couch, and Netflix and Chill people. ‘Coz it’s the holiday season.

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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. You Can’t Miss This

Has Netflix come to save the world or what? It just keeps getting better. And while we were left speechless by the first season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Netflix has dropped the bomb on us. It’s out that the half-witch will be fighting evil forces for two more seasons. Now that’s something to look forward to.

Sabrina: Season 2 Teaser

So who Sabrina Spellman really is?

Set in the fictional town of Greendale, the show is about Sabrina Spellman, a teenage half-witch, half-mortal forced to choose between the mortal and the magic world. Raised by her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda, she is firm on establishing her own path and our girl ain’t afraid of no one. On her sixteenth birthday, which is her dark baptism, she was supposed to devote herself to the dark lord, Satan. However, as fate would have it, she defies him and refuses to sign her name away to him. Now that’s a pretty ballsy yet risky move. Part I of the show revolves around the consequences of this. There show demonstrates everything that’s evil. Exorcism, witch-hunting, familiars, Wiccan holiday celebrations, et al.

Netflix fanbase growing

Ever since Netflix has begun filming its own content, its fanbase has grown tremendously. Sure, it’s landed itself in billions of debt, but that story is for another day. Be it House of Cards, Ghoul, 13 Reasons Why, or Narcos, Netflix has made this game their very own. It went deeper into issues that most mainstream movie makers choose to ignore. Instead of whitewashing the characters and getting straight people to play LGBT characters, Netflix has stayed true to the spirit and has a lot of queer population directing, producing, and acting in these shows.

courtesy – Comicbook

Kiernan shares the news

If you’re thinking it all this sounds familiar, you’re right. This is the same Archie comic’s Sabrina – The teenage witch. Netflix has stayed true to the representation of the comic and has recreated most aspects in a very chilling and engaging way. Kiernan Shipka who plays the lead role recently shared a post on her instagram handle sharing news of wrapping up the second season.

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View this post on Instagram

That’s season a WRAP on @sabrinanetflix!

A post shared by Kiernan Shipka (@kiernanshipka) on

However, in an earlier post too, Kiernan had taken to instagram to showcase how much she loved playing the half-witch and how she can’t wait to begin shooting for the next season.

Season 2 spoilers

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the executive producer of the show took to Twitter recently to announce the date for the second season. News on the micro-blogging site went viral and sent fans in a tizzy.

Roberto was also all praise for the production partners as well as the series lead Kiernan.

Praise Satan! I’m so grateful to my partners at Warner Brothers, Netflix, Berlanti Television, and Archie Productions for supporting this darker vision of the world’s most famous teen witch. And I’m thrilled to be continuing to tell Sabrina’s chilling adventures with our incredible cast and crew, led by the unstoppable Kiernan Shipka

He had also tweeted a Christmas special spoiler in early November through his handle. Now that’s what we call total involvement.

Sabrina Spellman: COAS
Sabrina Spellman: COAS

And speaking of Kiernan, you might know her as Sally Draper from The Madman and she’s killing it on the show. Other supporting characters are played by Miranda Otto (Aunt Zelda), Lucy Davis(Aunt Hilda), Chance Perdomo (Ambrose Spellman), Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch), Jaz Sinclair (Roz Walker), Michelle Gomez (Mary Wardwell/Madame Satan), Tati Gabrielle (Prudence Night) and Richard Coyle (Father Fastaus Blackwood).

Well, we sure can’t wait for this to come out.

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Bird Box Gets 45 million Views On Netflix Within A Week!

Finishing off 2018 in epic awesomeness, Netflix just released the worldwide sensation, Bird Box. Breaking Netflix’s own record, Bird Box has garnered 45 million and more views within just seven days of its release!

Picture Credits: Netflix

The Psychological thriller showcases the journey of a woman, Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock) and her two children aged 5, from danger to a hidden safe haven. Featuring nerve wracking scenes of people committing mass suicide, the criminally insane left on the loose, a bumpy boat ride amid facing ominous creatures; the movie grips users till the very end.

Watch the trailer here:

What The World Thinks

That took a dark turn really quickly!

This Twitter user sums up our feelings.

With touches of post-apocalyptic themes in the plot, the movie revolves around monsters/invisible creatures that make people kill themselves. The creatures take on the shape and form of your worst fears. Leaving the actual picturization of the ‘creature’ to the viewer, only makes it scarier

While it is definitely fun to watch alone in the dark, having people beside you is better we guess, you know, in case you pass out. *Just kidding*

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box

Remember the time the Final Destination series left you sleepless in your bed for many nights in a row? Yeah. Bird Box will do that to you too! You have to watch it to understand why the world is calling Bird Box, the ‘Scariest Film Ever’.


Many people have taken to YouTube to decipher the meaning of the movie. While most tried to explain what the monsters are, a few even related the movie to be an adaptation of peoples’ struggle with depression and loneliness.

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The Star Of The Show

Sandra Bulllock is one of those actresses that can make you cry like a baby and laugh like a maniac. The talented artist was earlier seen in hit movies like, ‘Gravity’, ‘Miss Congeniality’, ‘Two Weeks Notice’, and ‘The Proposal’ among others.
Unless you’ve been stranded on a deserted island for more than two decades, you’d know her.

Sandra Bullock

If you’ve never seen any of Sandra Bullock’s earlier movies, now is the time. Bird Box re-establishes why she is one of the finest Hollywood actors of all time.

The Brain Behind The Hit

The movie is a Netflix Original based on the 2014 novel, ‘Bird Box’ by Josh Malerman. The story revolves around a pregnant woman named Malorie, and her fight for survival. We don’t want to spoil the suspense anymore for you, so go ahead and tune in to Netflix’s Bird Box.

Picture Credits: Netflix

It is worth the watch, and the scare. The ending is as beautiful as the start is scary. You better keep your phones and pagers ready because you’ll want to call every single person you love after this.


If you’re wondering why the movie is called Bird Box though, well, you’ve got to watch it to find out.

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9 Netflix’s Movies And Shows You Should Watch ASAP If You Haven’t Already

There isn’t anything in the entertainment industry as popular as Netflix these days and ever since it has started producing its own content, unique and quirky, there was no going back. And of course, a very humorous Twitter account made it even more popular. There are currently tons of shows and movies that you can watch on Netflix, and here are some of the most popular picks that you should watch, like now. Take a look.

1. 13 Reasons Why

This show is about a high school girl, Hannah Baker, who kills herself after leaving a box of cassette tapes behind, in which she states the reasons behind her suicide. The show corners some sensitive topics like bullying, rape, depression and initially met with a lot of criticism, as it posed a threat of triggers to a particular audience. However, the show has become a huge success, due to its approach, concept and the development of characters.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A cop sitcom? Bring it on! Brooklyn Nine-nine is one of those hilarious shows that’d brighten your gloomy mood in a jiffy. The show is full of cleverly written jokes, and the strong cast nails every single scene. No wonder the show is nominated numerous times for prestigious awards like golden globes and Emmys!

3. House of cards

This one is a  political drama, surrounding the white house. Frank Underwood of the show is ruthless, manipulative, ambitious and power hungry. His equally kick-ass wife Claire (played by Robin Wright) helps him to get where he wants to. Be ready for some jaw-dropping scenes and plot twists that will send shivers down your spine.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Hands down, the funniest show on Netflix. The LED-shoe wearing, always smiling, naive and fiercely funny Kimmy will win your hearts. And Titus Andromedon, the gay black best friend of Kimmy’s is just as wonderful. Watch it and you’ll definitely thank us later. And oh, brownie points, Ellie Kemper plays Kimmy!

5. To The Bone

After 13 Reasons Why, Netflix did this daring project, dealing with another sensitive issue, anorexia. Lily Collins plays Ellen, a 20-year-old with severe anorexia (the actress did her part really well, losing some serious weight) who is treated by Dr.Beckham (Keanu Reeves). Ellen is charming, witty, stubborn and nihilistic. Watching her make her way from frustrating pessimism to soothing hope will sure bring a smile to your lips.

6. Stranger Things

Didn’t the Stranger Things massive fandom wave hit you yet? This sci-fi horror show is now a darling to many Netflix-and-chilling millennials. Character development is super strong in this one, you guys. Set in the theme of 1980’s Indiana, the show includes paranormality, psychokinesis and loads of supernatural elements. Perfect match for your fantasy fix.

7. Okja

Ah! This one will make you cry, for sure. The story centers around Mija, a Korean girl, trying to reunite with her experimentally bred super pig, Okja. This movie will not only move you to tears but will also force you to change your outlook towards animal cruelty. This is a must-watch, you peeps.

8. Riverdale

Who knew Riverdale from Archie Comics before it was cool? Ok, certainly not me. But I got hooked on this one pretty soon. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead are the lead characters of the show, in a seemingly normal neighborhood. Not so soon, my friend, watch these four high school kids unravel the darkest secrets of Riverdale one by one, pretty much in Pretty-Little-Liar’s way. Probably with a little less focus on the wardrobe though.

9. The Crown

Curious about the ways of Royal family of England? You gotta watch this one. The show is about Queen Elizabeth II, all the politics and the power play that took place in her reign and the consequences of it all. Claire Foy does a banging job portraying the Queen, and the directorial team did a thorough research, making the show historically almost accurate.

So here is the list of the super-watchable shows right now on Netflix. Make yourself comfortable, grab a glass of red wine and maybe a pizza, and dive right into binge watching. Happy Netflixing to you!

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What’s New At Netflix? The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

Streaming services have redefined our perception about entertainment and Netflix is surely at the apex of the streaming ecosystem. It releases so much content in different genres and formats that it becomes difficult to keep track of what to watch and what to not. Worry not, we sifted through all the releases to bring the best and worst of Netflix in 2018.

Best of 2018 (so far)
The End Of The F***ing World

A 17-year-old teenager James who is a self-diagnosed psychopath meets a lonely outcast named Alyssa who is equally disturbed. James is convinced that he is a serial killer to a point that he decides to start his murdering streak by killing Alyssa while Alyssa has her own problems and finds a chance in James to escape from her rough life at home. The interesting premise will definitely keep you hooked for 8 episodes. The show is been hyped as the most addictive Netflix show ever and for the most parts, it stays true to its hype.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 2

(Image Source- MovieWeb)


Marvel’s follow up to its fantastic vigilante investigation drama hits all the right notes. A superwoman without a cape – Jessica Jones, who rebels against societal norms and power structure is the most spellbinding character Netflix has ever created. The new season does not tower over the first but it does create a lot of interesting moments for our heroine to shine. We are still in love with her reckless and flawed personality which is rare to find in superhero oriented shows.

Wild Wild Country

(Image Source- The Playlist)


If you are tired of watching tv series then try Netflix’s latest docuseries and mind our words ‘Wild Wild country’ will be the wildest piece of entertainment you will see this year. Osho a.k.a Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in his early days attracted many free-spirited and peace-loving thinkers who followed him to the utopian city he builds in Oregon desert. The story is mainly focused on Osho’s right hand Maa Anand Sheela who prompts Osho’s followers in committing several crimes over the years. The controversy behind the most controversial cult in the American history is surely an engaging watch and worthy of your time.

On My Block

(Image Source- New on Netflix-UK)


On my block is a comedic gaze at the lives of teenagers living in LA. The show sails because the comedy works, there is an instant sense of familiarity with the characters. Keeping the exaggeration to a minimum it is a nice piece of work which cannot be missed.

Worst of 2018 (so far)

The following list doesn’t include shows which are downright disgusting or simply unwatchable. It rather includes shows which showed so much promise before their respective releases but in the end, didn’t manage to deliver up to the expectations. They had all the resources and potential to become great but somehow turned out to be mediocre.


Edha is an objective look at the lives of people working in the fashion-conscious city of Buenos Aires. At the heart of the show is our compelling heroine Radha whose presence is captivating but the story surrounding Edha doesn’t fly. The most downgrading aspect of the show is that it takes too much time to reach the real meat of the drama plus whenever story tries to shift its focus from Edha it starts dragging. A lot more was expected from the first Argentinian show on Netflix given the revered reputation of the Argentinian film industry in independent circles the show is a major letdown in all prospects.


The show stars academy award winner Kathy Bates in the lead role. The show is created by Chuck Lorre who is known for creating shows like ‘Two and a half men’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Disjointed dwells on the cliche ideas of studio comedies which helped Chuck Lorre gain popularity in the past but the same trick doesn’t work here. The slapstick comedy seems too routine to impress. It has all the ingredients of a hit TV show but it falls flat in terms of innovation.

Altered Carbon

(Image Source- The Movie Database)


Altered Carbon is the most visually sumptuous show Netflix has ever produced, it is Netflix’s most expensive show till date. Altered Carbon revolves around a future where those with power can transfer consciousness between bodies with a simple upload.

Netflix apparently spent millions of dollars to produce this sci-fi neo-noir thriller and it has successfully managed to overwhelm audiences but critics don’t seem to be very much psyched about it. According to critics, the show is sloppy and non-cohesive. It crumbles more often than it lifts and overall it seems too stretched, even for a TV show.