Aloha GOT Fans! Now Earn £35,000 Binge-Watching Game Of Thrones

So are you a Game of Thrones fan? Yes. Can you wait to have your favorite show to return on screens? Hell No! The excitement is just too much to contain, right? But what if you were told that you could make money by only watching it? Well, this could well be true if you were ready to take the Box Set Sabbatical by NOW TV. Are you game?

Playing catch-up

Picture this for a moment. You are one of those people who experience a major #FOMO when your peeps talk about their favorite shows. Even worse is the fact that you haven’t even started on any of those shows because you already have too much on your plate. And to top it all, you just don’t have the time for some wholesome TV entertainment.


Well, you are not alone my friend. There have been instances where people have bunked office or done an all-nighter only to end up binge-watching their favorite shows.  

The binge-watching challenge

NOW TV has conducted surveys and this is what they found. Explains Emma Quartly, Marketing Director at NOW TV, “Our research found one in seven Brits spend their holiday catching up on telly. And 40 percent say TV helps them escape and relax. So in the depths of winter, we wanted to take duvet days to another level with the first ever TV streaming sabbatical.”

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So here’s the deal. You can binge watch all your favorites, including Game of Thrones, by taking an entire year out for the same. Apart from the promised £35K, which equals to a year’s pay, you will also get a smart stick and 12 months of NOW TV passes.

Now Tv facebook page
Courtesy: Facebook/NowTV

Contest rules

Of course, it’s easier said than done. The entries should come through your social media account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tagging @NOWTV and hashtagging #BoxSetSabbatical. You will be eligible to participate only after your entry is reviewed by a panel of judges. And that includes comedian Joel Dommett.

Joel also happens to be a self-confessed box set buff. The panel will choose candidates based on the applicant’s TV watching passion, creativity and experience. This is what Joel said while speaking about the competition:

For anyone who loves telly, this really is the most unbelievable gig. Sitting with my feet up watching my favorite shows and getting paid for the privilege is something I quite literally dream about.

Joel Dommett

NOW TV has already started accepting entries. The last date to enter the contest is 14th February 2019 i.e., Thursday midnight.

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When you’re wearing no pants and nobody knows.

A post shared by Joel Dommett (@joeldommett) on

This is a great opportunity to catch up on everything that’s happening in the world of Westeros and yet get paid for all that TV time. You are expected to apply with a photo or a video saying why you deserve to be part of this most extraordinary sabbatical.


Too good to be true

The money will be divided into twelve monthly cheque payments that will be sent to the winner’s address every month. So you can be game on celebrating every day as duvet day and snuggle up watching Game of Thrones and other favorites. And all this while you’re on your way to the Iron Throne. Well, this is one opportunity you must simply not miss out on.

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Facebook Hurting Us The Most. Shares Personal Data With Companies

Did you know that since 2010, our very favorite social media platform Facebook has given access of our personal data to more than 150 companies? Well, while the dust refuses to settle on the tech giant’s breach of privacy issue, there have been companies that were given the right to read and delete private messages of users. Surprised? Read on.

Is your data safe? Think again

The New York Times revealed how our data has been compromised due to Facebook’s data-sharing business partnerships. Those who have enjoyed access include top giants such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and even Yandex- the Russian search engine. While the partnerships may have been cemented at different times, they were active in 2017 and were exempted from the privacy rules.

Different companies have enjoyed access to a varying extent. For example, Microsoft’s search engine Bing could access names of friends of virtually all Facebook users without their consent. While Netflix, Spotify and the Royal Bank of Canada went a step further and could even read, write and delete their private messages.


Others such as Amazon, Microsoft and Sony could get contact information of users through their friends. Despite the said attempts of prohibiting such access, Yahoo and Yandex reportedly retained access. And that’s not all; Apple was given the power to see users’ contacts as well as their calendar entries. This was, irrespective of whether their data sharing was disabled or not.

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YouTube – Facebook data share

So like it or not- these companies sought hundreds of millions of people on a monthly basis by way of applications. The biggest concern is that some of these partnerships are active even today.

The shadow of doubt looms

Facebook is already receiving a lot of flak for such breaches and its privacy policies are being heavily scrutinized. But Facebook refuses to accept such claims. Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Facebook’s director of developer platforms and programs, revealed in a blog post saying:

None of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people’s permission, nor did they violate our 2012 settlement with the FTC.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

As Times reporter Nick Confessore points out through his tweet, Facebook believes that an explicit consent of users is not really necessary since its business partners which they prefer to call as ‘integration partners’ are in fact ‘functionally extensions of Facebook itself’.

Nick Confessore Twitter page
Courtesy: Twitter/nickconfessore

The Times report definitely raises some very valid questions and two U.S. Senators have already expressed the need for a federal privacy law. What’s ironic is that despite such arguments, Facebook admits that it’s got work to do to regain people’s trust.

Ime Archibong, Facebook’s Vice President of product partnerships, said in a blog post,

In the past day, we’ve been accused of disclosing people’s private messages to partners without their knowledge. That’s not true — and we wanted to provide more facts about our messaging partnerships.

Ime Archibong, V.P. Product Partnerships at Facebook

Netflix, Spotify cry foul

Meanwhile, Netflix and Spotify cry foul. Netflix released a statement saying, “At no time did we access people’s private messages on Facebook, or ask for the ability to do so.” Spotify on the other hand said something similar. “We have no evidence that Spotify ever accessed users’ private Facebook messages,” it said.


With their stock falling by more than 7 percent after the article got published, Facebook indeed has a lot of work to do. Or else, it will continue to lose its ‘friends’.

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Terry Crews’ Egg-head On Its Way To Beat World Record Egg

Oh the attention the ‘Egg’ is getting these days! Looks like the Egg has become quite the superstar overnight. Not only has Mr./Ms. Egg upstaged social media queen Kylie Jenner, but is currently also holding the world record as the most liked Instagram photo of all time

With a whopping 50 million+ likes for the Egg’s photo, mama hen would be so proud, we bet.

Going by the egg-spiration, looks like Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews wants to beat the viral photo with one of his ‘egg-head’.

Yep, you heard that right. He took to his instagram to share a picture of his bald head, and captioned it like this.

#LikeTheEgg #BlackEggDontCrack #TerryLovesEggs #TerryOverEasy #AmericasGotTerry

Terry Crews

The Egg-surper

Kylie Jenner was the record holder of most liked picture prior to the egg usurping the throne. Her adorable post of Stormi, clasping her thumb, had gone viral. The post garnered a whopping 18 million likes on Instagram. Well, it lasted only until the egg came around.

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stormi webster 👼🏽

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Mr./Ms. Egg has doubled the number of likes right now. With 36 million users liking a smooth and shiny looking Egg, it has been set in stone, that now; anything folks,…we mean, anything!..is possible on the internet. While you may think that Kylie is sobbing somewhere in her mansion over the defeat, the savvy 21 year old posted a video response to the egg’s victory.

Kylie’s hilarious response

She seems to be strolling in mid-day sun , carrying a very brown egg. Kylie then squats to the ground and touches it checking the surface temperature, cracks the egg and lets it cook under the naked sun’s heat.

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Take that little egg

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Well, her video has 13 million views already and she is definitely still breaking the internet. So, yeah people, anything can happen in this world now. The sitcom star Terry Crews’ ‘EggHead’ has gathered a decent half a million likes up until now. It sure does look like a long way to go before hitting the 36 millionth mark.

Egg is ambitious

Meanwhile, world famous record holder, Mr./Ms. Egg has even been invited to the Ellen show. Not just that, major brands have taken to using the Egg as an ambassador for their products.

Like…that is one lucky egg right?. The Egg now wants to break Kylie’s record of highest comments on an Instagram post.

Let’s set a world record together and get the most commented post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (9.9 million)! We got this 🙌

Egg Gang on Instagram

Good Luck Terry Crews

There is no saying who the next social media record breaker is going to be. Thanks to the egg, we now know, it can be anything. Ranging from singing crows to absolutely ridiculous dogs, any one can become a star. The age of the internet is here people! Only time can tell if Terry Crews can make the cut.

File Photo Brooklyn Nine Nine
Brooklyn Nine Nine

Terry Crews is a part of the popular American police-sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It has been produced as a single camera comedy. The hilarious show runs around the life of Jake Peralta played by Andy Samberg. Jake is described as an immature yet gifted NYPD detective at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. The supporting cast, features Terry Crews along with a few other notable artists. The loved show is running its 6th Season.

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Stay Off Your Smartphone For A Year: Win $100,000

Phone addiction is real, particularly social media addiction. The food we eat, the clothes we wear and the labels we flaunt are all out there for the world to see. A quick shout out to all those who would unabashedly confess to the fact that their phone is the first thing they check every morning.


In fact, as per the latest report from IDC Research, 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. This addiction is alarming, especially among the younger demographics.


So the million dollar question here is, would you give up your smartphone; not for a day or a month, but for an entire year?

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Not get on to your Instagram, checking stories of all the crazy things your social media fam was up to while you were away for a few minutes or not checking in on your loved ones over WhatsApp or getting into those quick 280-character quips on Twitter? The list can be exhausting but one particular water company wants us to think about it.

The Challenge

Here’s the deal. Stay away from your smartphone for 365 days and get $100,000. That’s right $100,000 for one seemingly simple task. ‘Did you know 1 out of 2 people say they couldn’t live without their smartphone? Yikes! ‘Break the cycle with scroll-free life solutions™ by vitaminwater’, says the company.

But if you are committed to your smartphone, this could be the toughest dare you have ever subjected yourself to. Vitaminwater, the water company, understands it well and leaves no stone unturned to tease you and push you into taking up this challenge. All you need to do is get onto Twitter or Instagram and describe how you would feel if you had to go for a year without a smartphone while incorporating the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest.

Are you game?

They have set January 7 as the deadline and the rules pertaining to the challenge are clearly stated on their website. The challenge gets serious here on because there’s a lie detector test included as well. So if you are willing to play the game fair and square and go scroll-free for a year, it shouldn’t really matter. The rationale is to keep you away from mindless scrolling.


We don’t think there’s anything more boring than mindlessly scrolling through your phone, and this is an opportunity to take that stance against routine and give someone $100,000 to do something uniquely awesome with their time.

Natalia Suarez (Associate Brand Manager at Vitaminwater)

For many, phones are like their extended self, and staying away from them could lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. A lot of research has been conducted already over the effects of smartphones on people, particularly teenagers. The debate continues and while the rest of the (more mature and evolved) world continues to deliberate on the potential threats and side effects of excessive usage of smartphones, I wonder how many would step forward to embrace a world devoid of Instagram filters and social media banter.


The water company is definitely getting a lot of attention for this bold challenge, interestingly even on social media. The challenge however has definitely got everyone thinking – Can we actually not live without our smartphones?

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Twitter To Get Rid Of The Like Button Soon

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is looking to get rid of the ‘like’ button on the platform. Claiming that he’s never really been a fan of the heart-shaped ‘like’ button, he’s now removing it from Twitter, to boost healthy conversations and political debates that are usually always on fire on the platform. At a WIRED25 summit, Dorsey said that “We have a big like button with a heart on it and we’re incentivizing people to want it to go up. Is that the right thing? Versus contributing to the public conversation or a healthy conversation? How do we incentivize healthy conversation?”

twitter followers


What Dorsey said

“The ‘like’ button has always been handy for us. We have used it to express solidarity with a person, we’ve used it to approve things, we used it to not blow up the timelines of people with continual sub-tweets (everyone’s thankful for this one especially), we even used it to save tweets to look at later”, added Dorsey

In early 2018, Twitter hit us up with the bookmark button, arguably a less intrusive version of the like button. You could save and bookmark a tweet, to look at it later. It is much like Instagram’s save button. There hasn’t been any noise on this from the Twitterati, though.

twitter logo

No Like button?

Back in 2015, Twitter didn’t even have a like button. It was originally a star. It was later changed into a heart and a statement by a Twitter product manager was released – “We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and we know that at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers. You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favourite. The heart, in contrast, is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures, and time zones. The heart is more expressive, enabling you to convey a range of emotions and easily connect with people. And in our tests, we found that people loved it.”

Why users are complaining

Twitter users aren’t too happy about this new change though. They’re complaining about how Twitter does a poor job policing the hate content, and racism and sexism on the site, and that they need to check it first, as that is the more pressing issue. The recent development of the hate-content directed towards the Jews in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings has left people vivid. And adding fuel to the fire, Twitter’s below par reactions to the feedback have triggered an entire debate about the credibility of the platform. Although Twitter claims to have no place for hate speech or racism or xenophobia, it still has a lot of far-rights active on the platform. More often than not, Twitter has suspended the accounts of the victims and deleted their posts on many occasions, where they should actually be doing the opposite.

twitter users unhappy with the removal of likes

source – Mashable.com

In October 2018, during Q3 earnings call, Dorsey said that he understands the faulty mechanisms of Twitter and that he and his team wants to fix them, stating – “We have every team around the company thinking about increasing the health of the public conversation…we’re actually questioning some of the fundamentals and the incentives that the service is providing, and making sure that they are also encouraging and increasing healthy conversation on the service as well.”

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Anti-semitic Content Doing Round Abouts On Instagram And Twitter

Isn’t it funny? The world seems like a different place every day. One day it is like a park full of puppies. Another day it seems like we’re all living in a hell hole. And today it feels like we’ve woken up in the early 1900s. Well, why do you ask? Many people seem to be under the effect of the Anti-Semitic poet of that era, Ezra Pound.

What’s wrong

Far-rights are having a field day on social media – mostly on Instagram and Twitter. (Well, Facebook is not entirely exempt, but it is mostly filled with Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos these days). They have been targeting the Jews and spewing hate speech everywhere. In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh massacre, it truly is a heart-breaking to see.

Conspiracy theories about how the Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks in America are going on about rounds on both Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags like #jewsdid911 and #911wasdonebythejews are seen on about a whopping 12,000 posts on Instagram. After this was discovered by The New York Times, people were flabbergasted that the social media giants did not take charge immediately.


Platform policies

Instagram and Twitter, both claim to have strict community standards and policies. However, this did not stop the numerous accounts on both platforms that have hate-content targeted towards the Jews. There were multiple posts that were hailing the Nazi ideologies and Hitler about his immense hatred for the Jews.

If you think what you read till now was crazy, wait for the crazier part. Instagram not only did a poor job policing the content on its platform, but it deleted posts from the user called as the ‘Crazy Jewish mom’ that questioned the standards of the pic-sharing platform. She has been receiving insane amounts of hate and harassment online, and no action was taken. She shared two screenshots of the memes that she received, one of them joking about Jews being led into a gas chamber. Another such meme was a SpongeBob doing a Nazi salute and both the pictures are still intact on Instagram.

social media policing

What officials are saying

When an Instagram official was questioned about this, a statement was released by them that went – “We are actively reviewing hashtags and content related to these events and removing content that violates our policies, including hate speech, We do not allow content that attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, or their sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disease or disability. We will continue to remove this content as soon as we’re aware.”

After continuous feedback from the users, Instagram deleted the two hashtags that were linked to anti-semitic accounts. It still fails to act on comedian Owen Benjamin though, who regularly posts offensive content on his Instagram of 50,000 followers.

Twitter has been no better and has always had cases of such abuse and harassment. There is always some debate going on about how the platform never firmly takes a stance against the right-wing antics. Instead, on numerous occasions, the victim’s accounts have been suspended. Users on both platforms have been disappointed about such poor policing behavior.

Hacks & Tricks

A Beginner’s Guide To The World Of Social Media

Social media is almost the industrial revolution equivalent of the 21st century. Although it was originally designed to bring people together via the internet, social media grew massively over the last decade, that it is now also a business hub! Social media marketing is a thing now, and a successful thing at that too. Gone are the days when you’d write to an organization about their unsatisfactory service. Now you just @them on twitter or DM them on Facebook or Instagram and you have things resolved in a minute.

In such a fast-paced media progression, Social media marketing is only a natural occurrence. And if you’re a beginner to the concept, Welcome! Here are a few tips that will help you get on track.

1. Pick the right platform

What is it that you do? Do you have a blog and you want more traffic to it? Or do you have a restaurant and you want to promote your business? A clothing store? Or DIY art and crafts? Pay attention and choose the right platform that garners the right crowd that needs to see your business. There is no use in having a prim and proper Tumblr blog if you’re are an Instagram fitness blogger. Nearly every social media platform helps you with placing ads and with the promoted content. So, sit back and make a plan about how to raise the business on the right kind of social media.


2. Be consistent with the content

Let’s say you have a clothing store around the block in the city. Even if you have good stuff, like the vintage collection or imported jackets, posting about it once every four months won’t make any major sales changes. Keep consistently (but don’t spam! You’ll end up losing followers) posting about the new things and any changes or new additions you have to your business on social media. This is also one way of interacting with your followers, which is a healthy boost. Bottom line, social media marketing needs you to be present all the time.


3. Schedule your posts

Plan the number of posts that will go on each of your social media each month. Plan what post should go when by taking the current trends and the raves and keeping them in mind. Because ya know, trending things always get you better traction. You can also go and look  at which time of the day your post gets maximum views and interaction, and plan according to that. Or, you can always run a little experiment of your own to see what posts get you most action on the apps and figure a pattern out.



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4. Hashtags and Shoutouts

Hashtags are important, people. Can’t stress enough on that. Using the right hashtag on a post can get you millions of likes and views, along with visibility. So, always stay strong in the game and keep going at the right hashtags. Also, take every opportunity of shoutouts from fellow bloggers or business accounts, and this is basically another way of social media marketing that includes both the blog and the business. (everyone wins here!).


5. Don’t be sloppy!

You can’t afford to be sloppy with social media marketing. You need to be active, engage the audience, ask a question on how you can get better, have online polls, events, giveaways and much more to captivate an audience that will engage in your business. And all of this is not humanly possible to happen in a day. It takes time so you gotta have both faith and patience.


Whatever is that you plan to do, put in some sincere works and take some insights given about and it’ll work out pretty fine. Good luck, you!

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Refine Your Pinterest Search Results With Text And Photo Queries


Pinterest is a popular photo sharing social networking site with 175 million users worldwide. It lets you pin photos, videos and GIFs to virtual boards which can later on serve as inspiration for cooking, styling, weddings, photography, home decor and what not. Thus instead of saving pictures by taking a screenshot, you can pin them to your boards for later use. All you need to do is, type what you are looking for and voila! Pinterest will throw open a lot of options similar to your search.

Visual Search Engine Lens

Whenever we see a beautiful dress, a cool sofa or a yummy dish and look for the same online, often our words fail us in describing the object and locating it online. In such situations photo search can prove of immense help.  In 2017, Pinterest launched ‘Pinterest visual search engine lens’  which lets users take pictures of things in real world and look up for them on the app, so they can find where to get similar things or how to make these things themselves. This tool is proving to be of great help in about 600 million searches that are being undertaken monthly on the app and the number of users deploying this tool is increasing day by day.However, one problem with lens is that the search results often are copies of the photo taken and if we are looking for ideas or mix and match the object with other things, it might not be very accurate and we might end up in aimless scrolling looking for the perfect theme or idea.

PC: adweek.com

What’s new?

With Pinterest celebrating the anniversary of  lens feature, it is rolling out a new feature which lets users search using both text and photos. So instead of just looking for something based on a photograph, the search gets more refined and directed with the assistance of text. For example, if you are looking for curtains to match your bedroom, then instead of just uploading the picture of your bedroom, you can put in a text query related to curtains to get ideas which would be more suitable for you.The search can be further refined by adding more relative text.The feature will be first introduced to iOS users and soon will be made available on the android platform.

The lens feature is being used primarily for fashion, food, home decor, nail art, tattoos, etc. but Pinterest is continuously focussing on development of this feature as it promises endless potential in enhancing the user experience. This feature distinguishes the app from the rest of social media apps as the results displayed are not on the basis of what your friends or followers share but on the basis of your tastes, likes and preferences. The number of users using lens is twice than what it was six months ago. And with Pinterest building lens daily to make it attentive to new objects, this number is bound to increase manifold. It can be safely said that Pinterest is no longer a place to save recipes and home improvement ideas but it’s rather emerging as a powerful search tool to give wings to your imagination.

PC: theodysseyonline.com

facebook to help blind users

Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Feature To Help Blind Users


Facebook has come a long way since its inception in 2009. The social media giant has been continuously improving and bettering itself with new and interesting features added every now and then. One such feature which has been recently introduced is ‘Facial recognition’.  This is great in the sense that it uses artificial intelligence to ascertain who is present in the photos by analyzing facial features and suggesting the same to users.

How this will help?

This feature proves to be of great help to blind users of Facebook as it enhances their social media experience. Though, Facebook is updating its features to assist the visually challenged this was not the case when the site was initially launched. At that time, the mere act of looking up your friends from friend list was a challenging experience for the blind sighted.


But now things are different, all thanks to the alt text tool which tells visually challenged who is present in their photos. Prior to this when the alt text tool was hovered over an image it simply said ‘photo’ rather than identifying the individual. This tool uses this technique to describe scenery, people, animals, etc. for the visually impaired. In order to avoid any inaccuracy, the faces are compared with profile pictures of users and other photos they are tagged in. Only after undergoing a threshold check photos are labelled to a particular person.

Facebook has a dedicated accessibility team whose main goal is to have equally satisfying visual experience for the blind sighted users. Prior to this, such users had difficulty in understanding the conversations that revolved around such pictures. Now there would be a sense of inclusion and they could also be part of such discussions. This move has received accolades from blind sighted people as they cannot describe the joy of such amazing use of technology assisting them on a social media platform.

Other tests going on

Besides this, Facebook is also testing methods to form actual sentences in photo descriptions rather than just tagging places and people. Thus, soon it may become a reality that Facebook assists blind users by informing them about the actions that are taking place in photos. Soon , there will be answers to questions like what a person is wearing in the photo and how has his hair been done. Though all this requires a lot of work and poses a big challenge for the Facebook team, they are working to bring such changes to delight the blind users.

PC: huffingtonpost.com

For the sighted, this feature will be used to notify them when someone has posted a picture of them without tagging them so they can request the person to take it down if they don’t want it to be shared. However, the right to take down the photo would always rest with the person uploading it.

Facebook plans to tackle security and privacy issues by giving users the option to choose facial recognition feature for their profile or not. Thus, it can be seen as a welcome change not only for the blind sighted but for everyone out there on Facebook.



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Why Users Are Deleting Instagram – And You Should Think About It Too!


Instagram is considered to be one of the most influential social networking sites currently. It created a lot of buzz right away since its launch as a platform for sharing pictures and videos with friends and followers. Moreover, post its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, it has gone strength to strength. What sets it apart from other platforms though, is its ease of use and the filters for editing photos. Besides, Instagram also directly lets you engage in a one-to-one pictorial SMS like conversation with any of your followers.

Why you should worry?

The Instagram family is now 800 million strong. While this is an impressive figure, another trend on the rise is the number of inactive users as well a those uninstalling the app altogether. One of the deductions of this behaviour may be that the feeling of constant gratification from garnering likes and popularity on Instagram cannot be sustained in the long run. What started as a scrapbook of your favourite photo memories has slowly turned into a place where we post to get instant acceptability, followers and admiration. So much so that, a large number of users keep checking their profiles after sharing a picture or a video to see whether the likes have gone up.


Over time Instagram has started aping features of other social networking apps, in an effort to kill competition. One of the most popular examples is how the Story feature which was one of the USPs of Snapchat was replicated by Instagram. The platform has added some cool filters to edit the image within the app and that’s something that gives an added advantage to Instagram over the others.

PC: thedubs.com

An interesting pattern has started to develop over the years now, where the photo sharing platform has started becoming a place for hatred, jealousy and anti-social or racist comments which can drab you off your energy. Social media is a place to get up, close and personal with your friends and followers. But this very premise is jeopardized today with people you don’t even know getting more and more intrusive.

How can you control the madness?

The solution to this madness lies not in deleting the app altogether. Though it might seem good but in the long run, it’s not feasible as we are living in a world where social media has become indispensable to our existence. What matters now is to realize that the adulation and likes are ephemeral and that we should not take them seriously.  The time we spend on Instagram and other such apps is to enjoy, have fun and connect with people. The comments which people make are not to be taken to heart. People we hardly know, who follow us on Instagram are not the ones that matter in real life and their opinions should not make much of a difference. So, though deleting the app may be good for a much needed break what matters here is moderate use of the app and always keeping in mind that, the main purpose of app is to share what ‘you like’. Therefore, what matters is what ‘you like’ and not the other way around.