Tech Company Only Recruits People Who Are Autistic

In a world where differences of culture, belief and existence are becoming broadly accepted; a welcome change has been brought about by a tech company. Auticon, is a technology service provider that strictly recruits only autism-affected staff.

Auticon Staff

Yes, their policies have bought a warm smile over many a person’s face. All their employees are autistic. If only that wasn’t enough, the staff consists of tech-savvy individuals who are even given training and personal adjustments to work comfortably on a daily basis.


The National Autistic Society, states that only 16% of the worlds autistic population is employed. This has been so since the past decade. Thankfully, companies like Auticon are now setting new standards, as far as employment opportunities go, for this sect of society.

Auticon staff at work
Staff at Auticon

The company has branches in UK, US, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland. Sources say that they plan to keep expanding their base and that they plan to have their next office in Scotland.

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Auticon staff
Staff at Auticon

Co-founder & COO at Auticon-UK, Viola Sommer, shed some light on why their company is breaking the internet. In an exclusive interview with UNILAD, she said:

Unfortunately lots of autistic people face some significant stereotypes. So when they apply to mainstream companies, lots of autistic people find it difficult to succeed in the general recruitment process.
Also once they’ve managed to secure a position, they often struggle to maintain it; due to a lack of understanding in reasonable adjustments in typical workplaces. Typical workplaces are often designed around neuro-typical people. Whereas autistic peoples’ brains are just wired differently. So we need to have a flexible working environment to work for the individual; and that doesn’t apply for the usual approach.

Viola Sommer


Auticon’s speciality

Indeed; corporates so far, have not given much thought towards employing autistic people. It’s in fact a blessing that organisations like Auticon stood up to the challenge and changed the scenario. Auticon’s main priority is their employee’s comfort and they do everything to make sure that the staff is happy. What’s even better, is the fact that they lay emphasis on the individual rather than the collective body of workers.

Auticon staff at their UK office
Auticon UK

We just treat everyone as an individual and we spend a lot of time to get to know our employees. To find out what kind of work environment they really need to thrive.

Viola Sommer

The reason behind exlcusive recruitment

Auticon – YouTube

Auticon-UK CEO Ray Coyle, said, “Individuals with autism have a very special set of skills. They are very good with attention to detail, error detection and sustained concentration.” He also added that their abilities in these sectors outdo the general neurotypical community.Wow!

At the moment I was out of work for two years and I am struggling with depression anxiety; and then I read an author in a paper. Look and see what they’re like. I liked the sound of what they were doing.

James Neely, IT Consultant at Auticon


It’s amazing to see the lives that Auticon is changing. We hope 2019 is their big year and that the world sees an increased number of such organisations.


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  1. Martha says:

    Kudos to this company and hopefully more to follow. These adults and children feel good about themselves when they know they are needed and appreciated while being paid. I’m sure their families are greatful.

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