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The Cut Called Priyanka Chopra A Scam And Landed Itself In Deep Trouble

The Cut, a magazine that in its own words describes itself as a platform that “covers the issues that matter to women with stylish minds: fashion, politics, motherhood, health, ambition & culture”, is facing a huge backlash from people for its recent article on Priyanka Chopra. Their latest piece called Priyanka Chopra a scam artist and her marriage to Nick Jonas, a pure career move to cement her place in Hollywood. The article has now been removed and the writer apologised for it, but people are still furious. 

priyanka chopra in Ralph lauren dress

The Wedding

Priyanka Chopra, the globally successful actress got married to Nick Jonas over the last weekend. The event was fun-filled, and the two families were seen beyond happy at the wedding. The bride wore a Ralph Lauren wedding dress that had a 75 feet train, and a red Sabyasachi lehenga for her Hindu wedding. There was much excitement around the entire wedding and social media was filled with the pictures of the couple. Their 11-year age difference has been the topic of discussion over the internet. Priyanka was hailed by everyone for breaking barriers and her latest Vogue cover talks about her love for Nick Jonas and her marriage.

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Priyanka-Nick Jonas wedding

The Article That Started It

The Cut recently published an article that was racist, xenophobic and bitter at its best. It basically calls Priyanka Chopra a gold digger that trapped Nick Jonas who was just looking for some fling with the new ‘it’ girl of Hollywood. Everything about the article was extremely offensive and many came forward to speak about it. It straight-up started with a derogatory and backhanded opening –

“Priyanka Chopra is a superstar. She’s stunning, talented, and recently took on the Jonas surname. It seems that she has it all — well, if “it all” includes marrying someone related to Kevin Jonas. But is Priyanka and Nick’s love real? I have some thoughts”.

The entire article contains statements like “At times, marriage can be a beautifully wonderful union that warms even the coldest of hearts, but sadly, this union evokes no such feeling.” It portrays Chopra and her team as a bunch of 49-ers that made calculating moves with Jonas to get him to marry her.

backlash on the cut's article

The Token ‘Apology’ 

After receiving this immense backlash, The Cut issued an apology and removed the post saying that it doesn’t meet the editorial standards, but an updated version remains in the cached data. The writer of the piece has also been dragged by celebs, fans and family alike. A short apology was issued by the writer, Mariah Smith –

“I want to sincerely apologize to Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas and to the readers, I offended and hurt with my words. I do not condone racism, xenophobia, and sexism. I take full responsibility for what I wrote, and I was wrong. I am truly sorry’.

To Be Mad Or Not To Be Mad

People are still mad about the whole business and it doesn’t look like they might forget this anytime soon. Well, they do have a solid reason to be angry. Calling the former Miss World, who is an accomplished actress, singer, producer, philanthropist, a scam artist is quite insolent. She is also the first South Asian to win a people’s choice awards and she won two at that for delivering a brilliant performance in Quantico.

apology from the cut

Scandals aside, we wish happy years ahead for Priyanka and Nick.


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