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This YouTube Millionaire Is A Seven-Year-Old

While we millennials are struggling to pay rent and eat at the same time, a seven-year-old boy is busy earning millions. Guess how he does that! Reviewing toys. Yup! you heard that right people. Ryan, a seven-year old has a YouTube channel where he reviews toys. It started way back in 2015, and his channel now boasts of about 17.4 million followers.

How it started

His parents helped start the channel, while his funny entertaining personality is what’s kept the follower count growing. Ryan’s popularity surged after The Verge profiled the channel. A video of him reviewing a box containing more than 100 Pixar cars went viral gathering 935 million+ views. This helped his channel get some serious attention.

Ryan's toy's reviews
Courtesy – YouTube

Mini millionaire

Forbes has released the highest paid YouTubers’ list for 2018. Ryan topped the charts earning a whopping $22 million. This has been an exponential upward rise to the top and has come on the back of a jaw-dropping 26 billion video views. Last year, he was placed 8th, with earnings of about $11 million.

Courtesy: YouTube

Ryan has recently struck a deal with Walmart where he’s getting his own line of toys! The line is called ‘Ryan’s World’ and it has everything from putties to action figurines. These are sold in over 2,500 stores all over the US and on Walmart’s website too. Not just that, Amazon and Hulu announced in October that they would be repackaging the content from his channel and airing it on their platforms.

YouTube’s the game

YouTube has become an effective way of earning money ever since it gave a boost to the content creators on the platform. One can essentially start earning money from the pre-roll advertisements on the channels or on a video once it crosses a certain number of video views.

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YouTube’s unboxing trend has been one of the reasons for this sudden money influx. Chas Lacaillade, founder and CEO of Bottle Rocket Management, which represents many unboxers stated that, “Unboxing videos provide the proxy for actually experiencing the joy of receiving and opening something you really desire; this is especially true for items that are out of reach or unattainable. The next best thing to owning one is experiencing it virtually, seeing someone else play with it.” (Note – Chas Lacaillade doesn’t represent Ryan)

Ryan's toy review
Courtesy – Guinness world records

Now since Ryan is a minor, 15% of his earnings go into a Coogan account, which will be protected until he is an adult. The rest goes in the production, management, and any kind of savings his parents may have.

The Others

Following Ryan in the earnings list are Jake Paul ($21.5 million), Dude Perfect ($20 Million), Dan TDM ($18.5 Million), Jeffree Star ($18 million), Markiplier ($17.5 Millon),
Vanoss Gaming ($17 Million), Jacksepticeye ($16 Million), and PewDiePie ($15.5 million) in the 9th place respectively. Despite the suicide scandal in Japan, Logan Paul stood in the 10th place, with earnings of $14.5 million. While Jeffree Star, the 33-year-old makeup artist may stand at the fifth place here, he has around a $100 million net-worth from his line of cosmetics, that are sold worldwide.


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